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"MInd Puts Employees First"

Posted by: Patrick Mueirech on Year 19 Day 267

THYFERRA (INDUSTRY) – Workplace injuries and accidents are now moments away from remedial treatment. In collective thought, an elaborate scheme was drafted by the heads of the Ministry of Industry (MInd) and COMPNOR. Their proposition aims to enhance the personal lives of employees within the workplace. The quality of work life is of paramount importance to all Nationalized Companies. So in order to safeguard an individual’s accomplishments, their safety and wellbeing must be first intact when it comes to labor. The idea received praise and positive remarks from the Select Committee (SELCOM), therefore the management has been allotted the necessary budget spending with the aim to establish ways for workers get the medical attention they require in a swift manner. Above the worlds where MInd companies operate orbits, pristine Imperial Medical Installations that serve as both sector hospitals and pharmaceutical suppliers to ground based medical facilities and Imperial Medical ships for far-flung operations and aid. These gargantuan medcenters house eight primary docking bays with four medical frigates at its disposal that act as medivacs and transports carrying medical supplies for local planetary deliveries. Transit is quick, methodical and highly mobile, perfect for rapid transfer of injured personnel and equipment.

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