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Orodreth Surion

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Orodreth Surion
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Shalista Surion
Father Turkin Surion
Spouse Evangeline Surion (deceased)
Siblings none
Children none
Born Year -17 Day 189 (Age 31)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions 4IF - 5th Group GCO
Prior Service 3IF - Operations Adjunct

5IF - History Adjutant

5IF - Roleplay Commissioner

Awards 8266_surion.png

Orodreth Surion was born on Corellia to Turkin and Shalista Surion in the city of Coronet. At a young age Orodreth joined one of the many street gangs of Coronet, rising to a position of leadership quickly before eventually taking over when the leader was killed during a Rebel raid. He left the gang at the age of 26 to join the Galactic Empire, were he served as a pilot in the Imperial Navy, as well as a Junior Training Officer for the Imperial Academy, for a period of 3 years. He left the Empire for a period of 2 years, on a journey of self discovery. Surion has since returned to the Imperial fold, bringing with him a new awareness of himself and a different outlook on life. He currently serves as the Commanding Officer of the 5th Group, under the banner of the 4th Imperial Fleet.

Character History

Early Years

Orodreth was born on Corellia, in the Capital City of Coronet, on Year -17 Day 189 as Orodreth Surion, the only son of Turkin and Shalista Surion. Turkin had a job as a civilian pilot, and as of such, was away from home most of the time, leaving the raising of Orodreth primarily to Shalista. Shalista wanted nothing more for her son but to see that he was properly educated and grew up to be an honest, hardworking man. Because of this, she had Orodreth enrolled in the Corellian School System as soon as he was old enough. She dreamed of her son attending Corellia University and taking his place among the many Corellians who designed the best ships in the galaxy. Orodreth would often get into fights when he was at school; most of them started by others, and most of them because he was made fun of. He hated it when his classmates would make fun of him because he was poor. Most of them were from middle-class families, and he loathed the fact that because he was poor, they automatically assumed that he was also stupid. This did nothing but to spur him on to study harder, and to get the best grades he could get. He became increasingly cynical towards his classmates, and also pushed himself to maintain a strong physique so that he would not always be on the losing end of all the fights he got into. Eventually, his peers stopped picking on him, for the reasons that not only did it make him angrier, but he was now tougher than they were.

Orodreth was extremely interested in all things having to with starships even from an early age, and would often long to go with his father on his trips. Turkin, of course, would often refuse. He claimed that a pilot's life was not an interesting one, was long and arduous, and that he did not need his son around to pester him about going home. One of the most exciting moments of his young life was when his father finally said yes to one of his pleas. It was only a short trip over to Crollia, but Orodreth was ecstatic, and he knew from the moment he sat in the copilot's chair next to his father that this was what he wanted to do. He wanted to fly ships. He sought to learn as much as he could about ships, and as many ships as he could learn about. Unlike most other Corellians, he had no interest in the designing and building of ships on his own, but stayed true to the stereotype that Corellians liked starships, no matter what.

When Orodreth was still young, Turkin began drinking heavily, possibly as a result of his ill-reputable business associates. He had a number of staggering loans and gambling debts to the mob, and had taken to smuggling to help pay for it. Turkin would often come home in drunken stupors, all cut up from whatever fight he had gotten into that day, and would physically abuse both Orodreth and his mother as an outlet for his anger. The few times Turkin was sober, he would teach Orodreth as much as he knew about flying. They were the only happy memories Orodreth had of the man.

One of Orodreth's most impressionable moments during his childhood was his school's field trip to the Corellian Security Headquarters in the nearby city of Argos. The point of the trip was to show the students that it was CorSec's duty to help keep the Corellian Sector safe for the Galactic Empire. The teacher praised the organization's accomplishments, but while Orodreth found those interesting, the thing he really took to heart was this: for the first time, he realized there was a whole big galaxy out there, and he wanted to see all of it. It was this adventurous spirit that spurred him to, when he returned to the school, begin a new hobby of spending hours on end in the library, learning as much about the galaxy as he could. Knowledge was what he thirsted for, and it got to the point where he realized that the only way he could get more, was to experience it firsthand.

Gang Life

Orodreth's family had never been very wealthy, Turkin's paycheck proving ineffective to classify them as middle-class, but his drinking and gambling habits did nothing to help, and only made things worse. What had once been a lower-class family, plunged into outright poverty, and Orodreth never knew or experienced the things more fortunate families enjoyed. When he was 12, he became a street thief to help support his mother. His mother disapproved of his petty thefts, of course, but out of love for his mother, Orodreth did it anyways, feeling that it was of necessity. His various escapades did not do much to help his family's financial position, but he felt that he was helping his mother out some, and even helping repay her for all she had done for him. He thought that the least he could do for Shalista's strong advocating of his education was help make life a little easier for her by bringing home some extra credits.

When he was 14, Orodreth met Salvios on one of his outings. Salvios was a couple of years older than Orodreth and seemed to know what he was doing. Salvios saw potential in Orodreth, and extended an invitation to join the street gang of which he was the leader, the Dark Howlers. Tantalized with promises of scores so big he would never want for credits and friends so close he would never want for company, Surion agreed. Sal, as he was fondly referred to by the Howlers, told Orodreth that before he could join, he would first have to pass the same initiation that every other Howler was forced to complete before he would be considered a full member: steal something big. Orodreth's mission involved breaking into a warehouse and stealing a new speeder that had yet to hit the market, and Sal trusted that Orodreth would not fail to deliver.

Orodreth was a little apprehensive when he first approached the destined warehouse, and a little scared. He had never pulled off something this big before. But he was determined to join the Dark Howlers, if for nothing else than the credits he could secure for his family. He took a running start before jumping onto the fence surrounding the complex, scaling it easily, and stealthily crept to the door at the rear of the building. Using a crowbar he had brought along, he smashed the lock and cautiously stepped inside. His eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness, and spotted the speeder sitting in the middle of the warehouse floor. He smiled, and was about to run straight towards it, his excitement getting the better of him. He quickly stopped himself, thinking that it couldn't possibly be that easy. He was right. A quick glance towards the ceiling of the warehouse revealed a sensor node directly above the speeder. That would have to be either deactivated or destroyed before he could proceed.

Spotting a control console on the other side of the building, he walked over towards it, checking it for security too. He accessed it, but saw that it required a code to turn off the alarms. He knew almost nothing about computer systems, so he turned away, dismayed. Suddenly, he remembered the crowbar in his hand. He took careful aim, and hurled it at the sensor, smiling as he watched it connect. The sensor gone, he quickly sneaked over to the speeder and managed to unlock the door by using a metal pin he had brought along and tricking the lock open. He powered up the speeder, and rushing back out towards the front of the warehouse, flung the doors open so he could pilot the speeder out. That was his rookie mistake, and one he would never make again. He opened the doors to see a warehouse security guard squinting into the dark, and panicking, pull his blaster out and start shooting. Orodreth quickly jumped out of the way, taking cover behind a pile of crates. The guard ran in after him, stumbling. Orodreth could tell that the guard's eyes had yet to adjust to the dimly lit warehouse, and taking advantage of the fact, tackled him and knocked him to the ground. A quick fist across the man's jaw knocked him out. Taking the guard's blaster, Orodreth flew the speeder out without further incident to the alley where he was to meet Sal.

Dark Howler Tattoo

When he arrived, Sal and the rest of the Howlers were waiting. They applauded Orodreth on his success, before Sal pulled him aside. Sal explained to Orodreth that the entire theft was planned out by the owners of the warehouse, and that the Howlers had been hired to test their security system, and their new guard. Obviously, Sal pointed out, their security was extremely lacking. Sending new recruits to test it out at regular intervals was just a convenient way to do business. After all of them had a good laugh about it, the Dark Howlers welcomed Orodreth with open arms. To make him a true member of the gang, the symbol of the Dark Howlers was tattooed onto his upper right arm. He made many new friends that day, and discovered he had a lot in common with his new fellow Howlers. Like him, most of them were from poor families, and only wished to better the lives of their families. It was Sal who started regularly calling Orodreth by his last name of Surion, complaining that his first name was too difficult to pronounce. In time, Orodreth allowed the other members of the Howlers to start calling him Dreth, a shortened version of his name, but Sal still called him Surion. Surion and Sal soon became fast friends. Surion would teach Sal what he knew about flying, and in return, Sal taught him how to fight. Sal saw Surion was a natural fighter, and quickly made him one of his top lieutenants. Surion continued to earn the respect of his fellow Howlers through many successful missions, several of which entailed stealing shipments of weapons from smuggler ships. Surion would later find out that one of the pilots of the smuggling crafts was none other than his own father, and that the weapons were stolen goods that were to be shipped to Rebels.

Uninvited guests

After only two years of being with the Howlers, Rebel forces made a raid on Corellia. They had managed to sneak into the system while the Imperial Fleet assigned to the Corellian sector was engaged in a nearby system. Though he was only 16, he was already very adept at using weapons, and he and the Howlers knew the layout of Coronet. They used both of these to their advantage during the proceeding weeks. Instead of engaging the Rebels in the open, they used guerilla warfare, hiding in buildings or alleys before ambushing enemy patrols. The Dark Howlers was one of only a few gangs who fought back against the rebels, becoming a beacon of hope for other Corellians who wished to remain under Imperial control. The Howlers did all that they could to hold back the Rebels until Imperial troops could be sent down from orbit, but they could only stem the tide for so long. The Rebels had been planning this raid for months, and had been receiving weapons from smugglers like Surion's father for even longer. They constantly were receiving reinforcements, and it often felt like they would never stop coming. The Howlers and other courageous Corellians were slowly fighting a battle that they had already lost.

