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Maximus Archer

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Maximus Archer
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Spouse Venona Taita
Siblings Julianna Archer
Children Drago Archer
Imperial Service
Branch HChPHNA.png
Order of the Sith
  • Sith Lord

Regional Government

  • Civil Servant
Prior Service Imperial Army [Sargent]

Imperial Navy [Captain]

Awards 8582_archer.png

Retired Awards
Fleet Service Medal, 1st Assault Fleet Retired, Bacta Wars, Allied Tion

Quick summery of character.

Character History

Birth pre empire:
Maximus Archer was born on the planet of Coruscant, and led a normal childhood raised with his sister Juliana Archer. After schooling his father expected him to work in the family transport business piloting one of their bulk freighters. Maximus had other plans though he went to the closests ING Communications up-link and joined the Imperial Army during the reign of Emperor Charon.

Reign of Charon:
During this time Maximus joined the Empire for the first time. He graduated the from the Imperial Army academy at Berchest with honors [IAGBH]. Maximus was assigned to Major Vic Drago and served side by side with now Executor Lord Seele. During this time Maximus unit was dispatched and participated in the From the Ashes 2 campaign. As representatives of the Imperial Army Seele and Archer were assigned to aid Captain Starkillers interrogation of rebel scum aboard the captains ISD.

Empires Divided:
In later dates Maximus discovered an offshoot of the Empire called the Imperial Core and later the Dark Empire. This was the haven of the Sith being fascinated with such things Maximus connected with the offshoot and joined them. There he switched to a Naval career and graduated the Imperial War College directed by Jodo Kast.

Maximus was assigned to Logistics and advance to the rank of full Commander. He was first XO then CO of Dark Empires Logistics. This was a very exciting time for Maximus as he had a Drop Ship of his own. Jennifer Dreighton was his direct CO and every member who joined the Imperial Core and later Dark Empire was funneled through logistics to be picked up and transported. Maximus quicky moved through the ranks to the rank of full commander a promotion given to him by Vodo Bonias himsef.

The Merger of two Empires:
The day came that the Dark Lord of the Sith Vodo Bonias contacted Maximus and offered him a position as a weapons specialist in a new naval unit called the Order of the Dark Hand a Sith Battle Fleet. Maximus had a feeling that the Midi-chlorians were coursing through his cells. Once around the Sith he discovered he was right.

Sith beginnings:
While assigned to the Order of the dark Hand Maximus was force tested by the Sith Lord Samus Augil and thus begun his journey with the Force. He trained with Samus for a time then was taken as apprentice by the late Sith Lord Terrence Thorne (Darth Rhamaka)

Fall of Charon reign of Uebles:
In this era Maximus continued his training with the Sith he was also still a Naval officer and was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain and served as the First Assault Fleet XO under Admiral Slicer.

Reign of Vodo:
During this time Maximus was retired as a Naval officer and served the Throne as a Hand of the Emperor conducting various black ops for the Sith. He was also dispatched to the planet Hoth were he was able to repel a build war invasion from the Kathol Republic. The Sith Lord was able to arrest dozens of enemy builders and hold the planet for Emperor Bonias. This was nthe hight of Captain Archer's Naval career. It was also a high point of Archers life he forged a lasting friendship with his CO Admiral Slicer.

Current Reign of Emperor Ndengin:
After 4 years of solitude Lord Archer has returned to his home in the Empire. Maximus strives to adjust to the new era and Serve the Throne and the Sith to the best of his abilities.He has taken a position in Regional Government and can be found throughout the deep core sector.

Imperial Core / Dark Empire Logistics CO
Preceded By:
Maximus Archer
late Year 3 - Year 4
Succeeded By:
Ugo de Paynes

First Assault Fleet XO
Preceded By:
Maximus Archer
Succeeded By: