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Wilhelmy Quel-Sara

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Wilhelmy Quel-Sara
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Old Republic Victory Class Star Destroyer Somewhere in the Outer Rim.
Mother Aparicia Suzu Quel-Sara
Father Liam Quel-Sara
Spouse Dany Quel-Sara
Siblings {{{siblings}}}
Children Lieb Quel-Sara and Rapha Quel-Sara
Born 30+
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Order of the Sith - Sith Knight
Prior Service Imperial ARMY LCO of the 3rd Legion,BCO of the 1st Brigade "Immortals"

Imperial Navy,
Fleet Chief of Staff and Executive officer, Eighth Imperial Fleet,
Executive officer, Navy Command Fleet,
Commanding officer, 12th Group,
Commanding officer, 4th Group.

Ministry of Industry
Chief of Operations, IMC.

Awards 7969_quel-sara.png

Bellow are awards earned in the old system as some did not convert over to the currently implemented award system.

Battle Efficiency Award (BEA)Received after demontration exceptional combat and tactical skills during combat exercises (Earned while in the former NIO)

2 Letters of Commendation (LOC2) - Both earned in the battlefield for performing beyond the call of duty (Earned while in the former NIO)

Imperial Duty Bars - 2 Years (DB2)- For a total comulation of 2 years of service both in the former NIO and now in the Galactic Empire

Imperial Literacy Contest Award 1 (ILC1)- For winning a literacy essay contest (Earned while in the former NIO)

Fleet Of Month Award (FoM1)- 1st Fleet of Month Award. Awarded while serving in the 8th imperial fleet between September and October of 2009

8th Imperial Fleet - Retired Veteran - The recipient of this ribbon shall have actively served in the 8th Imperial Fleet for a period of no less than one year, now retired from fleet activities.

Mentioned in Dispatchers (DIS) - For efforts in the Dalomar Operation Rising Force (First Award fully earned in the Galactic Empire)

(listed by order of importance)

Wilhelmy Quel-Sara is a High Colonel in the Imperial Army and was LCO of the 3rd Legion a FCoS and XO of the decommissioned 8th Naval Fleet, XO of the also decommissioned Navy Command Fleet, GCO of the also decommissioned 12th group, GCO of the 4th group then transferred to MIND where he was Chief of Operations for IMC. Lastly, he transferred back into the Military (ARMY) where he was BCO of the 1st Brigade known as the "Immortals". Wilhelmy is also a Sith Knight in the Order of the Sith.


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Service Record

Recruit to FOF - approximately year 7 to year 9 (2006-2008) multiple NIO fleets
ENS to LTJG - Year 9 - 10 (2008-2009) Under Emperor's Guinar Ndegin (NIO's Grand Vizier at the time) special assignment
LTJG to LT - Year 10 - 11 (2009-2010) - Served in the NIO until the merge with the GE then, held the Positions of FCoS and XO of the 8th Fleet in the old Navy Structure.
LT to LTCMDR - Year 11 (2010) Served my final months as XO of the 8th Fleet and was promoted to LTCMDR upon transferring to the Navy Command Fleet. During this time he also served briefly as an instructor for the old Officers Candidate School (required for those wishing to become O-1 officers).

HCOL to GEN - Year 16 - 17 (2015-2016) ARMY - brief service under the 2nd Brigade as a foot soldier then promoted to Brigadier General and made 1st Brigade CO. After 9 months, Major General and shortly after promoted to full General and made 3rd Legion Commanding Officer.

Order of the Sith
Early in the year 17 (january 2016) tested positive for force sensitivity (suspected that he was tested positive before but only now deemed worthy to join the order). Quickly learned core and advanced skills being promoted to Sith Knight a few months after.

OOC Stats

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