The Rebels were despicable, utilizing tactics that were both sickening and disgusting. They would often use unarmed civilians as human shields, throwing the lives of the inhabitants of Coronet and other cities away carelessly. They would build their command posts within Corellian cities, knowing that the citizens would not needlessly attack their own homes, and then destroy the cities when they were no longer useful. Surion grew to hate them and their self-proclaimed "war on evil", even though it was plain to see they were a frightening evil themselves.

Surion carries Sal off the streets

In one of the many skirmishes between the Howlers and the Rebels, Surion and Sal, along with a few of the other gang members, were pinned down on an open street. They were hiding behind a wrecked speeder when Sal motioned towards an alley. Surion and Sal rushed towards the alley, trading shots with the Rebels. Sal fell behind, and as Surion glanced back, he looked on as Sal was gunned down and mortally wounded, but was unable to reach his friend in time. Surion dragged his friend off the streets, shooting down rebels when he could, and managed to get into the safety of a nearby alley. Sal told Surion that he wanted him to be the new leader. Surion insisted that Sal couldn't die yet, that he had too much to live for. Sal shook his head, and told him he counted himself lucky for having been able to enjoy Surion's friendship. He smiled, finally at peace after years of living on the streets, and then died in Surion's arms. Enraged, Surion took up Sal's blaster along with his own, and charged back into the street. He shot down the remaining rebels he saw, until the power packs in both of the blasters were depleted. Even then, he would not stop. He engaged the Rebels in hand-to-hand combat, fighting with fist and blade. Rallying the other gang members behind him, Surion led the Howlers against the Rebels with a renewed passion, spurring himself to avenge the person who had been his brother in all but blood. One rebel managed to sneak up on him, and slashed Surion across the face with a vibroblade. Surion snapped his neck, before ordering the Howlers to retreat.

After 3 weeks of fighting, Imperial ships dotted the horizon. The fleet had returned early, having received a distress call from the planet. Imperial troops started to arrive on the surface, and quickly hunted down the rest of the rebels. Many civilians had been rounded up by the Rebels and taken into space for use as hostages, slaves, or whatever sick purposes the Rebels had in store for them. Coronet was still standing, but would take years of reconstruction before it would be fully returned to its former glory. Surion would not soon forget what he lost though, nor would it be the last time he was forced to fight for his life. The rebel that had gotten across the face had left a large scar on the right side of his face, from the top of his ear to his lower jaw. It would serve as a constant reminder that he wasn't invincible, and that he shouldn't recklessly endanger himself or those around him. The scar, along with the blood he had been forced to spill, and the memory of cradling his best friend while he bled to death, all made large mental impressions on Surion, and haunted his dreams for many years afterwards.

Happy at Last

Surion returned to his education as soon as the Corellian School System was back up. He was able to balance leading the Howlers and continuing his studies quite well, and managed to graduate at the top of his class when he was 18. He planned to attend Corellia University, in hopes of achieving a degree in Weapons Design. He got in on a scholarship, and began attending the following fall. During his first year of college, he met Evangeline Veltam, a young woman about a few months younger than him seeking a degree in Medical Studies. They shared a Corellian History class together, a course required to be taken by all students, and he found himself so fortunate as to have a seat right next to hers. They would often talk before the class started, and eventually even after it already had. After having known her for a couple of months, and becoming good friends with her in the meantime, Surion finally worked up the nerve to ask her out to dinner. She agreed to accompany him, stating that she would love to. They began going out together more and more often, and eventually, they began officially dating.

In his second year of college, Surion decided to ask Evangeline to marry him. He asked her one night while they walked through a park near the city center, and she said yes. Even though both he and she were both barely 19, they were quickly married a few months later. His mother attended, extremely proud of the man he had become. His father did not attend, but Surion probably wouldn't have let him in anyways. Surion had no best man, as he would have that honor extended to no other besides Salvios, and he was long dead. A number of the Howlers were at the ceremony, and congratulated their leader on his good fortune.

