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Luke Winslow

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Luke Winslow
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown (Deceased)
Father Unknown (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown (Deceased?)
Children None
Born Approx. Year -10
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Pilot, Imperial Navy
Prior Service Group Commanding Officer, 2nd Group
Training Officer, Imperial Academy
1st Group Commanding Officer, 2nd Imperial Fleet

6th Group Executive Officer, 6th Imperial Fleet

Awards 8795_Winslow.png


Luke Winslow [born approx. SWC Year (10), Hapes Year 4017] is the only surviving member of a noble Hapan family that was nearly destroyed during the Hapan Civil war [SWC Year (81)-(28), Hapes Year 3946-99]. He was raised by an old family friend after his family’s death [approx. SWC Year (8), Hapes Year 4019].

Luke’s guardian took the infant boy to Corellia and raised him as a Hapan noble. During this period Luke was kept isolated from much of society; his guardian claimed that a Hapan noble should not be corrupted by “commoners”. Instead, Luke’s guardian filled the boy’s days with rigorous physical and academic training.

Luke grew very frustrated with his forced isolation and training in preparation for a life as a Hapan Noble; a life he knew he would never live. This was exacerbated by his guardian’s refusal to tell him about his family history or even how his parents and siblings (if he even had any) died. He considered running away many times, but he could not bring himself to part with his only connection to his family.

This all changed shortly after Luke’s fourteenth birthday when his guardian died. The teen quickly sold the small mansion they had been living in for the past twelve years and left Corellia to travel the galaxy. During this time he learned many skills his guardian had thought unnecessary for someone of noble birth. Luke learned how to cook, how to repair equipment, how to properly scrub a ship deck, how to cheat at sabacc, how to hack a computer terminal, how to fly a speeder at top speed while trying to shoot a four square centimeter target six hundred meters away while evading a very angry Hutt’s henchmen (he missed and learned how to survive in a desert with only clothes and a data card).

After six years of traveling, Luke returned to Corellia. He stayed a little while with one of the few friends he had made during his twelve years there. After years of traveling, it didn’t take long for Luke to become restless again. However, having seen the devastation that decades of war had wrought, Luke decided it was time to help bring law and order to the galaxy. He applied for admission and was accepted to the Imperial Academy on Coruscant. He is currently serving in the Imperial Navy.


Luke is generally a quiet person with a calm demeanor. Some have described him as aloof, cold, and unemotional which Luke blames on his noble training and isolated childhood. Since his travels throughout the galaxy he has become more relaxed and "not so intense and controlling" as one person observed. He now considers himself to be fairly easy going. Two of his favorite things to do are hang out with his fleet mates and buzz freighters during his patrols.

His motto is: "It's smarter to be lucky than it's lucky to be smart."

Physical Characteristics

Age: Unknown (approx. 20 yrs.)

Gender: Male

Hair: Blond, straight, short

Eyes: Grey

Complexion: Fair

Height: 177.8 cm (70 in)

Weight 72.57 kg (160 lbs)

Force Sensitive: Untested

Service Record

Year 11 Day 202: Accepted into the Imperial Academy

Year 11 Day 205: Started at the Imperial Academy

Year 11 Day 206: Graduated from the Imperial Academy with Honors

Year 11 Day 207: Entered the Imperial Navy as Crewman [E-3]

Year 11 Day 207: Assigned to Sixth Fleet

Year 11 Day 267: Promoted to Flight Corporal [E-4]

Year 11 Day 307: Rank changed to Flight Sergeant [E-4]

Year 12 Day 114: Promoted to Master Flight Sergeant [E-5]

Year 12 Day 211: Promoted to Command Flight Sergeant [E-6]

Year 12 Day 348: Promoted to Ensign [O-1] and appointed as 6th Group Acting Executive Officer

Year 13 Day 34: Appointed 6th Group Executive Officer

Year 13 Day 171: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade [O-2]

Year 13 Day 319: Promoted to Lieutenant [O-3]

Year 14 Day 337: Rank changed to Commander [O-5]

Year 15 Day 88: Appointed 1st Group Commanding Officer

Year 15 Day 163: Promoted to Captain [O-6]

Year 15 Day 214: Appointed 2nd Group Commanding Officer


Year 11 Day 206: Imperial Academy Honors Graduate [IABG-H] for graduating with a score of at least 95%.

Year 12 Day 55: Mentioned in Dispatches [MID]

Year 12 Day 76: Letter of Commendation [LOC]

Year 12 Day 109: Imperial Service Medal [ISM]

Year 12 Day 271: Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx2]

Year 12 Day 329: Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM-12]

Year 13 Day 227: Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx3]

Year 13 Day 279: Imperial Service Medal - 2 Years [ISM-2]

Year 14 Day 134: Exercise Achievement Medal [EAM]

Year 14 Day 163: Unit Distinguished Service Award [UDS]

Year 15 Day 41: Letter of Commendation [LOCx2]

Year 15 Day 190: Exercise Achievement Medal [EAMx2]