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Vidar Sicarius

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Vidar Sicarius
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Diamal
Mother Giovanna Sicarius
Father Aquilus Sicarius
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -13, Day 20 12:00 CGT
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions 2nd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer
Navy Logistics Officer
Navy Command
Deputy Director of Resource Allocations Division - Navy
Navy Council of Advisors
Director of Imperial Gaming Commission
Senior Recruitment Officer
Imperial Information Technology Office - Holonet Quality Control Officer
Imperial Art Society
Prior Service lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
3rd Imperial Legion Commanding Officer
3rd Legion Advisory Council
3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
3rd Brigade Executive Officer
3rd Legionnaire
Ministry of Industry
Kuat Systems Engineering /
Myorzo Weapon Systems
Chief Executive Officer (1IC)
Chief of Operations (2IC)
Chief of Staff
Production Hub Manager

Imperial Mining Corporation
Mining Hub Manager
Prospector Administrator
Senior Prospector
Imperial Academy
Dean of Imperial Basic Training
Assistant Dean of Imperial Basic Training
Senior Training Officer
Training Officer
Junior Training Officer


Intelligence Dossier

Physical Examination

Subject Vidar Sicarius
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 164 lbs

“The gleaming azure eyes look out at the universe from a cold, unyielding expression. Anyone examining the eye quickly realises that the icy shiver cascading down their spine comes not only from the heart of the individual. Many have said that the eye is that of a killer…stunning and enticing for a second, then cold and deadly upon closer study.” ~ Anonymous

Vidar Sicarius is above average height, although there are a number of the Geno Haradan assassins who are bigger than him. He has a well toned body which does not support a great deal of muscle bulk. Whilst the genetic enhancements do increase his strength, he has a more athletic build which allows him to move quickly enough to optimise his weapon proficiency.

He is not an ugly man; some may consider him attractive, but in the presence of the company that matters very little. He has a slightly broader nose than most which was in part due to the beatings he received before admittance into the company. His eyebrows are quite distinctively bushy although they are seemingly unnoticed in the presence of his ice-blue eyes, which he inherited from his mother. His hair colour was something he got from his father’s side of the family, a sharp black which is cut so that he is able to have a full, clear vision, which often helps when he is on the hunt.

Vidar only has access to a few sets of clothes in the Geno Haradan facilities. For when he is on missions he often wears simple black, sometimes lightly armoured, clothing with a holster on each side of his body to make best use of his dual pistol proficiency, he also tends to have two short swords on his back in case he needs to resort to close combat situations. He often makes use of his natural ambidextrous ability with use of weapons and whenever it is required in missions. When in the facility there are a few pairs of plain shirts and trousers, often these are a simple grey, although there are some variants, simple white or black. He also has training clothing which is relatively comfortable and durable enough for the rigorous drills he and all the other facility assassins are regularly put through.

Psychological Test

Whilst still under the guidance of Geno Haradan, Vidar was very much like his brothers and sisters in terms of personality. That is, due to the RELIC chip implanted in his mind he was not able to express much in the ways of emotion, he simply followed his orders as he was told. However, the observers of the Geno Haradan took note at how Vidar would try and help the other assassins and in their group/team drills he was able to plan and act in a way which saw the objective complete and the safety of all those under his command in-tact.

And now, after the events which freed him from Geno Haradan, he's left with the ability to feel emotions for the first time that he can remember. So whilst on the run from the forces chasing him, he often finds himself overwhelmed with confusion and uncertainty. After overcoming the initial surprise and unknowing of being able to feel things, Vidar now tries to question the emotions that are brought up within him, in an attempt to understand them. However, he questions them when he has no answers and rarely gets anywhere. He wants to understand what he feels, which may lead him to gain some sense of control.

Turning Full Circle: A Biography

Forgotten Memories

Aquilus Sicarius
Giovanna Sicarius
Elle Sicarius

Compassion was not a virtue well known to Aquilus Sicarius; in fact it was doubtful he knew how to spell the word. Instead he was a man driven by greed and lust. He was wrapped so tightly within his own world that he failed to pay much attention to any of those around him.

He was a tall and well built man, and carried a number of scars on his body and face from many scraps he had gotten into due to his ‘job’. Aquilus was a small time spice dealer on Coruscant, more specifically the Coruscant Underlevels where he lived. His life was one of alcohol, spice and sex, he lived life as it came at him, and he found that the selling of spices earned him a good cut of credits. Also, with the overpopulated lower levels and the addictive qualities of spice, business was always booming. He was part of a much larger narcotic ‘market’ which was a well-known problem in the Underlevels.

Vidar's homeworld; the beauty of Planet Coruscant.

Aquilus would get his hands on the spice and mix it with other materials in order to make sure he could optimize his sales and rake in as much money as possible. The CSF were utterly useless in the lower levels and avoiding them proved extremely easy, allowing him a happy life full of healthy amounts of credits.

Giovanna Lyome was one of Aquilus’ regulars as of late. She was younger than Aquilus, just shy of twenty in comparison to the dealer who was in his mid thirties. She had recently lost her job on the higher levels due to the habit she’d picked up in her teens, one which had led her to being kicked out of the educational system at the age of seventeen. Her parents were shamed by her expulsion and her addiction; they kicked her out and forced her to live life without the comforts and safety net of their financial baking. She had tried to kick the habit, she was determined to change, she found a job and a place to rent that was cheap and decent enough to live in. But times were never easy and when they got hard she fell back into her old habits. Eventually it led to her losing a job and left her unable to find anything else even half-decent on the upper levels. She was soon kicked out of her apartment. In her position there was only one way to go, down.

She descended to the Underlevels of Coruscant where rent was cheaper, but so was the pay. She managed to find a little something, watering at a local cantina for what shifts she could. But down at the bottom of the pile she held very little drive and soon the habit had consumed her life completely.

Aquilus was a local dealer and Giovanna quickly found that his prices were reasonable and his contraband was strong enough to satisfy her cravings. However, she found herself spending more and more as the effects lessened over time. This quickly led her to a tricky financial situation. She was already at the bottom of the pile, was there any further she could go? There was.

