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Jango Talon

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Jango I. Talon
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Kamino
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Owen Talon
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Retired
Prior Service Pilot, Imperial Navy
Editor-in-Chief, INB

Managing Editor, INB

Awards IABG.jpg

Life History

Jango's life began as a simple pilot of the ExOps. As he became more experienced, he advanced the ranks to Captain. An opening in the Production department opened and Jango found himself inquiring about the job. A few days later, Faction Councilman Auron Tamerin told Jango he successfully recieved the job as Director of Production.

Several months later, Jango was on vacation when a terrible theft by the Executives threw the company into a horrible mess. A few weeks went by, and Jango was promoted to Vice President where he sat busy for many weeks.

When his close friend and boss, Marqus Star, became inactive, Jango was given leadership of the Cerberus Corporation. After orders started piling up, Jango was forced to stop accepting orders and begin stock piling materials for his plan of extreme factory expansion.

After being removed from his position in office, being put to blame for placing Cerberus into a so called 'debt', Jango left Anzat in search of a real job. That same week, Jango was contacted by Cyphor Axis with an offer to work in his Building department. After a month, Jango was promoted to Building Director to replace an inactive member of Cyphor's large corporation.

With the retirement of Vice President Adim Locked and former Building Director Ra-Cor, Jango was moved into the position of Vice President to assist Mr. Axis with day to day management duties. This is the time when Jango discovered his brother, Owen Talon, had actually survived the deadly encounter with Imperial Forces, which happened several months earlier. Owen joined Jango in the Nentan system where they both work in the Rothana family.

When the faction rules of the Combine changed, Rothana Industries was forced to close, leaving Rothana Metal Works on the line between activity and disbandment. Because of President Derek Zenox's period of limited activity, Jango was moved into his position and took the title of Intern President.

After two months of a declining memberlist, Rothana Metal Works was sold to Bunres Volfis and the remaining assets and members were transferred to Rothana Heavy Works. Jango took proper place at Cyphor's side once again, but his reign of VP, and later President, would be short lived.

With Year 11, the number of active members shrunk, forcing Cyphor and Jango to be faced with the hard decision of what to do with the mighty Rothana Heavy Works. After hours of talks and discussion, the dynamic duo decided it was best to sell the faction in hopes for a better future for its members and leaders.

With the closing of Rothana at hand, Jango applied for a position within one of the glorious nationalized factions of the mighty Galactic Empire. He received his position, faction assignment, and first mission within days and strived to keep himself in peak performance.

Jango's first two months in Imperial Resource Conversions flew by, recycling building after building, city after city. All those days must have added up, but Jango pulled through. Days after completing his first several missions, he found himself applying for the position of Second in Command, which was granted to him by his esteemed boss, Deputy Director Nara Riencam.

After a short period of six months, Jango became involved with the Imperial News Bureau and also started thinking of transferring to the Armed Forces. Being in Industry for most of his life, Vice Admiral Senki Blackrain agreed to accept him into the Imperial Navy, the most prestigious Naval force in the galaxy. Jango officially accepted his commission on Year 11 Day 293 as Lieutenant and is currently serving the Galactic Empire in that respect.

The End of The Man

After an unsatisfactory transition in the Imperial Navy, Former Lieutenant Talon formally resigned from the Galactic Empire. Unable to live out his dreams for the past five years, he finally left common space to live with his close friend Cyphor Axis on his isolated planet. During his life-long vacation, Jango will look back on his five years. On all his friends; and on all the things he accomplished.




(From oldest to most recent.)

Cerberus Corporation

Security Pilot
Echo Squad Leader
Executive Officer, ExOps
Commanding Officer, ExOps

Tamerin Foundation

Commander, Merchant Marines
Junior Partner&

Cerberus Corporation

Engineer, Production Department
Senior Engineer, Production Department
Director of Production&
Vice President&
Intern President
Chief Executive Officer+

Anzatan Commonwealth

Member of Parliament+
Anzatan Independent Economic Council Senior Member+

Rothana Industries

Senior Pilot, Logistics Department
Senior Engineer, Construction Department
Director, Construction Department*
Director, Logistics Department*
Chief Operating Officer*
Intern Chief Executive Officer
Faction dissolved by Owner, Cyphor Axis

Rothana Metal Works

Director, Recycling Department
Intern Vice President
Vice President
Intern President
Faction dissolved by Owner, Cyphor Axis

Rothana Heavy Works

Director, Production
Director, Logistics
Director, Construction**
Vice President**
Faction dissolved by Owner, Cyphor Axis

Galactic Empire

Ministry of Industry

Operations Manager

Second in Command - Imperial Resource Conversions
Preceded By:
Operations Manager Hemi Cuda
Operations Manager Jango Talon
Year 11 Day 112 - Year 11 Day 293
Succeeded By:
Operations Manager Lashrac Sigil

Coalition for Progress

Imperial News Bureau

Reporter (part-time)
Junior Editor
Senior Editor
Acting Editor-in-Chief
Managing Editor

Imperial Academy

Junior Training Officer^

Imperial Navy


+, &, *, **, ^ Positions served concurrently.