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Patrick Mueirech

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Patrick Mueirech
Biographical Information
Born Year -9 Day 146
Age 28
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Father Brynden Mueirech
Mother Kuushida Mueirech
Spouse None
Siblings Ron Mueirech
Signature b2b8701ac73732522ce45b7679c33f0b.png
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
Imperial Information Service Director of IIS
Prior Service academy.png
Imperial Academy
Awards 9071_mueirech.png

Patrick Mueirech, notably the older brother of the late Ron Mueirech, is a serving member of the Imperial Army.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Biography


Patrick Mueirech is a long haired fellow that is of light skin pigmentation and slender in build. His height is 185cm and weighs around 79kgs He's grown a long beard as for his facial hair and to accompany his long hair. Due to Imperial regulations however, he's forced to trim his beard and hair to acceptable measures. In regards to attire, he wears whatever fits the situation and what would be quite advantageous. He will always don a combat attire both in the military and out.

The Thyferran Mueirech

Patrick Mueirech as a child, determined.


Patrick's home city on Thyferra.

Born to a wealthy family in Thyferra, Patrick is classified as a Thyferran by birth. His father is Brynden Mueirech and Kuushida Mueirech. His childhood was quite comfortable. Patrick's needs are available upon request, all in part of his father's accumulated wealth in the highly competitive Bacta market. A privileged life of a Class A Citizen. Corporate politics and strategic marketing became a part of his childhood. Brynden Mueirech would hold meetings and business discussions in the Mueirech Manor. As a child, Patrick would want to be shadowed under by his father, so he's been allowed to attend the meetings even if for most of the time, he did not know what was talked about. Much to his father's expectations, he spent most of the time playing under the conference table with his toys or causing mischief below the other old business people's legs. In time, Patrick would grow a learned person to realize that he has to prove something in the future.

A Certain Path

By the age of 11, Patrick have thought through what he wanted to be. Despite coming from a family heavily invested in business, he wanted to stray further away from that path. He took upon the interest of public service instead; Law Enforcement comes to young Patrick's mind. Service that benefits the public allows for society to flourish and to have an orderly way of life. Patrick's father has done his fair share of philanthropy to benefit Thyferra. Although it does not appeal to Patrick's tastes. He prefers to have everything done by himself all the while overseeing his efforts are delivered. One day, a lengthy yet meaningful discussion had occurred in his father's study. It concerns about Patrick's future to what will he turn out to be. For a child of eleven, Patrick's point got across and was well received by his father. Eventually Brynden would agree to help Patrick learn anything related to Law Enforcement.

Mueirech in Physical Academia

Patrick Mueirech pursuing his path
Cadets in training: Morning hike of 25 kilometers

Admission into the Thyferran Police Academy starts at age 13 for those who aspire to join the planet's security force. Upon enrollment, a person would take up the rank of a Cadet. Cadets are expected to learn, exercise, and pass the curriculum given inside the classroom and out on the field. The Academy educates the cadets in the lessons of history, the accomplishments of better men, the principles of government and governance, the handling of economics, the vital scientific breakthrough for progression, and all the while putting an emphasis on serving the community by executing the law. A cadet's course would take about four years of time to complete. By the age of 18, a Cadet graduates and is inducted as as member of the Thyferran Security Force (TSF).

At age 13 on Year 4 Day 33, four years after the establishment of the New Order and the fall of the Galactic Republic, Patrick Mueirech enters the compound where he will spend four years of his life in the institution to learn the ways of law enforcement. Mueirech's batch of cadets would be the largest to be admitted into the Academy, thanks to COMPNOR's mass emphasis on service and contribution for the greater well being of one's society. Instead of enlisting directly in the Empire's armed forces, people like Patrick wanted to start off small, to build as he learns and to learn at a steady pace on a planet's scale.

Patrick had fairly advanced well through his years in the academy. He would like a challenge to test his wits and mettle. Out in the training field he would run through obstacle courses, situational scenarios, and combat. At a young age, his flaws included impatience, something Patrick struggled to control. Being born to a wealthy family developed a sense of impatience since Patrick's demands are met with no restrictions and always at will. By growing up, perhaps Patrick could pick up some virtues along the way.

