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Mayas Lennorian

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Mayas Lennorian, Corellian. A Vice Admiral within the ranks of the Imperial Navy, once Commanding Officer of the 4th Imperial Fleet now the Commanding Officer of the 5th Imperial Fleet. He is first of the Lennorian family to join the military.

Mayas Lennoarian
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Morphine Lennorian
Father Lek Lennorian
Spouse None
Siblings Aluanne Lennonrian (F27YO)
Children none
Born Year -20 Day 201
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Navy Logistics Officer

5th Imperial Fleet, Fleet Commanding Officer

Prior Service 4th Imperial Fleet, Fleet Commanding Officer


Mayas when he was home 20 days ago.


Corellia was his home for almost 20 Years. He spend it with his family in Leros city. Mayas' father was a pilot of a BFF-1 Bulk Frighter. His mother was working in the farm situated near by, she was responsible for irrigation systems. Most of his childhood was spent with his mother. When he finished school he was wondering what to do with his life. His first idea was to join one a transportation faction and follow in the footsteps of his father, but one fine evening he meet a veteran from Galactic Empire. Mayas didn't know him personally but had heard a great deal of his exploits from his friends. And from this moment Mayas knew what his purpose was. When he finished his drink and went to leave, but he returned from the doors, walked over to the veteran and said "Thank you". The veteran was quite surprised. "Thanks to your stories I now have a bright future. I was confused what to do with my life, but now i know, so thanks again. May I know your name? The veteran looked Mayas up and down, giving a short reply "-Kaine-" Mayas joined the Galactic Empire later that day.

Military Training

A few days later Mayas was taken to Imperial Academy. The beginning was hard. A bunch of pilots, thrown into a small barracks complex, so it was obvious that there will be some "situations" and they was. Mayas never used to ask or beg. He never let anyone to do a cloth from him. So there were fights. Some times Mayas won sometimes he was red on his face for few weeks, but he ended his training with his chin up. Mayas also volunteered for some extra training, in both the navy and the army. He finished the Academy with the rank of Crewman, was assigned to 2nd Assault Fleet and recieved IABG ribbon.

A picture from his training camp.

Character Description

Mayas is a strange person. He is funny, he likes to joke. He still remembers the time when he an enlisted pilot. That's why he is not cold towards his people. Mayas likes to act. Act fast. He's a hard working man. And demands the same from his people. All orders he give are first considered by him. If he knows that he can do it on his own, then he is willing to give the orders to his people. He wont send a pilot on a mission which he can't do himself. He is very pedantic. Everything must be tip/top closed on last button. And talking about buttons. He HATES when his pilots, or any enlisted personal, are disrespectful to officers, or their uniforms are not 100% clean and tucked in. Not because he a Commander, no. Because he was always respectful officers, they deserve this kind of respect. He's more a father to his pilots, than a superior officer. It doesn't matter if they are enlisted personal or officers. If he's in Command, than they are his children. And Gods save the idiot that does something to them. Mayas was trained and leaded by Rawius Titan. This was a hard school. But he was trained well and he now knows that the best pilots are trained on the forge, not in cushions.

Mayas caught on Coruscant by his Corporal during the party at free time.


Mayas is 1973 cm tall. His appearance is not unusual. He looks like a common male with dark blond hairs and cold blue eyes. Because he is so pedantic, his hair is always kept short. 3mm is longest he will let it grow. He's rather slim; Some may even say too slim. However, testing his fists during his time at the Academy showed off his physical power. While not overly powerful, he has been known to hold his own in many fights.

Service in the Empire

1. 2nd Assault Fleet in GE 2. 1IF - Resoultion Group in GE 3. 1st Naval Fleet pilot 4. 1st Naval Fleet XO 5. 3rd Naval Fleet XO - but it was rather CO work than XO 6. Fifth Imperial Fleet Executive Officer 7. Fifth Imperial Fleet Command Officer

Positions Held

Many times he was XO/CO. During his career he was an recruiter (NIO) and Academy Instructor (NIO). There was also a time when he was Editor/reporter of the Navy Bulletin (NIO)