In her desperate state she appealed to one of Aquilus’ obvious desires, lust. She struck up a deal with Aquilus; she would pay a percentage less for her purchases in exchange for sex. Aquilus, confident his ‘business’ could easily continue without this small cut from the prices of one junkie, agreed to Giovanna’s offer. They soon began their ‘relationship’, each time they would both hit themselves up with anything decent Aquilus had at the time. It was during one of these times, their minds thrown completely off course by the spice, which they forgot the contraception they would usually have used. A child was accidentally conceived in a small dank room in the Underlevels of Coruscant, they were Vidar’s parents, a junkie willing to use her body to pay for some of her habit and the dealer who was all too willing to receive her trade. It was not a match made in heaven.

For a little while Giovanna was unaware, it was only after so long of complaining about stomach cramp that she went to see a doctor, a cheap one that she could afford, who informed her that she was in fact pregnant. Of course this threw poor Giovanna completely, from what she could remember of her nights with Aquilus they had used protection, but then again, there was a lot she couldn’t remember from most nights. Some nights she couldn’t recall at all.

After she’d been able to gather her own thoughts a little on the matter, she went to Aquilus, who was less than helpful. He wanted nothing to do with the child, he wanted it gone, unmade. As far as he was concerned the baby had nothing to do with him. However, this did not deter his lust as his loins still craved for Giovanna.

This news about her child was not strong enough of a motive to kick the habit, nothing ever was. She still continued to visit Aquilus and reap the benefits of their trade until she reached a point where she was no longer in such a great figure (until Aquilus’ desires faded).

For a number of months Giovanna was left to fend for herself, she had to continue working even with her added growth, there was no other source of income. And she was also lacking the cut in prices from Aquilus and was forced to pay in full, a fact that didn’t stop her from paying even though it really should have. In truth Giovanna hadn’t begun planning anything for this baby, there were no preparations for it, no saving in order to feed it, the child was going to have an extremely tough life, even more so if it lived long enough to become an adult. It was likely that the child would follow in its parent’s footsteps, lead a similar life to one or both of them.

When the birth finally rolled around Giovanna was at home and caught completely by surprise. Alone she panicked and had no idea what to do, she had no money for the hospital or medical care and attention, the closest thing she had was an older Rodian neighbor who had present at births before and a midwife on one occasion, however her knowledge of human births was somewhat limited. The process was slow and painful without medication to support her and against the Rodian’s complaints, Giovanna turned to the last of her spice for an easier transaction.

It was a long and arduous birth but the Rodian worked as best she could to help deliver the child and keep both it and the mother healthy. It was drawing towards midnight when the child was finally released into the world unsuspecting of what awaited him. As Giovanna looked upon his strong screaming face she named him Vidar, Vidar Sicarius, because he was the son of Aquilus, whether the man wanted to think so or not.

Bittersweet memories of Elle (left) and Vidar (right) Sicarius.

But things did not end there, more crushing waves of pain shook through her. None of them had expected twins, but that was what Giovanna was left with, the healthy and strong-looking Vidar and a comparably weak-looking girl. Giovanna’s exhausted mind was barely able to think coherently and now she had to debate what to do with these twins. One child was enough to scare her, but two, she just couldn’t handle two. She rejected the girl, even against the Rodian’s protests her belief was firm; she would not care for a second child. She would scream at the midwife to take the child away, she didn’t care where, anywhere but here. Afraid and in shock the Rodian woman left with the child and Giovanna, nor Vidar, would see her again.

For the first few weeks Giovanna would love her son almost as much as the high she got from spice. But everything spiraled downhill from there, she went as best as she could without resorting to the substances Aquilus provided but gradually things began to return to normal. After a few weeks since giving birth Giovanna reached a stage that Aquilus considered ‘physically appealing’ once again and after giving her the same offer as before she gave up any small part of resistance that had developed.

Aquilus would now make a frequent number of ‘home visits’ to supply Giovanna with spice and to take his pay from her. Often he would stay over and just hang about. Aquilus never held Vidar, nor did he care too much about the child’s presence. The child would barely even register as background noise during the dealer’s visit to Giovanna’s humble apartment.

This was the beginning of the neglect; at first it would be when Aquilus and Giovanna were too high to really register any of Vidar’s cries. Eventually he would tire himself out and Giovanna would begrudgingly tend to him in the morning, whilst nursing herself back to a state of normality. However, things progressed and worsened for Vidar, as he grew and aged Aquilus would become easily more annoyed with him. The child was curious about this frequent visitor to their humble abode and a lack of a father led Vidar frequently to Aquilus, who was often drunk or high, or simply didn’t care.

The harsh life in the Coruscant Underlevels hidden from above.

Over the first two years of his life these things would gradually worsen and repeat themselves quite frequently. Of course, there was no real service for helping children in the lowest levels of Coruscant, home of the poor and forsaken. They were ignored and left to rot and struggle as they wished. The same went for Vidar. And so, when Vidar turned two years old he was hit for the first time by Aquilus. It was surprising that it had not happened before, but it would most certainly happen again.

Once again things would gradually escalate; Aquilus would hit Vidar more often, harder and even when he hadn’t even done anything ‘wrong’. Essentially the boy became little more than a punch bag. And Giovanna in all this time had come to lose touch with her son, that blissful motherly love had been replaced by the sweet ecstasy of a superficial high. And Vidar became the source of her ‘problems’, her verbal punch bag, the object she would shift her blame onto with her pale and accusing finger.

Things got bad, very bad. Vidar would suffer from a multitude of large bruises and cuts and more than likely a broken bone or two. He had learned one thing, not to cry. Crying only made them shout louder, kick harder; he always tried his best not to cry, for them. Once Vidar turned three, things progressed even further. When his parents would have a night filled with spice and fornication, most likely after a torrent abuse had been shoveled onto the child, Aquilus would throw the boy outside of the apartment, onto the street for the night, like an animal.

Vidar would huddle and wrap his small body into a ball, covering himself with whatever rags he could find and let everything out. He would sob himself to sleep, careful not to make too much noise, just in case.