Orodreth and Evangeline

Surion graduated with an Associates Degree in Weapons Design, and opted to discontinue his education for the time being so he could get a job and begin providing Evangeline and him with a home to live in. He promised himself he could always continue his education in the future. He acquired a job working as a pilot, ferrying passengers to and from the city of Coronet across the planet of Corellia. He wanted nothing more than to open his own company someday, and start a family with Evangeline. Their first two years of marriage went extremely well, and it seemed as if life was pulling out all the stops to afford them as much happiness as it could. Evangeline was only a few months away from finishing her schooling, and then she could begin her internship. Surion had a sizable amount of money he had earned from his share of past Howler jobs, and he had been saving away whatever money he could from his piloting job. He hoped to start his own business specializing in cargo transport someday. He could, of course, had taken some of the money from the Howler Vault. They would have happily given it to them. However, since becoming married, his interaction with the Howlers had been minimal, and felt that it would have been stealing. Although technically the leader of the group still, he had deviated most of his duties to his lieutenants, as he was far too busy providing for his wife now. The Howlers understood perfectly, and offered to be an investing group in his new company instead. With the money he had saved, and what income he was receiving from his current job, as well as the wealth afforded to him by the Howlers as a part of their investment, Surion Shipping Company seemed a dream only a little ways off. After its launch, he could bring the rest of the Howlers in under its wings, and turn the street gang into a respectable business, allowing him to once again resume direct control of its new direction.

Their happiness would come to a dramatic close, however, with all they had attained coming crashing down around them. Evangeline contracted a serious disease, and had to drop out of college as it worsened. In time, she became bedridden. Surion acquired a second job in order to earn enough money to continue to support to his wife. The cost of this increased workload was the amount of time that he was able to spend with her. At Evangeline's urging, he dropped the second job, and began to spend more time with her. The last few months he had with her, he felt as if he learned the most about her. He recognized his wife for the strong individual that she was, being able to battle this illness for longer than most doctors had given her time for. They had estimated she would die only a month after contracting it, when in reality, she lived with it for seven. During the final month of her life, Orodreth and Evangeline's conversations turned to the subject of what would happen after her death. Surion would of course be devastated, but Evangeline was adamant in the fact that she did not wish for him to dwell on it. She wanted him to be happy once more even after she was gone, and so they made a compromise. Surion would give no thought to further marriage after her death for three years, after which he would move on and seek further happiness. In this, they were both placated. Surion would mourn her, and she would die in peace with the knowledge that his mourning would not hinder future relationships. She died only two days later.

Surion and Evangeline, a day before her death


After the death of his wife, Surion returned to Corellia University to further his degree, attaining a Bachelors Degree in Weapons Design, and also returned to full active duty with the Dark Howlers. All the Howlers knew he was upset about Evangeline's death, but none dared to try to talk to him about. It was just as well, because Surion had returned to the Howlers to take his mind off of it. The next six years he spent with the Howlers passed by in a blur, the details unsubstantial, at least to Surion. He acquired his degree, even graduated with honors, but it just didn't seem important anymore. Thoughts of Evangeline plagued his mind for the first three years, and even after that, it was hard to take his mind off of her. He grew more cynical as the days went past, a personage so alien to his former, easygoing self. He probably would have continued that way, had not one of the Howlers, Jamos, a lieutenant that Surion had known from the days that Salvios was leader, approached him. He said something to Surion that changed the way he looked at the whole matter of death. At first, he was angry at the man for confronting him with his grief, but eventually thanked him for it. He realized that although his wife was gone, it was only a temporary loss. Surion had never really been a religious person, but he accepted the belief of an afterlife. He took joy in the fact that he would one day see her again.

Leader of the Dark Howlers

Even though he was, for the most part, over the death of his wife, Surion still longed to fill the gap in his life that she had left. He longed to be a part of something larger. The opportunity presented itself to him when he witnessed the arrest of his father. His father had been supplying weapons to the Rebels for years, and was partly responsible for the raid on Corellia that had occurred ten years earlier. After managing to evade arrest for so long, Turkin was finally tracked down and captured by Imperial Stormtroopers. Surion had been in the market at the time, and had just watched his father get thrown out of a tavern for bar brawling. Recognizing that there was a warrant for his arrest, a CorSec officer tried to take him in, and when Turkin turned hostile, a nearby squad of stormtroopers intervened. Seeing his son nearby, Turkin yelled for his help. Surion sauntered over, and was confronted by the squad's sergeant. Surion explained that the man they were trying to arrest was his father, and the sergeant let him by. Before Turkin could say anything else, Surion slugged him in the jaw, knocking him out cold. When inquired as to the reason for his actions by the squad's commander, Surion replied by saying that he was helping him help himself, by going into Imperial custody quietly. The sergeant smiled, and said that the Empire could use more men like him. When Surion asked where the nearest recruitment center was, the trooper gladly pointed him in the right direction. He left the leadership of the Dark Howlers in the hands of Jamos, and left Corellia to join the Galactic Empire onboard an Imperial Shuttle.