Slugthrowers used at Range Training

Class C Academy Assembly

Early Year 5.....
Life in the academy is one that's strict in formal routine and protocol. It functioned as a military training center, where relaxation finds no place among cadets. Many view this as a brainwashing method to train subservient grunts for the whims and wishes of the Thyferran corporate bacta businesses. The Thyferran Security Force did not appeal mostly to the citizens of Class C, as introduced by the newly formed Empire. Age 16 when Mueirech witnessed a large gathering of Class C outside the Academy grounds. A Class C assembly mostly made of the native Vratix, a handful of Ithorians, and a few others. The protest had a simple purpose, it was to demilitarize and to minimize the TSF's police powers. The rally's leaders intended to conduct this demonstration at the Academy to sway the minds of the cadets and to further question the recent actions of the Security Force. "Most of the time, the Bacta corporates would call upon the TSF to suppress workplace labor unions aimed only for collective bargaining and to promote better work conditions!" screamed the rallying spokesperson to his fellow Class C people. The guards at the Academy entrance sealed the gates from the outside and the Academy needed to disperse the growing violence of the group. One of the instructors over by the field called his cadets by the ramparts of the compound armed with knockout gas grenade launchers to be hurled over to the crowd. Patrick Mueirech was one of the cadets to shoot into the crowd. Tensions escalate when a Wookie lifted up a riot guard and slammed him against the wall. Mueirech instinctively shot the gas canisters directly at the mob instead of over. The others followed the notion and successfully drove off the then-peaceful assembly. Mueirech's instructor commended him with praise for the initiative, though bitter about his action, Patrick dismissed it and only did it as it was necessary. He wasn't proud of his own actions himself.

Thyferran Security Force Academy Graduation

Year 7

At the final year, the Cadets are finally sworn in as members of the Planet's Defense Force. A few years ago, the Academy Graduations would only be held in the compound's field courtyard with friends and family attending. The attire would be ceremonial with each cadet wearing their formal dress uniforms with their earned awards and merits pinned. Those days have long waned as did the Republic did. The recent punctilio however would require the Cadets to don their fully armored combat suits, armed to the brink of battle. No skin should be left exposed and individual expression was kept in tight constraint. A unilateral machine-like march with unison pacing would begin from the Academy grounds all the way outside passing through any city or settlement until all cadets have arrived at the TSF Headquarters. The outdoors was humid and the heat was ironing everyone's backs. The armor was heavy in durasteel and the rifles were real enough that they contained live rounds. Loaded live rounds were not necessary, it is much like a show of force and militaristic approach to welcome to New Order in the Galaxy. The graduation distinguished the finest of the cadets from the Academy during the four year course. The honour students would line up at the from of the files and they are groomed to be the future leaders of the TSF. The valedictorian of the batch would receive a ceremonial sword presented by the Chief-General of TSF. The dawn of the New Order encouraged a martial approach to defense training. A result to this had a slow transition of military ranks adopted to the Security Force ranks. Patrick never had the pleasure to be part of the honours or even try to achieve as the valedictorian. He finished as a regular average cadet. He is not entitled to a command position and will be inducted as a patrolman in the TSF.

Mueirech the Not-So-Law Abiding Peacekeeper

Officer Mueirech and a fellow TSF patrolman responding to an armed robbery.

Beat Cop

Mid Year 7
Shipped immediately. Fresh out the academy, that's what Patrick was. His first official post was to be a street officer, a regular patrolman. A regular patrolman in the TSF is equipped of a small sidearm, a stun tonfa, a commlink and a vehicle. When the situation escalates to something tense, a CM-9 Frag Shotgun is kept inside the patrol mobile. The vehicle is a speeder, much like a cloud car from Bespin. Petty crimes such as chasing vandals, loitering Class Cs and at best, a burglary in a small store a few streets away from Mueirech's usual patrol route. Life as a Beat Cop is plain simple. Survival was not the case and is comparable to a commerce district security guard or much like a tram station guard. Mueirech did not loathe the job; he tried to put some excitement into his job by hanging near Class C areas by spooking them with his law enforcement presence. Statistically, Class C citizens are not the majority of the malefactors on Patrick's blocks. Class A citizens can be perpetrators too, much like how the Rebel Alliance at that time are all made up of class A people. Rising turmoil in Thyferra called Patrick away from the menial tasks of being a street officer. Frequent breaches of the peace are sprouting all over the urban regions of planet. All able bodied officers are called to respond to a large scale riots. This included Patrick and was called immediately into his district base for briefing.

