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Imperial News Grid

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The Imperial News Grid, or "ING" for short, is the Galactic Empire's personal public news board.

Coming at the genesis of the New Order, the Imperial News Grid found application and use from the first instant of creation. The Galactic Empire has long relied on the Imperial News Grid for the dissemination of all manner of data, vital to citizens of and participants within the Imperial Government.

The Imperial News Grid received attention and improvement over the years, tailored and carefully crafted to provide maximum utility and optimal performance.

The history of the Imperial News Grid stretches back to its barest, most basic beginnings, found on the datapads and briefing stations only of career soldiers, but has evolved and grown over time to support all manner of civil and martial address.


Year 9

Y9 D255

Y9 D277

Y9 D302

Y9 D360

Year 10

Y10 D24

Y10 D30

Year 11

Y11 D200

Y11 D231

Y11 D259

Y11 D266

Y11 D310

Year 12

Y12 D233

Y12 D251

Y12 D259

Y12 D281

Y12 D292

Y12 D311

Y12 D327

Y12 D332

Y12 D342

Year 13

Y13 D64

Y13 D89

Y13 D162

Y13 D269

Y13 D286

Y13 D298

Y13 D311

Y13 D328

Year 14

Y14 D3

Y14 D58

Y14 D133

Y14 D199

Y14 D223

Y14 D364

Year 15

Y15 D3

Y15 D260