Imperial Service

First Assignments

Arriving at the Imperial Academy, Surion stepped off the shuttle and began walking towards the building that would help forge his career within the Galactic Empire. Upon entering, Surion took his place among a crowd of other recruits, all waiting for their class assignments. A man behind a desk began listing off names and the professors they were assigned to, and after a while Surion finally heard his name called. He had been assigned to Professor Galdarzz Aalon, and set off down the hallway to find the lecture hall.

Surion progressed well through the Academy, and with help from his professor, quickly became attuned to the way the Empire ran. It was like a galaxy-sized machine, and Orodreth was thrilled to be a part of it. Surion was quick to make friends in the academy, and quickly made binding friendships that would last for a long time. He graduated the Imperial Academy on Year 9 Day 38 with a finishing grade of 94%, falling just short of graduating with honors. He was transferred to the 3rd Imperial Fleet four days later.

After being assigned to the 3rd Imperial Fleet, Surion was ordered to the Tax Planet of Vakkar to aid in the construction efforts. At the time, the 3rd was under the command of Commander Arkhan Gambit. The first few months of his Imperial career were spent shuttling raw materials between Adkinien and Vakkar, and supervising the construction efforts in the cities under his control. Surion took great pride in his work, and was able to get to know a number of his fleetmates over the course of this period. He was given the chance to work underneath Grand Moff Goth during this time. When Vakkar was all but completed, Surion was almost sad to leave, having spent so much time there and putting in so much effort. However, he was glad to know that he had done a good job, and helped further the Empire, and that the planet was now finished. He was ordered to take as many workers as he could on his assigned freighter to the orbit of Scylla, and was then picked up by members of his fleet. Around this time, Commander Gambit left the 3rd, and the then Commander Walter Boole became Surion's new Fleet Commanding Officer. Vakkar is now the "home system" of the 3rd, and it did feel like home in a lot of ways.

After Vakkar, Surion was given the opportunity to be involved in an operation known as Open Sky. Surion and a handful of other pilots from several other fleets were tasked with reconnaissance of the entire Coruscant sector in search of any hidden systems that the sector might have held, to ensure that the Empire retained complete control of the Coruscant Sector.

Surion was later called to report in to the 3rd's flagship where they were to be inspected by Navy CO Admiral Calor Assam himself. Surion was able to meet the Admiral face to face, and automatically had a deep respect for the man. He was witness to the promotion of Captain Boole to the rank of Commodore, performed by the Admiral himself right there on the Bridge, and he, along with his entire fleet, was congratulated on a job well done in a successful fleet evaluation.

Behind Closed Doors

Surion was shocked much like many other Imperials when news of a revolt reached his ears. People were clamoring for more information, and he could only wish for more as well. It was finally announced that a group who called themselves "The Brotherhood" had took it upon themselves to "cleanse" the Empire of so-called traitors. Several Imperials that had been exposed as being members of this rebellion were those that Surion had come to call friends. One of the Imperials was publicly tortured by the Sith, and the Emperor himself made an appearance at the ceremony. The man they tortured had been a friend of his, and Orodreth was sad that he had made such a poor choice as to the company he kept. Surion was a witness to his torture, along with half of the Empire. Though he was saddened by the events of the revolt, Surion felt that the men involved had gotten what they deserved. Disloyalty and treason, in any form, cannot be tolerated whatsoever.

In Knight Squadron

During his tenure with the 3rd Imperial Fleet, Surion was approached by the then Ensign Patrick Martin about becoming a Knight. The Imperial Knights was the 3rd's unofficial fleet name, and Knight Squadron was her most elite fighter group. Only select members of the 3rd had been approached by Martin, the squadron commander, and Surion jumped at the chance when he was one of them. Taking the callsign Knight 5, he joined the rest of the Knights on several missions. Though he has left the 3rd, Surion is still an honorary Knight, and keeps in touch with most of the old squadron. Once a Knight, always a Knight.

Blockade and Assassination

For awhile after this, Surion was assigned to various vehicle shipments to be moved from place to place. On one such assignment, he was given command of a Bayonet-class Cruiser and was ordered to move some vehicles to Bastion for the now Pro Consul Goth. Surion was excited to be given the chance to visit a planet of such historical importance such as Bastion, and was disappointed to have to leave so soon. After several shipment assignments, Surion was given command of a Victory Star Destroyer and sent to aid in the blockade of the Falleen Federation controlled system of Spica. Surion relished the opportunity to see the Imperial Navy in action on a system wide scale, and was part of a plan to slow down traffic in the Spica system through the use of a carefully planned network of Interdictor Cruisers protected by Victory Star Destroyers.