Reserved Intervention Ousting Transgressors (R.I.O.T.)

Concurrent with Bacta Wars


Protocols are in effect for a planet-wide martial law. Similarly, a signal contingency was dispatched to all law enforcement entities. This was the R.I.O.T. contingency. Like the word itself, it is actually an acronym that describes the procedures when the time calls for it. Once the signal goes out, all officers are called to their district stations and bases of operations are drafted to protect key areas in the ensuing anarchy. Officer Patrick Mueirech was called to his station with the objective to quell an uprising. All officers are equipped the following ordnance: respirator masks for protection against airborne toxins; tactical helmets that can stop blunt force; riot shields for frontal protection while in movement; stun batons for melee and self defense; and finally riot rifles and canister launchers to disperse rioters.


The streets of Thyferra were set ablaze. Electrical power grids have been sabotaged and cities descended into chaotic lawlessness. The TSF formed a shield perimeter to block a huge crowd that is about to march onto the government quarter to raze it to the ground. Patrick was called to the most dangerous part of the formation. He was called to the front to shoot gas canisters above the crowd to dissipate them to small groups. Once scattered, the shield formation will advance to subdue the agitators. This moment reminded of his cadet days where a protest had to be dealt with as violence broke out. Still reigning shards of glass and flaming projectiles, Pat stood his ground keeping up with the pressure. Barrage after barrage of gas canisters were hurled at the crowd. The feisty mob assaulted the shield wall at full frontal force with untrained coordination.


The demonstrators were crafty. Luckily Patrick had pulled back from the front. Before the charging, a makeshift bomb was thrown at the shield wall that broke the formation. The shaken TSF units staggered to recover from the critical blow. The opposing force took advantage of this and pressed on to combat the police authorities. Brawls, tackles, and vicious hand-to-hand combat followed. The demonstrators had a biological advantage to their brutish head-on strike. Class Cs made up the majority of the rioters which possess inherent nonhuman capabilities including strength and dexterity. The TSF had to contend with this lackluster using the tools at their disposal.


"Order will be restored by force....." Patrick was caught in the melee. His tactical helmet visor cracked and torso partly scorched from the blast. He fought into the thick crowd with two batons disabling every perpetrator left and right. The adrenaline rushed through his veins trying to survive. Resistance was dwindling and the TSF has the upper hand. The governor of Thyferra called in Imperial reinforcements to suppress the remaining protesters. Unexpectedly, one of the retreating offenders stabbed Patrick to the back of his waist. Disabled and in pain, this was the first time Patrick, in all his moments, had experienced near-death. TSF officers nearby who witnessed the brutality piled on the individual and beat him up excessively. A Stormtrooper rushed to Patrick's aid and called for medical attention. The riots are over and he has survived his worst yet.

S.W.A.T. Training with Slugthrowers

Patrick wakes up in the ICU with several patches to the lower back of his limbs. It was the day after. A holonet display broadcasts the news of yesterday and how the conflict was resolved. Wounded tolls to the hundreds with deaths of at least 14 average in each district on both sides. Speciesism and xenophobia began to take root within Patrick as he felt disgusted by the aliens acted. A beautiful city terrorized by nonhumans is a sight angering and a thought a nuisance. Humans are clearly the superior beings for a civilized world.
Patrick was visited by his district commander to give him a synopsis of what is about to happen to him. Based off the after action report. Patrick's actions were documented and mentioned in the report, therefore he's been cited for mentioned in the dispatches in the TSF. His district commander also recommended him to the S.W.A.T. division of TSF, away from the unexcited duties of a patrolman only if Patrick agrees to it. Mueirech's physical stamina and dexterity whilst in combat under high stress and pressure is remarkable for TSF standards. The offer was then accepted by Pat professionally with glee. Training for S.W.A.T. begins right away after Pat gets discharged from the hospital. In less than a year, Patrick's life just got interesting.


