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Leader Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer
Foundation Date Year 5 Day 82
Type Government
Professions Government
Emblem manlogotransp.png
Motto Kyr'am bal kote!
Application Process #cmg-mandalore-embassy

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Mandalorian Academy

Forum http://www.swc-mandalore.com
"Kyr'am bal kote! ("Death and Glory!")"
Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer

Mandalore was formerly a member state of the Imperial Union.


The Mandalore, one of the first Human colony ships, was on its way to a recently charted system on the Rim when an on-board ship malfunction caused the ship to make the jump to Hyperspace in the completely opposite direction of the path intended. The resulting crash landing left thousands of passengers stranded alone in an uncharted system that contained only one inhabitable planet. With no way to communicate their location back to those who might come to their aid, the colonists had to fight to survive. Over the many thousands of years of struggling to survive these strong people evolved into the culture now known as "Mandalorians", or Mando'ade in their native tongue of Mando'a.

Initially Humans, the Mandalorians continued to develop in their isolation, eventually coming into contact with an alien race that had never before been encountered. This race, which re-taught them the wonders of technology that had long been forgotten is now, sadly, extinct - victims to one of the many great conflicts that have challenged the Mando'ade in their blood-soaked history. Over several thousand years the Mandalorians developed their own research facilities, the most productive outcome being their famous armor. Only the learned suspected their human past. Other races in the universe guessed the Mando natives were yet just another example of parallel evolution.

The Warrior Eminence, or Mand`alor (which means "Sole Ruler" in Mando'a) rules over Mandalore, holding the respect and power over all Mandalorians. Each citizen takes an oath to serve and obey their glorious leader resulting in every adult being a member of the military. Even those in what others might normally consider civilian occupations hold an equivalent military rank. The Mand'alor, with left and right hands representing the Chiefs of the Army and Navy, make up the Triad which is responsible for the passing of all laws and the making of all large decisions which effect Mandalore. The Triad has been challenged only twice in one thousand years, a fact reflecting the great esteem held for them by the Mando'ade.

Complementing the authority of the Triad is a traditional Clan System. The power of the Clans is small and chiefly cultural. In modern times, their governance is centralized in a Clan Council under the direction of the Triad who are respectful of their heritage. As many as 10,000 Clans have rose and fell over the long tragic and noble history of Mandalore, all tracing their beginnings to five original Clans established immediately after the Crash. Due to the political turmoil of the Second Era and the ever-growing unity of Mandalore's people, what were once numerous beyond reason have ultimately coalesced into today's twelve Clans.

There is no such custom as marriage among the Mando'ade. When a man and woman mutually decide to have a child, no ceremony officially links the two as mutual partners. Nor does anything guarantee that the mother and father will live together to raise the child, or even that the two will continue to bear children with one another exclusively in the future. The child of Mando parents usually spends six months with their mother and six months with their father each year until the child is old enough to live on its own though the customs of recognizing offspring and parenting responsibilities can vary from Clan to Clan.

Surprising many outsiders, Mando warrior culture does not recognize saluting during everyday military interaction. A simple nod of respect is all that is required when encountering a superior officer; the only exception being during designated formal events, when an official salute is preferred. Due to the fact that citizens of Mandalore who commit any kind of criminal action were traditionally put to death, the crime rate of the Mandalorian people is almost non-existent. Today punishments are less severe and the low crime rate is more a mark of respect towards their leaders and the trust they place in them.

Historically, Mandalore was isolated from the rest of the galaxy, at first physically and then later by an isolationistic tradition. At the end of a long age of conflict the Mandalorian population now includes numerous races from throughout known space and openly embraces immigrants from other cultures and species willing to adapt to Mandalore civilization. Today, the Abrion Sector of the Mandalorians is proudly as cosmopolitan as any other major Galactic Society.


The Mandalorian Military is the center focus of the entire Mandalorian society. To serve and serve well is the highest honour one could hope to achieve in life. Large bases and training facilities operate in every major city, with the largest and most prestigious being the Aldacor Spire base just south of the main capital city of Mandalore. The cities surrounding military facilities often have an excess of low ranking or off duty officers to perform the trivial civilian tasks at hand, such as running the local shops and eateries, or policing the town itself. Mandalorians always aspire to reach higher. To facilitate this, a method was devised for challenging one's superior in hand to hand combat for a chance to claim the superior's rank. The contests are never fatal, but will continue until one of the two is granted the victory. If the lower ranked individual wins, he or she claims the rank and position of the one challenged. No challenge fight will occur without the express approval of the leader of the Mandalorian people, the Warrior Eminence. The Military is separated into two battalions, the 1st and 2nd Akaata. Before the change in the military structure there was an Army and a Navy; the two high commanding officers were members of the Triad, serving alongside the Warrior Eminence as figureheads in the Mandalorian government.

Since the restructuring, the Military now enjoys a united and versatile assembly of warriors. Each Akaata contains two Ol'averde that can perform any task given to them as their members have diverse skills. Since this change the members of the former Armymen and Navy pilots have worked together and developed potent tactics born from their previous specialised training to create several formidable strike forces that aren't hampered by weaknesses. At the galaxy's pinnicle of military experience stand the four Akaat'alore who govern and command the Ol`averde in their charge to protect Mandalore's borders and oversee their growth.

The Taraq'Qualim continue to safeguard the Triad from any assassination attempts that are performed by people who don't have courage and honour enough to stand and fight. This division's members' identities remain a closely guarded secret, allowing them to strike fear into the hearts of Mandalorians and outsiders alike. The most gruelling missions are reserved for the Taraq'Qualim, merely to keep these handpicked elite warriors in practice; success is always in abundance.

Imperial Union

Mandalore joined the Imperial Union in Year 7, under the leadership of Mandalore Tyr DeMeer, joining the Galactic Empire, the Hapes Consortium, and the Trade Federation. However, in late Year 13, the Mandalorian nation chose to leave the Union, when it rejected a new Union charter intended to devote more energy into defeating the terrorist Galactic Alliance. Despite having left the Imperial Union, Mandalore and the Galactic Empire are still on amiable diplomatic terms.