One night as she returned home from a night of work, the aging Rodian female witnessed one of Aquilus’ fits of rage as he would cast the boy against the wall opposing their apartment and yell down at the boy with a white-hot furry before kicking him in the stomach and heading back inside.

After so long of this the Rodian was not unaware of what went on, but she was fearful and riddled with emotion and uncertainty. She wanted to help the boy, but what was to prevent the wrath of Aquilus and Giovanna falling down onto her afterwards? She had seen the child sleeping before, eyes puffed and red or glazed with a gleaming purple trophy, but she had held her breath, closed her mind and fought back the words of her conscious. On the streets of Coruscant everyone learned that it wasn’t wise to stick your neck out for someone, otherwise you’d find that someone else would take advantage of that exposed flesh and slice off your head without a second thought. But this was her first time really seeing the child get hit, the first time she saw him drag his malnutrition body over to the pile of rags that he’d try and use for warmth after being kicked and hurt so badly. She watched the child she had help bring into this world as he lived and bowed like a dog and she could not watch any more.

Despite the voices that warned her of the consequences she took the child away, first she fed him and dressed his wounds as best as she could. And then she used her connections in the medical centre where she worked in order to get Vidar placed into an orphanage nearby. However he never reached an orphanage, it was only a week until he was taken on by a group, Geno Haradan. They would take after him, provide him with food, shelter and friends in order to help him develop as a person, and they were willing to pay. After a number of medical tests and procedures by this group, Vidar was taken away from the world he had spent the last three years in, and he would not remember the hell he faced there, or the hell that was to come.

When they discovered Vidar was gone the next morning, Giovanna was distraught and confused. It was Aquilus who eased her nerves, handing her another fix, he would guide her through these harsh times and allow her to forget she ever had a son called Vidar Sicarius; he would drown her in a life of drugs and crime, where she would rot along with him.

Geno Haradan helped to heal Vidar back to ample health before they put him on the operating table, their first subject, and candidate, their Invictus. Vidar Sicarius died that day, in the cold and harsh embrace of loneliness.


The death of Vidar awakens the inner beast.

When Invictus awoke he was assaulted by a world of new insights and new experiences. He was not able to enjoy any of these things because he could no longer experience joy itself. For a time he knew nothing, there was an emptiness within him that was, unknowingly, derived from the things he had forgotten and the things he could no longer feel.

Men and women of various species were all too eager to poke and prod this reborn child with cold and sharp instruments. Taking measurements, samples and scans in their dozens. The first few hours of his life involved him staring at the light that lingered in the ceiling above him. There were things that came to him, thoughts that began to take the form of strange symbols within his head. Invictus would soon come to learn of words and how to use them to learn about so much more. And his teachers were well and truly ready to begin with his many years of ‘instruction’.

After a few days of rest allocated for Invictus to heal and recover from the operation, in which time people were scuttling around him endlessly in order to carry out more tests, confirm results and to clarify the success of implementation, he was thrust into the first session of his arduous training. He was thrown before three teachers, two male and one female. It was here, alone, that he experienced what he would come to learn as a ‘morning warm up’. Although given a gentle name it was enough to make the boy throw up several times. After that session was done he would begin lessons focusing on his mind, this was to be the main aim for the first few weeks, the physical training, whilst enough to make grown men weak at the knees, was only at its first circuit.

These lessons taught him many things and seemed to fill some of the holes that had previously been missing. It was not like these lessons had refreshed those things in his mind; instead it was more like they had been replaced. These studies would eventually lead him to use and access a wealth of knowledge in areas the common every day person would not have and he would also be able to recall things at a rate faster than most. For that was the life at Geno Haradan, to be pushed to the peak of his limits and then overcoming the regular boundaries to create something better. Insects playing God, they had no idea how quickly their wings would melt.

After about a week Invictus found himself joined by another like him. He was called Bravo, the first of 25 others that young Invictus was going to meet and become acquainted with during his stay with Geno Haradan.

The others appeared in a steady succession at first, but once there were a handful of them walking through the same schedule every day the rate at which Invictus’ brothers and sisters joined the nest continuously increased. It didn’t take too long until all 26 of them were assembled and integrated into the systematic routine of their daily lives. They were all hollow shells, guided from place to place with death in their eyes and minds empty of memories.

At first none of the children spoke to one another. There was no real trigger to set off their talking but after a little while they would communicate, it would not be enough but it would be something at least. It was at this early age that Invictus’ future role and position began to surface; it seemed simple but would evolve over time. When they were enduring physical training there were some who were, at first, not able to perform to the required standard and they would collapse, often upon their own sick. It was at these times Invictus would offer some words to a comrade, to a normal person they would seem disjointed and vague but somehow it would allow those who struggled at the beginning to get to a position where they could keep up with what was required of them.

As the years progressed their training would often increase in intensity in order to constantly push all of them to greater heights of physical fitness. Their learning also expanded, history, science, law, math, reading, numerous languages, all were touched on to a level that would have most of these children be considered geniuses by their age. It was not that they were born more special than anyone else; it was simply the means by which they were taught. Their minds were open to alteration and their focus controlled. The potential that rested within them was being accessed and exploited.

Once they had been at Geno Haradan for two years the children were subjugated to the more practical aspects of their future purposes. They were assaulted with weapons, rifles, pistols, vibroswords, quarterstaffs and many more. This would lead each child to discover an art that they and their bodies preferred. And it was at this time Invictus was able to use a gift he had not been able to put into practice much. The boy was naturally ambidextrous, a trait he inherited from his mother that he did not know about. For him things came in twos, his body was easily able to adapt and use dual pistols and dual blades. It was the beginning of discovering their proficiencies and Invictus was already on some sort of track.

Having refreshing beverage whilst blending in with the public.

But this specialization in weaponry was not only an area that was being explored. Both collectively and individually they would be instructed upon the use and practicality of various weapons but also they would be instructed in many different practical areas, slicing, programming, acrobatics, robotics were but a few of them. It was from these lessons that each of the future assassins would build up the collective skills that would make each of them highly deadly. And for Invictus he would become particularly deadly in one area, tracking, in its various forms, but he would not reach a level such as that for a while longer. They were all still quite early on in their training but the seeds were still being planted and soon Geno Haradan would see the group begin to bloom into the tools they sought after.

Classes were divided in further ways as well. There were whole class events, group events and individual practices in order to develop the group’s team-working skills. They were all part of a single unit and yet each of them was unique and part of themselves, able to work alone or with any of the group. Diversity for the sake of the mission was something that the Geno Haradan facility was trying to create within them.

It was within these group and class events that Invictus’ ability was cultivated and grew by itself. It was something that the others did not have, much like their own unique combat skills and non-combat skills, but Invictus had seemingly acquired something new. It didn’t take long until he slipped into his role of ‘leader’ in these events. But it was not as though he would order the others around. If anything, to most he was more of an older brother as well. It was still on its way and some of the others had begun to develop similar skills, but in this area he was quite alone in ability.

Over the six years that made the first stage of their training, the assassins had been put through such extensive mental and physical training that they would almost appear far older than they were. However, within them they were still children, and it was time for this to change. Over the years the scientists of the Geno Haradan Medical Facility had been including certain chemicals within the food and drink of the children. It was their intention to bring about the puberty years much sooner than was naturally intended and they had achieved. Invictus would enter the years of puberty at nine years old and whilst the emotional heartaches this process would have usually caused for most people was kept back with the RELIC chip implanted in his brain, he still faced a few difficulties.

His main problem was one that existed for all humans who faced the awkwardness of puberty. His body was growing and at times he would stumble, more than often he seemed like he didn’t belong in his own body, his arms and legs were too long. Many of his movements lost precision for a time, his fingers fumbled, and his aim tumbled off. He maintained strong control of his actions for the most part, limiting these errors but he was not able to eliminate them entirely. They were small but they prevented him from being his best.

Vidar's morning run as part of his training schedule.

He found his body was beginning to adapt easier to the training and it was at this time, both mentally and physically, it was accelerated at a frightful late. Weapons, stealth, unarmed combat, all of these pushed his body further and further, to the peaks of physical fitness. It was all of them, together, not just Invictus. They exercised as a whole, as a team, even as a unit. They were all part of the machine; it drove them further and further into the future. The future expected and the future unknown.

During these years of induced puberty the RELIC chip planted within his mind was pushed to maintain the emotionless state that his masters desired. However, the chip managed perfectly to keep back the mood swings every teenager had.

Invictus’ training moved forward to greater intensities. As the training staff had them work in teams, his ability to lead and plan according to how many he had with him evolved at a rapid rate. Not only that but his precision with dual blaster pistols was clearly becoming his most preferred skill, and his lightning fast speed only served to help his progressive mastery of the weapons he had come to be paired with.

By the time he was 13 his skills were already at a high level, though the potential for improvement still remained. It was at this age that Invictus’ puberty had ceased. He was no longer the same as he had once been, no longer a child. He had grown to just under six feet and in the next few years he would sneak in those final few inches. He was still quite scrawny, the growth in height had been contended with the persistent training and exercise but there was still more of his figure to fill out. He was not far off mistakable for a fully-grown average human.

For the next two years, both he and the other 25 candidates were constantly pushed further and further in their physical training along with the encouraged growth of their mental conditioning. Each one of them was an exquisite example of the limits to which a human being could be pushed. There was never any rest for them in their training, as soon as it looked like one of the subjects had started to become used to one of the training regimes, it would be altered and accelerated. For any human with the ability to function emotionally, these days would have dragged and merged into one another. They were tedious and boring, and when they did talk the children could only talk about assassination tactics, physical improvements, skills which came easier to them. There was no joy or depth in the conversations, but it was all they really had and it was something at least.

Already in extraordinary condition at the age of 15, Invictus and his fellow subjects received a number of enhancements to push their abilities even further. The controllers of the project seemed intent to mould these candidates into some of the most lethal and deadly assassins in the galaxy. If there was anything they could throw at the now teens to give them more of an edge then it would be bought and paid for. Wherever their pockets lay was deep.

After coming off the operating table once again, Invictus had to adjust to the changes to his body. For a little while in his training his control and precision was off, but his speed and strength had moved on even more than he had thought possible. His enhanced vision certainly helped when it came to aiming with his blaster pistols. Once some time had been set aside for him to adjust, Invictus was back into the same cycle as previously. All 26 of them were at a deadly level of proficiency. However, a test was deemed to be necessary. Invictus’ ability to put his skills to use would be thoroughly analysed and reviewed to see if he would be ready for field work.

Survival on Dxun

Dxun was the chosen grounds for the survival training and all 26 of the subjects were taken to the planet. With little more than a basic combat knife, some rope and the clothes on his back, a 16 year old Invictus was dropped onto the wild jungle moon of Dxun.

At first he was unsure of how to approach the situation, but soon he found that his training him was able to guide him. With the knife he first crafted weapons from tress, they were not very strong, but they were easy to make and still had the potential to be quite lethal. With these weapons and his proficiency at tracking, Invictus was able to hunt for food quite successfully.

He never set up anything more than a small temporary camp and often kept moving throughout the forests of Dxun. There was no destination in mind; he simply did not wish to set up any sort of permanent camp.

It had been little over a week since he had come to the moon when he caught sight of a familiar trail. He had spent a lot of time with his brothers and sisters, and had come to observe a lot about them, he also knew how to identify their trails. However, at this point in time he was not quite proficient enough to be able to distinguish the individuals, other than by gender. He knew that he had found traces of one of his sisters and deduced that together they would be able to survive much easier on the planet. So he followed the track until after a day he managed to find one of his sisters, Whiskey.

They joined forces in order to improve their chances of survival, although by this stage it seemed as though they'd be able to survive on their own, the assassins knew they would be able to accomplish more together, making things more comfortable for them. After travelling for a few more days with Whiskey, Invictus once again caught the trail of another of their number. Again the trail was female. The pair decided to follow the trail and did so for the next few days.