Training was rigorous and it involved a lot of protocol. The physically demanding exercises was once again the closest Patrick ever came to revisiting his Police Academy days. A militarized police force is the common norm now. Ever since the New Order took charge replacing the decrepit republic government, martial might has always been a factor in order and security. The division Patrick is about to enter will be extensively used when it comes to peacekeeping and law enforcement. Thyferra by the later months of Year 7 had issued a directive giving more police powers to the TSF. Overtime, more and more Class Cs flocked to make their dissent known. The rural areas of Thyferra became a breeding ground for rebel sympathizers. The Rebel Alliance aimed to restore the corrupt ways of the Galactic Republic to the galaxy. The "tangible" democracy they saw to promote is only through violence and chaos alone. Patrick came to like his position more. It was not easy though all of the efforts made is worth all its hardships. Training took half a year to do. The government wanted to rapidly deploy as much of the militarized peacekeepers on Thyferra. Budget for the S.W.A.T. increased in the current year, more so than any other division within the TSF.

Patrick (center) breaching in for the clear

Frequent operations left and right. Bacta Corporations were being pressured by the government. Acting as the will of the Imperial regime, TSF is bound to carry out the orders without question. Patrick partook in the many operations he and his unit were assigned to. Raids and breaching in establishments is part of the almost daily routine. Time and time again Patrick would break into buildings to apprehend individuals. Frequently, the job offered adrenaline when it comes to the criminal elements being brought to justice. The Bacta Wars did not place Patrick in the center of it. He is merely in the background, an officer that makes up the many, a cog in a wheel. Like his peers, delegation of a policing authority and nothing more is the sole task of his. Entering to Year 8, the frequency of troublesome wrongdoers are getting worse.
There are times where Stormtroopers would accompany the raids and Imperial officers themselves taking charge of missions than the TSF chain of command. Patrick and the rest of TSF would answer directly to military officials. Shootouts, sting operations, and raids went on around the clock. The use of force was increasingly authorized as days pass by. There were times where key facilities such as power grids fell to the hands of terrorists. Patrick's division was tasked to retake these key facilities over at Thyferra. The operation itself is purely a military one. Under the command of an officer, TSF acted as a support unit for the main Imperial Army detachment. The terrorists were dug in, they fortified their position in the power grids. Firefights ensued to no end that took hours. Corridor after corridor of heavy resistance, the Security force and the Stormtroopers swept through every corner of any room. Losses were accounted for and the support role of TSF slowly diminished as this ferocity of fighting was not like any the officers encountered before. The seasoned Stormtroopers endured it all, the psychological trauma and physiological stress of warfare are not new to them. Patrick himself was a shocked at the unyielding effort the terrorists. The presiding intelligence deduced that the terrorists themselves are no ordinary anarchists, they are trained soldiers that are willing to fight to the bitter ends just to advance their cause.

Invasion of Thyferra

Mueirech the Imperial

Sorrowful Resurgence

Backtrack tracing mark

Leanings to COMPNOR

Enlightenment, Truth, and Vigilance

oRmqZpu.png Service Record

Imperial Ranks

Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Year 19 Day 248 - Year 19 Day 281
[C-1] MC-1.png Brigadier General Year 19 Day 281 - CURRENT
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade
[C-4] PGC-4.png Secretary Year 20 Day 20 - CURRENT

oRmqZpu.png Qualifications

oRmqZpu.png Awards

Imperial Ribbon Rack

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate (IABG) Year 19 Day 248 Academy Commandant Arya Solus
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal (ISM-1) Year 19 Day 248 Chief Elaine von Veritrax
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation (LOC) Year 19 Day 254 LGEN Nathaniel Durane
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 (LOCx2) Year 19 Day 254 LGEN Nathaniel Durane
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) Year 19 Day 254 LGEN Nathaniel Durane
POW.jpg Prisoner of War (POW) Year 19 Day 266 LGEN Nathaniel Durane
ILA.jpg Imperial Literacy Award (ILA) Year 20 Day 18 Minister Elaine von Veritrax
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal (IAM) Year 20 Day 20 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal (CMM) Year 20 Day 20 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan

oRmqZpu.png Offices Held

Current Positions

3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Vidar Sicarius
Patrick Mueirech
Year 19 Day 281 - CURRENT
Succeeded By:
Director of Imperial Information Service
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Patrick Mueirech
Year 20 Day 20 - CURRENT
Succeeded By:

Previous Positions

3rd Brigade Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Ron Mueirech
Patrick Mueirech
Year 19 Day 248 - Year 19 Day 281
Succeeded By:
Drake Tovar
Imperial Information Service Writer
Preceded By:
Patrick Mueirech
Year 19 Day 248 - Year 20 Day 20
Succeeded By: