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! Grade !! Insignia !! Rank !! Branch !! Start Date
! Grade !! Insignia !! Rank !! Branch !! Start Date
|- style=background:#CCCCCC; align="center"
|- style=background:#CCCCCC; align="center"
|[T-1] ||  || Recruit || Imperial Academy || Year 21, Day 28
|[T-1] ||  || Recruit || Imperial Academy || Year 21, Day 28  
|[O-2] || || Junior Superintendent || Year 21, Day 34
|[O-2] || || Junior Superintendent || Year 21, Day 34  
|[O-3] || || Superintendent || Year 21, Day 17

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Xavier Macias
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Hailey Macias
Father Xavier Macias
Spouse Marie Macias
Siblings Jordan Macias, Mateo Macias, Brooklynn Macias, Lynn Macias, Autumn Macias
Children None
Born Year -1 Day 145
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Junior Superintendent of Kuat Oversector
Prior Service {{{prior service}}}
Awards {{{awards}}}

Junior Superintendent Xavier Macias (Born Year -1, Day 176) is a citizen in the Galactic Empire, serving within his Majesty's Regional Government as a Junior Superintendent within the Kuat Oversector.

Early Life (Y-1 to Y17)

Xavier Macias, was born the oldest child to Xavier and Hailey Macias on Courscant on Year -1, Day 176. His father was an officer within the Republic Navy before Hiram Drayson took control of the Republic and making himself Emperor. Instead of accepting this Xavier Macias took his new wife and their infant child Xavier and fled from Imperial Space to retire and get away from the chaos that he knew would ensue. After about a year and a couple months later his brother Cort was born aboard their family vessel a Personal Luxury Yacht which Xavier had saved up for. Xavier gave his family all human names hoping to not attract the attention of the Empire. After about five years of jumping from system to system Xavier and Hailey settled their family down in a system known as Pesmenben which was controlled by the Triumvirate Coalition.

Xavier excelled intellectually, and physically as a young boy. His father's career within the Republican Navy allowed Xavier to train his son what he knew his son Xavier would need to help him survive and grow as he got older, while exposing him to the different cultures and life experiences that Pesmenben had to offer. Perhaps the most influential experience of his youth occurred on Year 15, Day 286. The Macias family was on a typical family vacation on Pesmenben when a band of what appeared to be a group of Imperials began an attack on the Macias's family Hover Transport. As the Family tried to communicate with the Imperials

Imperial Academy.

Imperial Service (Y21 - Present)

Imperial Academy (Y21)

Junior Superintendent (Y21 - Present)

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Branch Start Date
[T-1] Recruit Imperial Academy Year 21, Day 28 [O-2] Junior Superintendent Year 21, Day 34 [O-3] Superintendent Year 21, Day 17