Things almost took a bad turn as the two finally discovered Charlie. She had been aware that there were people following her and as they approached she had launched an initial attack against him. Invictus instinctively managed to guard against the knife attack and as soon as Charlie recognised who it was she disengaged. It was an understandable turn of events in such an environment.

Once again they all decided to stick together in order to survive for what time remained upon the planet. The remaining weeks went by with little incident. Each of them was perfectly capable of surviving on their own in this place, and together things were almost too simple.

Eventually their survival training ended and the three of them were escorted, along with all other pieces of Geno Haradan’s property, back to what they knew as their home. All of them had survived. If Invictus knew how to celebrate this fact, he would have.

Merchant of Death

For most assassins, their first official mission may have brought about a sense of anticipation and anxiety if the same amount of time, money and effort that had been put into their development and training. However, due to his RELIC chip, Invictus could not feel these things, and so he fell into carrying out his hits quite easily.

He killed carefully, aimed precisely and acted without emotion. He was all Geno Haradan could want from him. He was the perfect little lab rat, so too were his brothers and sisters. They all performed exceptionally.

Things became 'interesting' for Invictus when it came to group missions. Solo missions were the most common, occasionally two of the family would be assigned a mission together, but it was rare that a group of them would be required for a single job. He was quite lethal alone, as they were all intended to be, but when they were together and he was assigned to direct them, something within him seemingly came to life. He was able to come up with plans that would make best use of all of their qualities and abilities. He didn't know what it was, in fact it's not really like he had much chance to think on the matter, its only use was to carry out the assassinations.

Perhaps love at first sight; Vidar and Whiskey

Group missions were rare during his years as a fully trained assassin, but for the vast majority he was assigned to them, in order to make use of his 'gift'. But there were also times he was teamed up with one other assassin for a mission. On one such occasion he was assigned with Whiskey to kill the Blood Monarch of Thisspias and his family, apart from one brother, who was the contractor.

Invictus was required to depend upon Whiskey for the infiltration and extraction upon the surface. He hunted alone on the surface, tracking down and eliminating the family members whilst his partner was destroying a vehicle transport that the rest of the family was in. However, the deaths of the family members brought about a fair bit of heat and increasing tension amongst those protecting the Monarch's family.

As things began to heat up, Invictus found he had to trust in Whiskey to get him out alive, before he was discovered and overwhelmed. She managed to get him out safely, her piloting ability being quite extraordinary. And they flew on home, to forget about what they had done.

There were numerous other missions, individually the assassins had a lot of blood on their hands, as a whole they had eliminated a vast majority of targets over the years that they had been active. It would be quite safe to say that Geno Haradan were quite happy with their experiments, and were raking in quite a large sum of money from their top of the range killers.

Everything was going the way they wanted.


Vidar strikes back and returns home.

But everything changed in one night. When Invictus suddenly woke up, unknowing of the incident which had just taken place, but he felt extremely different. Everything was new to him. He looked around and saw things for the first time.

But it was not an easy process. He could not remember emotions or feelings; in fact he could not remember a lot of things, as if he had been walking through the memories of a scattered dream. The pain, the gaps in his mind, the confusion at all that was going on around him and within him. He didn't know what was happening, he didn't know what he wanted, and he didn't know what 'want' was. He felt fear for the first time.

But he was not alone, and he was not given the chance to calmly come to terms with what was taking place. All he knew as he sat there in his grey assigned clothing, was that within him he had a feeling; one that he believed wanted him to be... away, to not be where he was. To escape.

There were brothers and sisters; he could remember them from those scattered dreams. They were real, and the few of them gathered were like him. But they had to run quickly, there were alarms, footsteps and loud voices. The combination automatically put Invictus on edge, but he didn't know why.

After they had collected some familiar equipment and clothing, the group all wanted to escape. Invictus felt within that he didn't want to leave these people, these people he felt so much warmth for. He wanted to make sure they all escaped. But then men came, matching men holding objects of painful intent. Invictus and a fugitive, Victor, fought off these chasing men, he found that the speed and accuracy with which he could use these guns and swords in his dreams, were, much like his comrades and the weapons themselves, very real.

But things were not easy. As the ships left, Victor was seemingly killed by the guards, leaving Invictus hurting within. Hurting more than any blaster bolt could ever do. He didn't know what it was, but he rushed his way onto a transport and took off. Running, running from those brutal men, and trying to run from the pain within. But that would not go away.

Invictus uses the secrets he knows, the ability to hide, to hunt, to fight; he uses them to move from planet to planet as quietly as he can, because he knows that those who control the matching men won't stop hunting him. But as he runs, there's still much within him that he must try and come to terms with, these feelings, his thoughts, as broken and scattered as they are. He knows his name, Invictus, but there's still so much he needs to learn about himself.

Imperial Academy - A New Life; A New Era

Professor: Lieutenant Junior Grade Serena Moon
Imperial Basic Training Final Results: 100%

Holonet Transmission IA13020-1

There was a sharp intake of air as Vidar awoke with a jolt, quickly followed by fast unmeasured breaths. The room was dimly lit as he gazed around, even as the focus returned to his eyes. He frowned; everything looked so strange, so different. A low humming of the shuttle’s engine provided some sense of reality as he noticed drops of sweat cascading down his cheek. The nightmares of events long ago still tormented him like an innocent infant crying for its lost toy. It was more than a mere toy to Vidar, it was a home.

Brushing those redundant thoughts away in annoyance, he glanced up at the rows of seats in front of him. The passenger section of the shuttle was filled with those like himself. All of them were Recruits; hungry with ambition and lust for power. Vidar knew it wasn’t fair to judge his fellow Imperials as so, but back in the place he once called home; these ‘fresh meat’ and ‘fresh blood’ were exactly that. Shifting his position on the seat beneath him, he found it adequately comfortable for Vidar only required the bare minimum. Such was the extent of his luxury in the past.

