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"Spy Ring Uncovered"

Posted by: Vladamiur Veselov on Year 20 Day 42

CORELLIAN (SECURITY) - This morning in a massive show of public force, Agents with the Imperial Security Bureau raided a number of apartments on the planet of Corellia. Representatives have confirmed that these raids are connected to a public operation by Counter Intelligence Agents in coordination with Imperial Intelligence that occurred last week on a tavern in which a number of individuals were taken into custody. The same officials have confirmed that these raids are a portion of a greater Imperial Intelligence Counter-Intelligence Operation that netted and exposed a spying ring.

Agents escorted several non-humans along with their human collaborators into waiting Bureau vessels. Among the detainees were the building owners and several accountants who are presently under investigation for aiding and abetting. Speaking on behalf of Imperial Intelligence, Imperial Security Bureau’s Chief Maria Kuchera had this to say...

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