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Legionnaire's Arms Tavern

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The Legionnaire's Arms Tavern
Biographical Information
Leader Lasidious von Feldure
Motto "It's not about adding days to your life, but about adding life to your days."
Homeworld Borohad, Corellia, Gorbas
Members Imperial Union and Nationalized Factions
Affiliation Pro GE


The Legionnaire's Arms Tavern (often abbreviated to L.A.T or LAT; which also refers to the business chain as a whole) was won by Lasidious von Feldure in a skilled game of Pazaak from a one eyed Duros spacer who's name remains unknown. On arriving at the Tavern in the Trax sector Lasidious discovered the Tavern to be in ruins and to be the location of several families of squatting Ewoks. After the exterminators had finished dealing with the vermin infestation and after many months of restoration and modern technical installations the Tavern was brought to the grand standard that can be seen today. On year 11 day 122 the Tavern was named the Legionnaire's Arms and on day 123 opened to the Imperial Public. The Legionnaire's Arms although an independent public Tavern is exclusively for members of the Galactic Empire the Imperial Union and Nationalized Factions. The Tavern is mainly run by and used by off-duty Imperials, and even in it's infancy has seen many famous faces pass through its doors.

Since then through popularity and donations and sponsorship from various parties the LATs have started to expand around the galaxy, the second Tavern opened it doors in the Corellia System on Y:11 D:180 and was named the "Dungeon" and the 3rd, the "Hall of Flails" in the Nevoota System on Y:11 D:353.



[LAT] Legionnaire's Arms [HQ]

Sector: Trax

System: Lexrol

[IRE] LAT-Dungeon

Sector: Corellian

System: Corellia

[LAT] Hall of Flails

Sector: Coruscant

System: Nevoota

Food and Drink

The LATs have a massive array of quality drinks from around the galaxy from the standard Corellia Ale and blue milk to more exotic drinks such as Corellian schnapps, Alderaanian ale and Membrosia spirit. LATs also have some of the most impressive wine cellars in the galaxy.

Food varies from Tavern to Tavern based on transportation and cost of shipping to the particular system.


The LAT have a multitude of entertainment; pazaak dens and other gambling rooms, Twi'lek dancers, live music, quiz nights, trade rooms, raffles, the ERoD, not to mention the odd heated debate or two.


Above at the LAT Dungeon: Tuesday nights and all day Thursdays and Saturdays, 'Bobo Vab'da and the Bobo Band'.