A transmission from the cockpit erupted from the speakers overhead. “Imperial Recruits, this is your pilot, Jax H’metha speaking. We are beginning to prepare for the final descent to the Academy. Please return to your seats and fasten your seat-belts. The weather is currently fine 23°C with a light breeze on ground. You have been instructed to exit onto the Landing Pad immediately and await further instructions. I hope you have had a pleasant flight and hope to see you flying Imperial Academy Services soon. Thank you.” Several WA-7 protocol droids immediately began ushering the Recruits to their seats.

A cacophony of noise filled the compartment as all the recruits immediately began chattering in pure excitement and enthusiasm, save for the buff Gamorrean sitting to the left of Vidar. Vidar turned to examine the peculiar sentient. Unlike himself who was bustling inside with anticipation for a new beginning to his life, it was quite the contrary for the Gamorrean. His hands were around wrapped around the armrest of the seat and his bones as white as a fresh glass of Bantha milk. The Gamorrean noticed Vidar was watching him and hesitantly turned towards him.

“Are you ok my friend? You seem a little pale.” Vidar inquired, trying to cover the embarrassment of being caught staring.

“Now th-that’s quite an un-understatement,” the Gamorrean stammered and attempted to move his mouth in what appeared to be a smile, “I’m petrified. Not keen on flying if you get what I mean.”

Vidar nodded in understanding and felt concerned for the Gamorrean. “Don’t worry, take a deep breath and it’ll be over before you know it.”

The Gamorrean bobbed his head in gratitude and began taking exasperated breaths. Returning to his own thoughts, Vidar pondered the future ahead. He’d come to join the Galactic Empire for a new start; to escape his previous life. Although the future was uncertain, he undoubtedly knew that nothing could be as worse. As the shuttle touched down on the Landing Pad, the screech of the ramp lowering to the ground signaled the end of a chapter in Vidar’s biography, but a new page; clean and the best of whatever he would make of it.

“Welcome to the Imperial Academy,” announced the pilot of the shuttle. Like the other Recruits, Vidar swiftly moved to join the line that filed out onto the Landing Pad. As Vidar took a final deep breath, he stepped out into the awaiting bright world. Closing his eyes, he absorbed every speck of his surroundings. A light breeze caught his jet black hair as a strand covered his gleaming blue eyes. Opening them at last, he marvelled at the huge structure looming before him. The grand pillars of duracrete lined the outer rim of the arching gray and gold building and on top perched a majestic Empire flag blowing in the wind; perfect welcome to the Imperial Academy.

After meeting with the AC-M13 droid, Vidar set his eyes on his new Training Officer, LTJG Serena Moon. She was truly a sight to remember. Few words could do her description justice for she was stunning. Her pose and attitude was everything Vidar had expected and more. After exchanging some administration details, in which Vidar was not a great fan of, she led him towards the Recruit’s Quarters. They reached the end of the left wing corridor and stopped at the door. The numbers 4-314 are engraved into the duracrete door.

“That’ll be enough for the moment, this is the Recruits’ Quarters, I’ll see you tomorrow for you to begin.” Serena turned to face him.

“Yes ma’am” Vidar replied with enthusiasm and respect for the officer.

Serena smiles, “‘Yes ma’am’, you’ve already taken your first steps into becoming a great Imperial! Now, you’ve had a long flight, get some rest.”

Vidar began to open his mouth, but thought better as the Training Officer headed towards the central building which Vidar assumed to contain her office. Swiping his assigned key card on the security blastdoor, the door hissed open, sliding in a fluent, effortless motion.

Inside, the place was immaculate. Many might consider it bare and somewhat cold, but for Vidar it was just right. His ransack containing what little possessions remained lay beside a single bed made up with clean sheets. A small wooden desk was situated opposite it and on top of it, an electronic desk lamp. No doubt, this was the place where all the late night study would be. Chuckling to himself for being such a simpleton, he flung himself onto the bed, ignoring the neatly folded uniform on top of it. For the first time in a long time, he felt content. Looking up at the ceiling, Vidar stared into oblivion. The future could wait, for Vidar realised from experience that only the present mattered now and because he wanted the savour the moment. No one knew what tomorrow held and it would come when it comes. Vidar was certain he could handle whatever lay ahead. If he doesn’t, well…he will.

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”

Attempting to communicate with a nearby TIE-sr Starfighter during the IBT03 class.

Holonet Transmission IA13020-2

Beep Beep Beep

The holographic alarm on the bedside table erupted into what seemed like a bunch of angry Ruby-throated kete birds chirping and lisping amongst the trees. One of Vidar’s eyes peeked open, squinting at the digital time. 05:30, it read with a greenish tint emanating throughout the room. He limply raised his arms to the ceiling and stretched himself as he slowly crept out of bed. Glancing out of one of the windows, he strangely realised that is was barely morning.

Sighing to himself, being unused to waking up this early, he slowly buttoned his sparkling new Imperial uniform; a routine he’d get used to no doubt. Opening the duracrete door, he exited the Recruit’s Quarters and head to the center building which he’d seen his training officer heading.

Suddenly, the datapad notification icon began to flash rapidly in unison with Vidar’s heartbeat. “Recruit please report to my Office as soon as possible to begin.” The serene voice of LTJG Moon sounded. Vidar grunted as he picked up his pace. Turning around the corner, he almost crashed into another Recruit.

“Watch where you’re going,” cried the Kiffar as he too halted to a definite stop.

Vidar mumbled a quick sorry and hastily continued to his Training Officer’s Office. Finally he reached the room. Knocking on the door, he gently opened the door. Standing at attention, he cleared his throat and said, “Recruit Vidar Sicarius, reporting for training…” A lapse of a few seconds happened before Vidar remembered and quickly added, “Ma’am!” He still had much to learn

Holonet Transmission IA13020-3

Vidar's eyes widen in surprise as LTJG Moon pins the new rank plaque and ribbon on his uniform.

"Thank you Ma'am. It has been an absolute honour and privilege to be your student. Without your guidance and support, I doubt I would have succeeded."

With that, Workman Vidar Sicarius turned and left the room. Feeling confident of what he has learnt, he hoped to put those skills to the test as he ventured across the galaxy, serving in the Ministry of Industry and serving the Galactic Empire.

