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Krath Dynasty

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Krath Dynasty
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We are the Krath Dynasty, our roots started in the beginning of intelligent civilisation; around 25000 galactic years ago. Long before the Empire, before the Sith and before even the Jedi Knights, people worshipped at the altars of Krath, Goddess of War and Love of the ancient Tameht tribe in the Tetan Pantheon.

— Krath Dynasty about itself

Krath Dynasty is a cult civilization and one of the member of so called Galactic Alliance, which is terrorist group opposing Galactic Empire. They control large Kathol sector, Minos Cluster, Wild Space and majority of the Churba sector. Cultist of the Krath Dynasty are not only good soldiers, but also have a big industry, which is nothing compared to the Empire, but is always a menace to the New Order .


Long before the Sith and before even the Jedi were founded, beings from around the galaxy worshiped at altars erected to Krath. Krath began as a god to a primitive people, called the Tameht. Krath spoke to the finest of the Tamehtan blacksmiths, ordering them to create a talisman with which they could commune with their god more easily. The talisman was forged as Krath instructed, with a hexagonal hole drilled into the bottom of it. Krath then ordered the smiths to secure into the hole a crystal, that, unknown to the Tameht smiths, conducted and stored the energy of the Force. Using this talisman, these smiths became the Priesthood of Krath, and could now communicate with their god, and he with them. The High Priest alone could wear the talisman and communicate with Krath. As a succession of High Priests began to fall into insanity and apparent demonic possession, the Priesthood began to suspect that there was some flaw within the design of the talisman. After much mediation, they drilled two additional holes into the talisman and placed two more of the crystals into these holes. When no more High Priests fell victim to madness or demonic possession, the alteration was deemed a success, and the Order of the Krath continued for many generations.

— Smaller section of Krath Dynasty history

Organization structure

Krath Dynasty is ruled by the "Ruling Council", which is make decisions vital to the faction.

Krath Dynasty spreads to many branches, which are the following:

  • The Order - members of this branch are ordered to spread their cult beliefs across the galaxy.
  • Government - democratic rule of the faction
  • Military - Krath has a fleet branch and army similar to the Galactic Empire.
  • Industry - branches to the other allied with Krath dynasty factions:
    • Astaroth - responsible for ground operations
    • Minos-Mestra Munitions - supplies Krath with weapons and tools
    • Koros Spaceworks - produce ships for the faction