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"Experimental TIEs"

Posted by: Phaedra Thester on Year 20 Day 102

PRAKITH (MILITARY) – The Imperial Academy’s TIE Squadron School played host to a variety of experimental TIE fighter designs. Presiding over the event was the Academy Commandant; Secretary Auberin Jaxson; Army Commanding Officer, Lord General Solus, and Naval Commanding Officer; Lord Admiral Drenall all of whom eagerly observed the performances. The experimental designs provided through Corellian Engineering Corporation and its subsidiaries covered a variety of demands as the Navy seeks to expand its fighter capacities for patrols and capital ship support.

At the behest of CEC, they sent their Chief Operating Officer Everard de Montfort to the Prakith exposition to give his presentation and demonstration of the new TIE. "Our engineers, technicians and all of the company's brightest have tested a prototype that's able to repel the arsenal of small fleets...

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