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Coruscant Oversector

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Coruscant Oversector
Galactic Sectors Arkania

Coruscant – Sector Capital – Imperial Capital
Ollonir Boundaries

Systems Alsakan


Moff Zhaff Orikan
Historical events Clone Wars, Treaty of Coruscant
Infrastructure Council of Moffs

Imperial Intelligence
Imperial Security Bureau


The Coruscant Oversector, though roughly about 10,000 light-years away from the actual galactic center, has been considered the center since the beginning of interstellar travel. It has been the political hub of the galaxy for millennia and is the home of the Galactic Empire's capital world of Coruscant. Currently led by the Moff Wummer Malephar, the Coruscant Oversector is undergoing major expansion.

The space in the Coruscant Oversector has never had a moments rest for centuries, the tireless efforts of the Coruscant Traffic Control, under the division of the Coruscant Sector Transportation Department employs more manpower than some planets' entire populations merely to guide the incoming and outgoing traffic volumes to this sector. People foreign to this system often say that if one expects a trip to Coruscant to take three days, expect to spend up to six days by factoring in traffic volumes, random boardings for security purposes, and landing bay availability if you are heading to the planet Coruscant.

Coruscant Night (Painting)- a piece of the Viciar Collection

The outer edges of the Coruscant Oversector are lined with many defense platforms, acting both as bases for the customs agents performing the random boardings, as well as powerful defense platforms in the occasion that the system is to be invaded by foreign powers. The Empire is known to place its military's top academy graduates at these platforms, both for their talent and efficiency as well as for their hands-on training. Many graduates who acquire positions as station officers go on to eventually hold important positions such as captains to Star Destroyers.

Besides these defense platforms, one will also find that space mines are emplaced throughout the edges of the system. At the frequency of one mine about every click, these mines with wide orbits around the Coruscant Sun add an additional layer of security, slowing down potential invaders, therefore giving the defense fleets additional time to deploy defensive formations. These space mines are equipped with heavy laser turrets, turbo laser turrets, or concussion missile launchers, depending on the type. The different types of mines are randomly deployed in terms of sequence, and is purposely manufactured to have very small differences in appearance, so to force the potential invaders to take the time to find out which mines they must take down first depending on the invader's fleet component.

Coruscant is also considered the center of trade, among others. With millions of merchants visiting this system on a monthly basis, the Coruscant Oversector is often considered an independent market segment, with thousands of subcategories under it, by the premier marketing firms of the galaxy. The headquarters of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant is the sector with the most strategic importance in the galaxy.

Governance & Law

Coruscant and its surrounding core-worlds are filled with wealthy aristocracies, loyalist worlds, sworn vassal states and tributaries creating an surprisingly complex region, to be dubbed the Imperial Center. Across the Oversector these aristocratic and vassal states are controlled all too often behind the scenes by Prefects and Regional Governors installed by the Emperor, or his trusted Sectorial Governor, in the form of the Grand Moff. These officers of the Empire, responsible for the taxation, development, expansion, conscription for their local planets and systems are unflinchingly ruthless and efficient. It has been said, that an regional Prefect from the Coruscant Oversector will not think twice about sterilizing an entire city to increase moral and motivate the rest of the planet to fall in line with Imperial rule.

Members of the First Legion conduct a patrol within a market square

The Oversector adheres to all Imperial laws set forth by the Imperial Throne, the Oversector, in an effort to increase its approach to government control and anti-terror activities has established additional offices for the Imperial Security Bureau, and Imperial Intelligence. In coordination with the Intelligence works and policing of Imperial Law, the Imperial Army and Navy in the form of the 1st Fleet and Legion are an ever present reminder of the will of the Emperor. For when rebellion begins to fester, the Imperial military will remove the rotting flesh from the body of efficiency.


With Coruscant being considered the galactic center for trade, it is no surprise that neighboring sectors and systems enjoy an spirited economy. Beyond the reaches of Coruscant locations like the Brentaal Trade Hall, has grown into a beating heart for interstellar trade under the guidance of the Empire. Trade, and the ever growing industrial growth within the Oversector is not the only market in which the sector has seen grow, millions have began visiting exotic locations from all over the galaxy, locations such as the crystal canyons of Chandrila, to the Gladean State Parks, generating substantial income.

Imperial Society

The Imperial Archives Central Chamber

The Oversector is home to the largest archive and center for knowledge in the galaxy; located on Coruscant. The Archives is a fathomless collection of ancient knowledge and research dating back thousands of years, and serves as a repository for journals and artifacts and is open at all hours to all Imperials citizens in need of information. The archive is large enough to house scaled replicas of planets of note within the Empire, botanical gardens, and priceless pieces of art. Notably when a former member of the Sith Order was removed from their position within the Empire, several priceless pieces of art, dubbed the Viciar Collection were seized and placed on permanent display. The people of the Coruscant Oversector however, are generally, quite easily the most loyal and deeply rooted in Imperial politics. The Oversector boasts an extremely high urbanization rate, erecting massive cities and industrial centers.

An Imperial City on Empress Teta

The structure within the Empire, was subtly hierarchical with slaves and lower class citizens at the bottom pillars, followed closely by class B and A citizens. But even among these two classes (A & B), there was a great divide between the wealthy aristocrats and the hall of Peerage. The influence of Imperial life and expectations went beyond hierarchy; children’s education was of great importance with children being exposed to various trades and skill crafts. Results of the exposures to so many trades led to a massive influx of skilled tradesmen as the Empire grows. Aristocratic Families and children of various nobles extended the influence of their children, apprenticing them to skilled Imperial military leaders. These families were well aware that the future expansion of the Empire would rely heavily on military expansion and thus wanted their families to have a foundation of power in that expansion.

Command Staff

Visual ID Name Position Visual ID Name Position
7995_orikan.jpg Zhaff Orikan Sector Moff 7921_nahutal.jpg Draelor Nah`utal Sector Adjutant
8420_peares.jpg Emillio Peares CO, First Legion 8644_drenall.jpg Kef Drenall CO, First Fleet

Visual ID Name Position
8896_von_veritrax.jpg Elaine von Veritrax ISB Liaison

Former Moffs