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<GEN_Solus> Today is a good day, for I don't need to step foot on a northern fail service to get to work.
<GEN_Solus> The day I'm happy to see a tram is somewhat strange.
<DDIR_Vaan> It's kinda worrying ;)
<GEN_Solus> Aye, though they are much more often, reliable etc..
<GEN_Solus> And I get them free!
<Phaedra> You're over 60?
<DDIR_Vaan> lol
<GEN_Solus> Nope, cheeky git
<Phaedra> Couldn't resist, sorry!


"Dream big. Is your current role what you want to do or do you have other ambitions? Figure out what it is, then know what drives you to succeed. You only limit yourself by your own thoughts and actions. Everyone you meet is a potential network opportunity. Take advantage of that and tell them who you are and what your skills are. You never know where that can lead since so many different skill sets are necessary for the roles we fill. Every one of you officers have the potential to be leaders and I want to see all of you have a successful career and advance. My own appointment to the Navy after a long Army career was a complete leap of faith and now I will leap again. Sometimes you have to take chances to make others aware of your potential and to achieve your goals."
Executor L'Annan