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Suleiman Osman

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Suleiman Osman
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Xelana Osman
Father Uthar Osman
Spouse None
Siblings Xiantina Osman, Dirne Osman
Children None
Imperial Service
Branch academy.png

Imperial Academy

Positions Student
Prior Service N/A
Awards N/A


Early Life

Osman was born into a small rural community on Alderaan, to a wealthy family, though not a member of the planet's royal nobility. His mother is a doctor, administering to medical services for the region, while his father is a government administrator overseeing education in their home province, Ivas. As the third child, Suleiman was excluded from most of the family's eventual inheritance. His oldest sister, Xiantina, would follow her mother into medicine, training to take over the practice. The middle child, Dirne, was expected to take and manage the family's small estates.

Thus Suleiman was trained in the fields of law and commerce, to prepare him for a life of independence. Studying at various universities around Alderaan, he learned of politics, economics, trade, and management. At the University of Ivas, he became inspired to pursue a career greater than public service in his home community alongside other children too junior to inherit. He decided to seek out greatness and wealth elsewhere.

He became fascinated with the Galactic Empire, not only for the immense power and authority it was able to affect around the galaxy today, but for its epic history, with roots tracing back over millennia of conflict. Eventually he determined it was there he should set his fate, and shortly after graduation from university, he assembled what little money he had and departed for Imperial space, hoping for a position at the prestigious Imperial Academy.

Imperial Service

In the third month of year 12, Suleiman arrived at the Imperial Academy to begin training under Santiano Salazar, a Junior Training Officer at the Imperial Academy.