It only seemed yesterday that Vidar walked out of the Academy shuttle and into hopefully a new life. And so that new life begins.

Imperial Army - A New Life; A New Era

Holonet Transmission IA18173-1

Date: Year 18 Day 173
Location: XXXXX, hotel suite
Situation: What the frak happened?!

  • Enemy: Alcohol, women, hangovers
  • Friendly: Hot tub


The world was spinning.

His legs were warm.

He wasn't wearing any pants.

Vidar let out a loud groan, sounding like a maimed Bantha attempting its last starving cry for help. The Soldier hung over the side of a still bubbling hot tub, bottles of wine and beer lay strewn about everywhere, a line of white and red powder intermixed on a nearby mirror just a few feet in front of him. Another groan escaped him as he shifted slightly, his weight pulling him back.

He jumped slightly as he slipped into the hot tub, his eyes bulging open as he realized he'd fallen into a pool of water.

The Soldier immediately jumped up and out of the water, standing within the middle of the tub and looking around to figure out where the feth he actually was. There was a large gash on the side of his face and his lip felt as thought it was swollen. He frowned for a moment, looking down at the hot tub.

A small piece of black lace floated on top of the water, bouncing against his leg. For a moment he frowned, then scooped it up with his index. He noticed a small tag on the inside of the lace, his eyebrow raising slightly. "Cassandra."

The Soldier frowned, having no memory of anyone with that name.

For a second he stayed in the hot tub, the piece of lace dropped once again into the still bubbling water as he tried to figure out what exactly had happened. With a slight frown the Legionnaire slowly moved toward, taking hold of the edge of the tub and pulling himself up. He slowly slid off the edge of the tub, finding that his feet didn't quite work. His grip tightened as he held himself aloft.

"What." He said quietly to himself. "The frak."

Vidar wasn't entirely sure if he was dreaming or not.

Imperial Personnel File

navy.png Imperial Navy

Year 19 Day 252 Enlisted in the Imperial Navy as a Pilot
Year 19 Day 252 Assigned to Capital Ship Command (Executor-class Star Destroyer)
Year 19 Day 252 Appointed as 2nd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer by Lord Admiral Graeda L'Annan
Year 19 Day 252 Member of the Navy Council of Advisors, Kuat Sector Command and Corporate Sector Command
Year 19 Day 199 Appointed as Navy Logistics Officer and a member of Navy Command

lkBSCqv.png Imperial Army

Year 18 Day 161 Enlisted in the Imperial Army as 3rd Legionnaire
Year 18 Day 161 Assigned to Infantry Corp
Year 18 Day 197 Appointed to 3rd Brigade Executive Officer by Brigadier General Arya Solus
Year 18 Day 197 Member of the 3rd Legion Advisory Council
Year 18 Day 302 Appointed as 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer by Lord General Nathaniel Durane
Year 19 Day 201 Appointed as Acting 3rd Imperial Legion Commanding Officer by Lord General Nathaniel Durane

mind.png Ministry of Industry

Kuat Systems Engineering

Year 18 Day 161 Enlisted in the Imperial Army as 3rd Legionnaire
Year 13 Day 20 Joined the faction and attended the Imperial Academy as an Imperial Engineering Student, Sentient Resources
Year 13 Day 23 Transferred to Material Transport in the Logistics Department
Year 13 Day 67 Transferred to Public Sales as Area Assistant Manager
Year 13 Day 115 Appointed to the position of Public Sales Manager
Year 13 Day 225 Appointed to the position of Sector Manager
Year 13 Day 348 Appointed to the position of Chief of Staff, 3rd in command
Year 14 Day 51 Appointed to the position Production Hub Manager
Year 14 Day 94 Approved as a member of MInd High Command and appointed as Chief of Operations, 2nd in command
Year 15 Day 59 Appointed as Chief Executive Officer, 1st in command

Imperial Mining Corporation

Year 16 Day 339 Appointed as Senior Prospector, Prospector Administrator
Year 16 Day 339 Appointed as Mining Hub Manager by Minister Jai Meridan

compnor.png COMPNOR

Imperial Academy

Year 13 Day 209 Appointed to the position of Junior Training Officer
Year 13 Day 331 Promoted to Training Officer of the Imperial Academy
Year 14 Day 138 Assistant Dean of Imperial Basic Training by appointment of Academy Commandant Petermind and approval from Grand Vizier Taidan
Year 14 Day 349 Promoted to Dean of Imperial Basic Training
Year 15 Day 22 Promoted to Senior Training Officer of the Imperial Academy

Imperial Holonet Services

Year 19 Day 15 Appointed to the position of Holonet Quality Control Officer by Lord Daniel Ascarion

Imperial Art Society

Year 19 Day 226 Selected by Grand Vizier Jai Meridan

Imperial Centre for Recruitment

Year 19 Day 348 Appointed to the position of Recruitment Officer by Director Lirri Elysar
Year 20 Day 192 Promoted to the position of Senior Recruitment Officer

Imperial Gaming Commission

Year 20 Day 192 Member of Imperial Gaming Commission, Gaming Coordinator
Year 20 Day 192 Appointed to the position of Director by Minister Elaine von Veritrax

Resource Allocations Division - Empire

Year 20 Day 199 Appointed to the position of Deputy Director of Resource Allocations Division - Navy by Minister Draelor Nah`utal

Clubs and Societies

Imperial Boloball League

Parmorak Phoenix Champions of Seasons 6, 7, 8

On Year 13 Day 35, following the many consecutive losses of Tralus Titans in the Imperial Sub League B Season 4, the committee unanimously decided a new management was in order. Subsequently, Manager Vidar Sicarius was offered the position who gladly accepted it. One of his first duties was to reform the organisation and bring new hope for its fans; naming it Parmorak Phoenix.