After a brief hiatus, during which Surion or his fleet received no new assignments, Surion was asked to retrieve a number of fighters to be brought aboard the Victory Star Destroyer he was on, and was then given command of a squadron of TIE-scouts and ordered to scout out a number of planets in the Unknown Regions. After finishing scouting out planets controlled by the New Republic and Black Nebula, Surion was asked to sit tight while waiting for further orders. It was during this waiting period that Admiral Assam was assassinated. The entire Navy, as well as the rest of the Empire, was rocked by this blow to morale. Surion himself was extremely upset at the news of this, as he had been a longtime admirer of the Admiral, who had made such great changes in the Imperial Navy.

Operation Fortress and the Dostra Race

After a time of naval restructure brought about by the death of Admiral Assam, the Empire received good news once again. The Empire had been able to nationalize the Corporate Sector Authority, and received with it the numerous companies under its control, as well as the entire Corporate Sector. Surion was given the opportunity to be involved in the operation detailed with the fortifying of the Empire's newest acquisition. Dubbed Operation Fortress, it was intended to focus the development and fortification of the entire sector. However, enemy forces consisting of the New Republic and the Falleen Federation found their way into the Dostra system, kicking off came to be called the Dostra Race. Surion took his place beside other Imperials who, as quickly as they could, began developing as many cities as they could on the two planets that had fallen under enemy control. After several weeks, the Empire regained its planets, and Surion was awarded a Letter of Commendation for his level of participation in the mission.

Galactic Empire-New Imperial Order Merger

Shortly after the completion of the Dostra Race, talks between the Empire and the NIO opened, with the purpose of merging the two Imperial factions together. Surion was thrilled with the news, realizing that the reunification of the Empire proper and the wayward New Imperial Order was merely a step towards the Empire's total governance of the known galaxy. He gladly welcomed the New Imperials with open arms, finding many of them to be his new comrades and fleetmates. With the new influx of personnel, the Navy was forced to reorganize, even forming two whole new fleets with the available amount of pilots. The Navy was the largest it had ever been during Surion's tenure with the Empire.

There was some bad news that came along with the merger, however, and that was the fact the Surion was to be transfered to a new fleet with the all reorganization that was going on. So Surion bid farewell to his fleetmates in the 3rd Imperial Fleet, and embarked on a new chapter in his career with his new fleet assignment, and all the new fleetmates that came with it.

Commission and Construction

After two years of serving the Empire dutifully, Surion was rewarded when he was sent a message inviting him to attend the School of Officer and Command Studies. Thrilled that he was to be trained as an officer, Surion jumped at the challenge as he had with anything else that he had encountered during his time with the Empire. Under the tutorship of Lieutenant Commander Wilhelmy Quel-Sara, and later on Lieutenant General Coral Dayton, Surion pushed himself to exceed in his officer training. His hard work paid off, and he was promoted to an Ensign within the Imperial Navy by General Dayton on Year 11 Day 138.

Surion emerged a different man from his training in the Officer Academy. He had learned much about how his own actions could push those under him to exceed themselves, and armed with this knowledge he jumped into an increased workload within his fleet with a renewed passion. He had always been a hard-working pilot, but now it was more than that; it was a passion for excellence, for success, and he wasn't going to let anything get in his way. He dared to push himself and those around him past their self-determined limits to show them the stars. In addition to stepping up his performance as Fleet History Adjutant, he took a direct supervisory role in all training exercises within his fleet as the newly created position of Fleet Roleplay Coordinator.

At this time, Surion also took on a teaching position within the Imperial Academy, helping to train the next generation of Imperials. He was determined that just as he pushed himself and his fleetmates to excellence, he could show his students what they were capable of as well. He was helping to build the future of the Empire, and he was proud.


After 3 years of service to the Galactic Empire in the Imperial Navy, Surion resigned his commission as a Lieutenant Junior Grade and departed military service. He gathered what few personal belongings he laid claim to and set off for parts unknown on the fringes of the galaxy. He could not be entirely sure of what he hoped to find, but he knew that this was what was required of him at the time.

A Great Pilgrimage

During his time away from the Empire, Surion wandered from system to system, planet to planet, uncertain of the true goal of this journey. He reflected many times on all that he was leaving behind: a career in the Imperial Navy, many colleagues and friends that he would dearly miss, and relationships that he would now never know what would lead to. Perhaps that was his reasoning in the beginning: had he gotten too close to someone, and felt as if he was betraying his beloved Evangeline? He wasn't sure.

As he made his pilgrimage across the stars, he had plenty of time to come to face with everything that was his life up to that point. Who was he? What was he doing here? What was his purpose? The answers he offered up were many and varied: he was a pilot, a son, a husband, a Corellian, an Imperial...the list went on; but all these answers fell short of who he was. He was determined to find out.

