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TetraCorp discovery

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Some time during the reign of Emperor Mccarthur, the research organisation TetraCorp discovered an artifact not belonging to any known species. Shortly afterwards, it was found that otherwise normal humans appeared to be transforming into non-humans. The cause of this is unknown but believed to be due in part to this artifact.


                • CLASSIFIED ********

Origin: TetraCorp outpost #3869 Date: Unknown Subject: Research Report

A few months ago, Terraformers at TetraCorp Outpost #3869 found some alien structures buried in the ground, at their escavation site. These structures were all destroyed except for one. At this point an Empire patrol was requested. They arrived promptly, but not before a group of Terraformers entered the intact structure where they found several alien artifacts. After the departure of the Empire Patrol, a Terraformer was taken to one of our facilities inside a strange cocoon.

His family reported that in the day of the findings, he took home a small organic alloy box, with unknown inscriptions. The patient, though alive inside the cocoon, was presumed dead, has the cocoon was deteriorating his flesh and bone structure. Several days after, Dr. Sweffe Arnaugh found that the patient had suffered a mutation. The organic alloy box was sent to the R&D lab 3.

      • Research & Development report

The Box is made of an unknown Organic Alloy. This box is considered to have life of its own and it feeds on carbon. Therefore partially explaining what happened to the Terraformer. The cocoon is presumed to be part of the alien life form, but our researchers were not able to explain how the box and the cocoon interacted.

      • End of report

After realizing the danger of such entity, Dr. Sweffe Arnaugh sent the alien box, to Quarentine Lab. A few days after more cocoons were brought to the hospital, and new individuals had suffered mutations. All these patients were taken to surgery, and given most similar alien bodies. Side effects of procedure are not known.

- Conclusion of report -

TetraCorp Outpost #3869 has a code 4, in Quarantine Lab. Request intructions.

Dr.Sweffe Arnaugh

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