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Anzatan Commonwealth

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Anzatan Commonwealth
Form of Government Commonwealth; Constitutional Monarchy
Capital World Anzat
Population 120 Million Sentients
Establishment Year -1 Day -336
Head of State Regent Keishi Miahr
Head of Government Chancellor Azarin Isard
Executive Branch Privy Council
Legislative Branch Commonwealth Parliament
Judicial Branch Commonwealth Magistracy
Holosite Anzatan Commonwealth


"Anzat is one of the oldest governments in the galaxy. Originally known as the New Anzat Order, it suffered for many long and hard years being ripped apart by leaders who were puppets of the Empire. When its people couldn't take any more from the brutal hardships of the Empire, after being betrayed time and again by leaders they had trusted to save them an unlikely successor arrived that brought hope to the Anzati race.

With the initial phase of regeneration was put into action by Vlademar von Ismay III, hope began to rise over the Anzatan territories. When Vlademar von Ismay III was murdered, his assailants, Wilhelm von Ismay and Owen von Ismay took up the work initially put in place and began working on a series of projects that would have seen the New Anzat Order grow. Eventually Anzat began to proper once again, proving that no matter how much pressure can be put on a race, it will always fight back.[1]

After many months, new Corporations began to migrate to Anzatan territories from the former Kathol Republic, which at that point been under the control of pirates. Anzat soon saw a sudden increase in territorial gain, acquiring many new planets within their Colonial Government in Churba, even within their own capital system. With that Anzat had expanded once again, whilst fighting against the Mandalorian aggressors. These corporations soon built up the territories in Churba and looked to expanding their operations to other parts of Anzat.[1]

At this point, the government had outgrown the original structure set in place, it had evolved, it had grown. With the new ways of the corporations meeting the old ways of Anzat, it became clear that a more unified step forward was needed. With that goal in mind, the Anzatan Commonwealth was born. With the Crown taking on the concerns of these new corporations and knowing that their economy and experience could fuel many new areas of development for Anzat, the Commonwealth was molded around the partnerships of commerce and sovereignty, ensuring that Anzat could grow and at the same time not impose the original restrictions that saw the corporations isolated and in doing this provide profit and benefits to both sides.[1]

Today the Commonwealth proves for the Anzati race and those who work for the Commonwealth, that there is hope, that despite the brutal attacks from the Empire and its puppet governments, it can come back from the brink of annihilation into a stronger form. It has shown that with hard work and dedication, it can become a haven for those fleeing oppression, that its commercial power has grown and exceeded all expectations, giving the Anzati people products and help that it never once could give. That it's military that has increasingly grown can provide the best protection to the Commonwealth and through its industrial sectors, it has shown that the limits of Anzat are no longer holding the Commonwealth back."[1]


Thousands of years ago, a prophet — Jerriko — created a theocratic state known as the Anzat Order in the Outer Rim. Before the days of the Galactic Republic, the Anzat Order was the dominant power in the galaxy, and its people were one of the first space-faring races. Through years of space travel, the world of Anzat became a multi-cultural centre of the galaxy.

The decline of the Anzat Order occurred when its ruling Dynastic Minister was assassinated by the nobility. A civil war ensued; the nobility triumphed. However, they soon became drunk with power, and their rule degenerated into despotism. At last, the Anzati people revolted and overthrew the nobility.


The New Anzat Order (NAO) was founded by President Dunkler Klerus, an Anzati noble. After a fruitful beginning, the NAO declined under a series of corrupt administrators. These administrators — such as Baron Vyk Drago — sold its ships, vehicles and cities for personal gain. Sickened by their actions, Yarbles, the Commander-in-Chief of the New Anzat Order Army, led what is now called "the Panaceas Revolution." His revolt culminated in a decisive battle and the expulsion of Baron Drago.

Lauded as the champion of the people, Yarbles became Minister of the NAO and instituted a collectivist ideology. He rebuilt the navy and established a housing project for refugees displaced by the Panaceas Revolution. He also began the developing the economy of the NAO.

When Yarbles stepped down, his protégé Malakai Brooks became leader of the NAO. Brooks' leadership greatly strengthened the Anzati state and improved its economy. Under his leadership the NAO was able to provide jobs for all of its citizens and ensured that every civil servant was paid a wage.

Due to issues unrelated to his office, Minister Brooks resigned as Prime Minister and became the Minister of Defence. A younger individual, Sicyon, became the Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order. Picking up where Minister Brooks left off, Sicyon tried to lead the Anzati state into a new age of prosperity; however, such hopes abruptly ended with his unexpected death.

This unfortunate event led to the ascension of Tigris Ninx and Jeroen Veers who ruled until Brooks returned as Prime Minister. But even Brooks was not able to rule forever and chose to resign. He handed the reins over to Admiral Perrin Wolfstar.


The reign of Perrin Wolfstar saw many changes; in particular, the end of relations with the Hapes Consortium and the beginning of hostilities with the Galactic Empire. Believing the Empire would go easier on the NAO without him as leader, Wolfstar resigned and Admiral Enzo Delaere assumed power.

Self serving and treacherous, Admiral Delaere plundered the Anzati state and then surrendered the government to the Galactic Empire. Emperor Vodo Bonias installed Princess Gabriella Storm as Moff of Anzat and leader of the New Anzat Order. Storm brutally subjugated the Anzati people and executed all those who opposed her reign. However, she was disgraced when implicated in an Eidolan plot that resulted in the dissolution of an Imperial medical corporation.

The Ismays

Storm was replaced by Moff Vlademar von Ismay III, the youngest legitimate son of the late Victor von Ismay. He ruled with a fair and loyal hand until finally pushed too far by the Empire. Encouraged by his staff and family, Vlademar succeeded from the Empire, abandoned the title of Moff and embraced the mantle of Chancellor.

Due to stress, Vlademar stepped down and was replaced by his older brother, Wilhelm von Ismay. Wilhelm took the position of Chancellor and expanded the military and political boundaries of the New Anzat Order. During this period, the the Anzati state became closely allied with the Rebel Alliance. Shortly thereafter, Wilhelm stepped down temporarily for personal reasons and was replaced by Owen von Ismay. A year later, Owen von Ismay was voted out of office and Wilhelm returned as leader.


Over time, corporations migrated to the Anzatan territories from the former Kathol Republic, a region infamous for its piracy and theft. These corporations merged with the Anzati state; thus, the Anzatan Commonwealth was born. This event saw the ascension of Auron Tamerin and Eliana Tamerin to the Privy Council of the Anzati state. The Tamerin family epitomized the unscrupulous politics and corruption alleged to be characteristic of the Kathol Republic. Their ascension caused some to worry about the future of the Anzati state, as well as the longevity of the Ismays.

In time, the Commonwealth would come to be ruled by Queen Keishi Miahr as Head of State, with Azarin Isard serving as Chancellor and Head of Government. On Year 14 Day 184, the Anzatan Commonwealth officially joined the Imperial Union in a political move spearheaded by the Chancellor and the leadership of the Imperial Coalition for Diplomacy under Vizier Jarek Sankin. In so doing, the Commonwealth joined the Galactic Empire, Black Sun, and the Tresario Star Kingdom in their struggle to defend sentients throughout the Galaxy from the corruption, duplicity, and self-serving nature of the Galactic Alliance and its constituents.

Notable leaders



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