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Biographical Information
Race Chiss and Corellian
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Krem`ar`yntrix, Chiss. (Deceased)
Father Albert Garrell, Corellian.
Spouse Unmarried
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -7 Day 356
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions None
Prior Service See Prior Service
Awards IABG.jpg IABG

Kres`ash`asantrix was a Crewman within the Galactic Empire. Though more publicly known as Kresasha Santrix or Sasha Santrix due to the general inability of outsiders to understand the naming practices of the Chiss culture, her proper Chiss name is Kres`ash`asantrix. To those close to her, she is known as Sasha.

Personnel File

Biographical Information

The Early Years

The Blending of Two Worlds, The Cerulean Dream

Kres`ash`asantrix, was born on Csilla to Albert Garrell and Krem`ar`yntrix. The two met during the course of Albert's studies, as Krem`ar`yntrix looked to further her military career.

Sasha's father, Albert had originally traveled to Csilla in order to begin the research required for his PhD dissertation. He had been attending the University of Sanbra, renowned for it's anthropology program. His dissertation was entitled Chiss and Corellian Notions of Military Supremacy. Though some might have found it an unlikely field of study for someone raised on an Imperial world such as Corellia, Albert had long been intrigued by differences between the piloting bravado of the hot headed Corellians and the razor sharp piloting skills of the cold Chiss.

He was most interested in the Chiss culture, as it seemed to quite neatly oppose his in every possible way. Both races believed themselves the superior pilots, though they went about it in opposite ways. In the end, he agreed to disagree at least with the philosophies of supremacy found within the Chiss culture. He would not escape entirely without admiration for the Chiss, or at least one in particular. Albert had fallen for one of the pilots he had interviewed. It was most unprofessional, but as he had established; Corellians lived for the thrill, and it seemed that his new love, Krem`ar`yntrix did too. Though her father did not initially approve of his daughter marrying a non-Chiss, he came around after reading the obvious appreciation in Albert's dissertation. After the wedding, the two lived on Csilla for several years while Albert finished his studies and Krem`ar`yantrix pursued her career as a Chiss Defense Fleet fighter pilot.

Albert finished his dissertation and his defense with relative ease. After all, he was now living the subject of his paper. In many senses, the timing was perfect, for only a week after he graduated, Krem`ar`yntrix became pregnant with Sasha. Three months into her pregnancy, the so called rebellion made it's first terrorist attack on Csilla. Krem`ar`yntrix was crestfallen. Her doctor forbade her from flying her clawcraft in combat. When telling the story, Krem`ar`yntrix would always say that rebel intelligence must have caught wind that she was pregnant and chosen then to invade, so she could not stand against them.

Slowly but surely, the terrorist rebellion destabilized cities throughout Csilla, drawing closer to the capital city of Csaplar, where Albert and Krem`ar`yntrix had made their home. The extensive tunnel system that connected Csaplar to every location on Csilla now worked against it, making it the inevitable final target of the terrorists.

On the day Sasha was born, Year -7 Day 356, the city of Ac'siel fell to the rebellion. It signaled to Albert and Krem`ar`yntrix that the fall of Csaplar was truly inevitable. They refused to give up on the city they called home, however. The rebellion it seemed, refused to give up as well. The fight for Csaplar and Csilla lasted another three years, with Krem`ar`yntrix taking part in an underground rebellion against, the so called rebellion. Ironically, it was not her participation in this that brought about her death.

Krem`ar`yntrix did not die a noble heroes death. The instability introduced by the terrorist rebellion's blockade of Csaplar was to blame. Mary, as Albert would refer to her when she told the story, died the victim of a robbery gone wrong. She was a victim of the anarchy inspired by the rebellion. With little to hold Albert and his young daughter to Csilla, they sold everything they owned and secured transportation off world with a blockade runner. They fled to Albert's homeworld of Corellia just prior to the fall of Csilla to the terrorist rebellion.

Arrival At Corellia, Shock and Awe

At the time of their flight from Csilla to a planet not in the throws of anarchy, Sasha was only three. Though she has few memories of her time on Csilla that are not filled with terror, she readily recalls the most significant memory of her early childhood as the arrival to Corellian space.

"The sound of the hyperdrive on the HWK-290 my father and I had secured passage on had been comforting, the hum and vibrations of hyperspace had lulled me to sleep each night of the four day journey from Csilla to the edge of the Corellian system the way my mother might have if she had still been with us. The reversion to real space was jolting, not due to the pilot, for he seemed skilled, but due to the massive ship, angular and yet beautiful that eclipsed the entirety of our cockpit viewports. Though I would eventually come to know the ship as an Imperator-Class Star Destroyer, it seemed to me as if a monster from some mythological story had come to life. I cannot over-estimate the impact that the ship had upon choice to join the Galactic Empire when I had come of age. The equal parts dread and exhilaration I felt drove my fascination with flight and the technology associated with it as surely as my genetics did.

After living my first three years of life in a household that struggled to remain stable and safe on a world that was anything but that; the safety, stability, and prosperity of Corellia provided me everything my early years had lacked. Corellia would come to be the homeworld that Csilla never had the chance to be."

Home Schooled, Daddy Daycare

Albert and Sasha sought to integrate into the Corellian society upon their arrival, with Albert working as a researcher for the Corellian Space Museum. Albert took Sasha to work with him every day, somehow finding the time to teach her while he worked.

Sasha took to her studies, though some of the subjects drew her interest more than others. As a reward for doing well in her studies each week, Albert would take Sasha to see the Corellian Engineering Corporation's shipyards. It was evident early on that she had inherited a fascination with flight from both her mother and her father. It was a potent mixture. She had the intuition and reaction times of the Chiss with the intestinal fortitude and rocket-fuel infused blood of the Corellians. Sasha raced through her studies, graduating at the age of twelve. Though it seemed out of the ordinary for others her age, it was normal for Chiss to reach maturity by the age of ten. Sasha's Corellian genes seemed to make her a bit slower to reach physical maturity, by Chiss standards.

Teenage Years

Teenage Drama Queen She Was Not

Employed as a research assistant by her father.

Quality Time, The Cerulean Dream

The HWK-290 that brought father and daughter together.

The Galactic Empire

Imperial Academy

Sasha sped through her studies, graduating the Imperial Academy just shy of honors on Year 11, Day 363.

Imperial Navy

Fleet Assignment

Career Aspirations

Physical Description


According to her personnel file, Sasha stands a modest 1.6 meters, weighing a rather petite 45.35 kilograms. Her skin color is a self described cerulean blue.


Psychological Profile




Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG]


Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[E-2] ME-2.gif Crewman Year 11 Day 363 - PRESENT Nov 29, 2010 - PRESENT