So he traveled to as many places as he could to find the answers, stopping at every backwater planet and interacting with every culture that he could. He learned many things; several languages, a few fighting styles even. But no matter where he went he could not belong. At last he came to an uninhabited moon near the outermost fringes of known space, and there he took refuge for a final month of his journey.

While on the moon, he spent much time in meditation, self-analysis of himself, until he became aware of who he was. When the discovery was made, his mind was instantly sent reeling from it, his consciousness came rushing back from the meditative state he was in, and his eyes snapped open. There was now a certain light in them that had not been present before, and he knew everything he needed to know. Most importantly, he knew himself.

He made his way back to Corellia after leaving the moon, taking time to spend a few days in Coronet with his parents. He even made a stop by the Howlers Lounge, to briefly reunite with his former compatriots. After saying his goodbyes, he made his way to the recruiting office he had first set foot into five years previous. It what a different recruiting sergeant by now, but he flashed his credentials and they prepared a reenlistment package for him. He was finally headed home.

Return to Active Service

His return to the Empire did not cause a great stir, nor did it turn many heads. Indeed, it was very quiet, but then he had expected as much. Two years gone was a long time, and the Empire was now a different place than he left it. Perhaps most noticeable was that there was now a new Emperor: Guinar Ndengin. When he had left, Vodo Bonias had only recently been forced to abdicate in favor of Thomas Cherokee, only a year or so following the merger between the Empire and the NIO. Ndengin would mark the third emperor that Surion had served under, and he was only the first of many changes.

The entire Imperial Navy had been reorganized, again, and now consisted of only six fleets assigned to the six primary sectors under Imperial control. Each fleet was generally comprised of two groups, and it was to the Fourth Imperial Fleet, 3rd Reconnaissance Group that Surion was assigned to. He was only there a few days before being asked by the Group Commanding Officer, Eldok Sol, to serve as the interim Executive Officer until a more permanent replacement could be found. He gladly filled that capacity for the next two weeks, when Naval Command appointed a new GXO for the 3rd and he was transferred to the 5th Assault Group of the Fourth Fleet.

Surion's new Commanding Officer was one Jorn Stones, a man that immediately recognized Surion from their time spent together in the former Fifth Fleet. Surion briefly recalled the Commander, who during their last encounter was a Flight Sergeant who would have saluted him. Surion laughed silently at this strange turn of events, recalling that he had been gone awhile. Only a few months into serving in the 5th, Commander Stones took an extended leave of absence from his role as the 5th's GCO. His XO, LTCMDR Mick Clarence, stepped in as acting GCO, and impressed with Surion's efforts within the group, offered him a place as his Executive Officer. Surion gladly accepted.

First Command and Imperial Restructure

Surion dutifully served as the Executive Officer of the 5th Group for nearly a year, learning much underneath the leadership of CMDR Mick Clarence. For the first time in a long time, Surion felt at home, having found fast new friends and an assignment he could truly enjoy. Then came some troubling events which saw CMDR Clarence's temporary leave of absence from the Navy altogether, and Surion was thrust into his place to try to fill his shoes. Needless to say, he was not certain that he was up to the task.

Surion's first command was rather impromptu, though his superiors expressed confidence in his ability to lead. He would endeavor to not let them down, and to apply much of what he learned underneath his past commanders. Replicating their successes and avoiding their mistakes was something that Surion could strive for, and he was certain that if he tried, he could be a great commander. His first order of business was to appoint ENS Teveoji Var as his XO; ENS Var had proven himself a capable pilot in the past, as well as a rising star within the Navy.

Not long after that, the entire Empire underwent a major restructure regarding the rank system, the one which had been used for several years now being regarded as antiquated or obsolete. This change managed to go through with little to no confusion, as the new ranks would be dependent upon a revised merit system that would stem from the accumulative merits of all members. Prior to the structure change, Surion had been a Lieutenant Commander; he now found himself on the other side of the change a full two ranks higher, as a Captain. The newly minted Captain Surion decided that he must even more so strive to live up to his responsibilities as a Commanding Officer within the Imperial Navy.

Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Promoted By
[E-1] ME-1.gif Recruit Y9 D30 - Y9 D42 Pro Consul Arturus Goth
[E-2] ME-2.gif Crewman Y9 D42 - Y9 D72 Pro Consul Arturus Goth
[E-3] ME-3.gif Crewman First Class Y9 D72 - Y9 D111 Commodore Walter Boole
[E-4] ME-4.gif Flight Corporal Y9 D111 - Y9 D164 Commodore Walter Boole
[E-5] ME-5.gif Flight Sergeant Y9 D164 - Y9 D278 Commodore Walter Boole
[E-6] ME-6.gif Staff Flight Sergeant Y9 D278 - Y9 D352 Commodore Walter Boole
[E-7] ME-7.gif Master Flight Sergeant Y9 D352 - Y10 D105 Commodore Walter Boole
[E-8] ME-8.gif Chief Master Flight Sergeant Y10 D105 - Y10 D275 Commodore Walter Boole
[E-9] ME-9.gif Flight Officer Y10 D275 - Y11 D19 Vice Admiral Overmind
[E-10] ME-10.gif Command Flight Officer Y11 D19 - Y11 D138 Commander Mayas Lennorian
[O-1] MO-1.gif Ensign Y11 D138 - Y11 D260 Lieutenant General Coral Dayton
[O-2] MO-2.gif Lieutenant Junior Grade Y11 D260 - Y11 D290 (Resignation) Captain Mayas Lennorian
[O-2] MO-2.gif Lieutenant Junior Grade Y13 D244 (Reinstatement) - Y14 D73 Vice Admiral Dale Chambers
[O-3] MO-3.gif Lieutenant Y14 D73 - Y14 D255 Commander Mick Clarence
[O-4] MO-4.gif Lieutenant Commander Y14 D255 - Y14 D332 Commander Mick Clarence
[O-6] MO-6.gif Captain Y14 D332 - Present Rear Admiral Mayas Lennorian


Ribbon Name
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduation [IABG]
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year [ISM-1]
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 Years [ISM-2]
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 Years [ISM-3]
ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 4 Years [ISM-4]
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM]
MID.jpg Mentioned In Dispatches [MID]
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned In Dispatches 2 [MIDx2]
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC]
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation 2 [LOCx2]
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation 3 [LOCx3]
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation 4 [LOCx4]
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation 5 [LOCx5]
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation 6 [LOCx6]
LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation 7 [LOCx7]
LOCx8.jpg Letter of Commendation 8 [LOCx8]
IMC.jpg Imperial Medal of Commendation [IMC]
3IFV.jpg 3rd Imperial Fleet Veteran [3IFV]
3IFRV.jpg 3rd Imperial Fleet Retired Veteran [3IFRV]
5IFV.jpg 5th Imperial Fleet Veteran [5IFV]
5IFRV.jpg 5th Imperial Fleet Retired Veteran [5IFRV]
FoM1.jpg Fleet of the Month Award [FOM]
FoM2.jpg Fleet of the Month Award 2 [FOM2]
TPVK.jpg Tax Planet - Vakkar [TPVK]

Character Description


Orodreth stands at 6'2" tall (1.88 meters), and weighs 180 pounds (81.8 kilograms). Much of his body weight is muscle, his physique being well built from years living on the streets and the rigorous exercises he completes every morning in order to stay disciplined and in fighting shape. He keeps his hair, which boasts a raven black color, cropped short, but still slightly longer than the standard military buzzcut. His penetrating eyes are an emerald green, and seem to draw others in with their hypnotic stare. A thin facial scar runs down the right side of his face, from the tip of his ear to his lower jar, a souvenir from a vibroblade wound he received during the Rebel occupation of Corellia. It has healed well over time, and is now hard to distinguish. His upper right arm bears a tattoo of a snarling wolf, the symbol of the Dark Howlers. During his pilgrimage, Surion collected a few other distinguishing marks on his body, including a trio of scars on his side where he took a raking from a Sand Panther's claws before putting it down, and a series of small tattoos down his spine comprised of a mixture of Echani, Zabrak, and Mando'ade symbols.


Possibly the best word that can be used to describe Orodreth is "fanatic". An extremely loyal person by nature, once pledged to a cause Orodreth ensures that every fiber of his being is in alignment with its completion. He demands that others show the same loyalty as him, and is not above to undertaking violent actions to those who turn traitorous, both to him and his cause. While leading the Howlers, Surion quickly became accustomed to the fact that he may at some times be forced to kill those whom he had befriended who later went turncoat. He has developed an almost apathetic view towards violence as a whole, and will take aggressive measures if need be. However, only those who have the audacity to betray all he holds dear need fear his wrath.

For those who have gotten to know him, underneath that callous exterior is a friendly person. Orodreth can be extremely outgoing, and treats all that he meets as a potential friend. He has a very dry sense of humor, and can be extremely sarcastic. His view on life can tend to be a bit cynical at times, but for the most part tries to make the most out of life. Orodreth is very goal oriented, and might be able to be described as ambitious. He can at times be overly ambitious, and is prone to taking risks because of this. Loyal to a fault, he will risk both health and life to ensure the safety of his loved ones and close friends, and has resolved to never leave a comrade behind.