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Tonan Brang

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Tonan Brang
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Corella Brang
Father Finlow Brang
Spouse Unmarried
Siblings Lorreg Brang
Children None
Born Year -10 , Day 331
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy

4th Fleet Commanding Officer
Naval Signals Officer

Prior Service

9th Group Member
9th Group Commanding Officer
10th Group Commanding Officer
10th Group Executive Officer
10th Group Member
10th Fleet Member



Tonan Brang is a Coruscant male. He serves in the Imperial Navy, and currently holds the positions of Fourth Fleet Commanding Officer and Naval Signals Officer.

Pre-Naval History

Tonan Brang was born with a golden spoon on Year -10, Day 331 to R&D blaster specialists Finlow and Corella Brang. The younger of two siblings, his early life was fairly typical of a Noble child born on Coruscant. Growing up in the Manarai District of Coruscant, he excelled in school, and developed a passion for the digital game 'Dejarik'. He became fast friends with Girt Riven, a friendship that would last most of their young adult life.

For most of his life, Tonan was measured up against his older brother, Lorreg Brang. Lorreg, however, was a genius by most standards, and Tonan was unable to meet his parents expectations. By the end of middle school, he had stopped trying his best, and attained only passable grades in school, more content to have fun and play pranks. Girt accompanied him on most of his hi-jinx.

By the time his parents forced him into university, Tonan couldn't have cared less about his studies. He still attended classes, but paid little attention to the lectures. His parents frequently contacted Tonan to lecture him about his studies, which resulted in a gradual increase in the complexity of the pranks he pulled, eventually even the professors became targets.

Everything changed one fateful day. After a particularly amusing prank he pulled on a professor, and a severe discussion with his mother (after he was suspended), Tonan and Girt travelled to the central levels of Coruscant. They found a bar that was seedier then they were accustomed to, and started drinking. Little did Tonan realize at the time, but his drink was drugged with a sleeping agent.

When he awoke, he quickly realized his world was shattered. Both his parents and his older brother were killed in the bombing of the R&D facility they had worked at, developing an upgraded blaster for Imperial Stormtroopers. Back at his dorm, Tonan also found a note from Girt, offering an apology for Tonan's parents death and confirming that it was his parents who did the bombing.

From that day forward, Tonan swore off alcohol. A week later, against the protests of his grandparents, Tonan applied to the Imperial Navy.

Naval History