Season League GP W D L GF - GA Diff
Season 5 Imperial Sub-League A 14 13 0 1 60 - 6 54
Season 6 Imperial Superior League 12 8 2 2 28 - 9 19
Season 7 Imperial Superior League 14 10 3 1 52 - 9 43
Season 8 Imperial Superior League 14 10 1 3 34 - 17 31


ChampionTrophy.gif FantasticoCup.jpg medal55px80.png ChampionTrophy.gif medal55px80.png ChampionTrophy.gif ChampionTrophy.gif medal55px80.png

First Place in the Imperial Superior League Season 8. League Awards for Top Scorers and Most Valuable Player.
First Place in the Emperor´s Cup Season 8.
Team of the Month (Year 14 Day 212).
First Place in the Imperial Superior League Season 7.
Second Place in Emperor's Cup Season 7.
Team of the Month (Year 14 Day 93).
First Place in the Imperial Superior League Season 6. League Awards for Top Scorers, Most Points, Most Assists and Most Valuable Player.
First Place in the Imperial Sub-League A Season 5. League Awards for Top Scorers, Most Points, Most Assists and Most Valuable Player.
Team of the Month (Year 13 Day 122).

Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Galactic Date Authorisation
[E-1] NA Recruit Year 13 Day 20 - Year 13 Day 23 Deputy Director Vincent Lytear
[E-3] NA Workman Year 13 Day 23 - Year 13 Day 115 Lieutenant Junior Grade Serena Moon
[E-5] NA Clerk Year 13 Day 115 - Year 13 Day 199 Deputy Director Vincent Lytear
[E-6] NA Senior Clerk Year 13 Day 199 - Year 13 Day 284 Deputy Director Vincent Lytear
[O-1] MIO-1.png Junior Engineer Year 13 Day 284 - Year 13 Day 348 Deputy Director Draven Diesel
[O-3] MIO-3.png Senior Engineer Year 13 Day 348 - Year 14 Day 51 Deputy Director Saedrial Elensar
[O-4] MIO-4.png Chief Engineer Year 14 Day 51 - Year 14 Day 225 Deputy Director Saedrial Elensar
[O-6] MIO-6.png Assistant Manager Year 14 Day 225 - Year 14 Day 333 Deputy Director Saedrial Elensar
[C-3] MIC-3.png Operations Manager Year 14 Day 333 - Year 15 Day 59 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
[C-5] MIC-5.png Executive Director Year 15 Day 59 - Year 15 Day 210 Minister Tyris Elensar
[O-7] MO-7.png High Colonel Year 18 Day 161 - Year 18 Day 302 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
[C-3] MC-3.png Lieutenant General Year 18 Day 302 - Year 19 Day 252 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
[C-4] MC-4.png Admiral Year 19 Day 252 - Year 20 Day 263 Lord Admiral Graeda L'Annan
[C-5] MC-5.png Fleet Admiral Year 20 Day 263 - Current Lord Admiral Kef Drenall
[C-4] PGC-4.png Secretary Year 20 Day 199 - Current Minister Elaine von Veritrax and Minister Draelor Nah`utal


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honours Graduate [IABG-H] Year 13 Day 23 Lieutenant Junior Grade Serena Moon
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 13 Day 68 Deputy Director Vincent Lytear
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx2] Year 13 Day 150 Deputy Director Vincent Lytear
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx3] Year 13 Day 199 Deputy Director Vincent Lytear
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx4] Year 13 Day 203 Chief Engineer Erik Thor
CSM.jpg Corporate Service Medal [CSM] Year 13 Day 203 ISB-Major Zhaff Orikan
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Year 13 Day 203 ISB-Second Lieutenant Draelor Nah`utal
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx5] Year 14 Day 53 Chief Engineer / Dean Kent Amba
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 year [ISM-1] Year 14 Day 60 ISB-Lieutenant Colonel Zhaff Orikan
CSM-1.jpg Corporate Service Medal - 1 year [CSM-1] Year 14 Day 62 Deputy Director Saedrial Elensar
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal [CMM] Year 14 Day 291 ISB-Brigadier General Zhaff Orikan
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Medal [CSA] Year 14 Day 291 ISB-Brigadier General Zhaff Orikan
CSA-1.jpg COMPNOR Service Medal - 1 year [CSA-1] Year 14 Day 291 ISB-Brigadier General Zhaff Orikan
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx6] Year 14 Day 354 Grand Vizier Inwe Ventidius
LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx7] Year 15 Day 4 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
ACH.jpg Achievement Medal [ACH] Year 15 Day 23 Grand Vizier Inwe Ventidius
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 years [ISM-2] Year 15 Day 24 ISB-Lieutenant Colonel Aspharr Montari
CSM-2.jpg Corporate Service Medal - 2 years [CSM-2] Year 15 Day 24 Executive Director Saedrial Elensar
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 18 Day 168 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
IMC.jpg Imperial Medal of Commendation [IMC] Year 18 Day 215 Brigadier General Arya Solus
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx2] Year 18 Day 224 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx3] Year 18 Day 351 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx4] Year 19 Day 15 Grand Moff Icarus Carinae
MIDx5.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx5] Year 19 Day 54 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Year 19 Day 82 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Year 19 Day 92 Deputy Director Tec Vaan
BCM.jpg Brigade Command Medal [BCM] Year 19 Day 197 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service [UDS] Year 19 Day 231 Lord General Nathaniel Durane
IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month [IOM] Year 19 Day 236 COMPNOR Select Committee - Grand Vizier Jai Meridan, Minister Daelis Stanov, Minister Daniel Ascarion, Minister Azhrarn Amaratha
GCA.jpg Good Conduct Award [GCA] Year 20 Day 46 Lord Admiral Kef Drenall
MIDx6.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx6] Year 20 Day 46 Lord Admiral Kef Drenall
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM] Year 20 Day 110 Executor Graeda L'Annan
ACHx2.jpg Achievement Medal [ACHx2] Year 20 Day 144 Lord Admiral Kef Drenall
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM-12] Year 20 Day 175 Deputy Director Tec Vaan
GCM.jpg Group Command Medal [GCM] Year 20 Day 178 Lord Admiral Kef Drenall


Armour-M-B.png Basic Armour Corps
Awarded Year 19 Day 197
CAPCOM-M-B.png Basic Capital Command
Awarded Year 20 Day 177
Infantry-M-G.png Elite Infantry Corps
N/A Production Engineer