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Veynom's departure

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The glowing light of the sun is illuminating the huge towers of Imperial City. The twilight is the signal for millions of lights to appear as far as the eyes can see. In the sky, swarms of air-speeders , bulk freighters and numerous other vehicles are following the air-ways. Imperial City, the heart of the Empire, is a vast complex of towers, buildings and other edifices, one of the highest towers being the local Naval Headquarter. The largest of all is of course the Imperial Palace that dwarfs all other constructions on the planet.

Just as the last few rays of light are leaving its stone walls, a high level extra meeting is about to start in the conference room near the peak of the Palace.

The reunion is taking place in an impressive conference room. The room is circular, surrounded by large windows bays that offer a vision of Coruscant up to the horizon. Upside the arcades that overhang the windows are dark blue banners displaying the Imperial sigil. There are two levels: an upper balcony where are located the 100 Stormtroopers in their impressive white armor and below a circular area where is located the main round-table. On the north part of the room is the Imperial throne with Emperor Trey Connel and his Royal Guards standing behind him, motionless.

The conference room's noise decreases as the Emperor rises his hand asking for silence. In the chairs around the round-table are now all the high level members of the Empire : the Imperial ministers Mordo, Kiie and Charon, the Army Generals Beroge and Skynet, the Navy Admirals Simms and Cherokee, the holograms of the Grand Moffs : Quel-Droma, CorranBoat and Tj from the bridge of their respective Star Destroyer, Black Lodge from his Palace, wearing proudly the first Imperial Cross ever awarded.

Two Imperials are waiting for the Emperor's invitation to expose their reason for this extraordinary meeting. First will speak Gorn Veynom, Grand Admiral of the mighty Imperial Navy. He stands up and looks toward the Emperor. He's wearing his white Grand Admiral uniform. Next to him is waiting an incredibly beautiful red haired woman: Minister Ranma of the Imperial Assignment Office. The Emperor smiles for just a moment and talks to Veynom : "Please proceed with your announcement Admiral." Grand Admiral Veynom begins to speak:" Your Highness, I will make this short. Through the Force, I saw some elements of the future. This Galaxy is in danger. I do not speak of the rebels threat but of the structure of the Galaxy itself. I can not describe you clearly the situation but I am called elsewhere for an undefined but long amount of time. I will have most probably to explore the Unknown Regions."

Many of the officials present display a moment of surprise : the unknown regions are reputed for their huge nebulas, numerous spatial hazards and hostile alien races and was for now totally unexplored because of it distance from the last populated world of the Empire. All the attention is now focused on Grand Admiral Veynom speech. The Emperor is still smiling mysteriously on his throne.

Grand Admiral Veynom waits for a few seconds and then continues :" I will travel there alone in my own shuttle and discover the true nature of the threats...."

Suddenly, a shadow seems to fall on the room.....the lights begin to fade and all conference members chill as the atmosphere becomes suddenly worrying. The Emperor's guards rise their force spears but the Imperial Monarch remain undisturbed on his throne. Grand Admiral Veynom seems to concentrate a little and retain silent for a few seconds.

Minister Ranma eyes became in an instant darker and she begins to speak :" There are perturbations in the force, echoing thought the galaxy I have now a vision of the set of events ... Time, future, past, no way to know, I see the key ... Piett ... the answer is in these Unknown Regions, I shall go there too."

She rises and yield the appropriate way before the Emperor. "My Lord, the dark Side is calling me, I must find Piett somewhere in these regions. I feel it is important for the Empire. May I proceed, Your Highness?"

Several officials are surprised by this so strange request and are expecting a deny form the Emperor. Slowly ,the Emperor rises and gazes directly upon the two adepts of the Dark Side. He seems to think for a few moments and then speaks with a crystal clear voice of impressive authority: "Do proceed, both of you and farewell. I count on you to finish this quest alive, I do not tolerate failure."

Grand Admiral Veynom replies:" If I fail, you won¹t be alive anymore to judge me."

Grand Admiral Veynom then bows slightly toward the Emperor. At these words tainted of threats, Rear-Admiral Mccarthur stands up and walks toward the Admiral. With a simple slight move of his hand, but a powerfull hit of the Force, the Grand Admiral throws him back to the wall, quite violently, leaving him half seated and half stunned. Quite ridiculous in fact. "Pet's time is over, Rear-Admiral.<" The Grand Admiral grins then slightly, glancing at one of his best friends since ever, the Admiral von Esling.

The Emperor frowns then addresses to the Minister Ranma. "Minister, your presence will be missed but I think theses events need some explanations, go into the Unknown Regions and seek Piett, there perhaps you will find the answers."

Minister Ranma also bows and replies:" Your will is law for me, my Lord, I will find him and bring you these answers."

They then walk quickly outside the room, followed by Fleet Admiral Simms, arriving soon after on one of the large landing platforms. Both are now aware of the call of the dark side and prepare to enter their ships. The Grand Admiral takes the minister's hand, bows, kiss it softly then stares at her. Words are not needed, they both know their duty. The Sun is now down ... the darkness has fallen on Coruscant.

Before leaving, the Grand Admiral talks with his old-time loyal friend Fleet Admiral Simms. Together, they built the current Imperial Navy. Together they crossed dozens of hard times. "Knyte, here is a speech from me for the Navy. I tell them to follow you and to obey to you as they obeyed to me."

He gives Simms a datapad then salutes him. The Fleet Admiral salutes him back. The moment is intense, the Force is strong around them. The Grand Admiral walks on the shuttle¹s ramp, then one last time turns back to look at his friend : "I shall return !"

The Lambda shuttle of Grand Admiral Veynom is ready in the middle of the landing zone just aside Minister's Ranma ship, a brand new YV-666. Soon after the two Imperials entered in their respective ships, their engines ignite and the shuttle, followed by the freighter accelerate quickly and they both exit the atmosphere before jumping in hyperspace, in direction of the unknown territories.