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Imperium family

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Imperium Family
The Imperium Family Crest
Biographical Information
Leader Orphaea Imperium (de facto)
Homeworld Unknown
Members Orphaea Imperium
Inara Imperium
Melkhior Imperium
Cyrus Minx
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Imperium Family is the collective name given to a small handful of Imperials who are known to have originated from the same series of genetic experiments.



Very little is known about the precise origin of the Imperium family. What is known suggests that they are the result of a secret project intended to develop superior leaders for the Empire by the manipulation and splicing of genetic material taken from promising young leaders of the time.

The project, executed during the reign of Emperor Drayson, was eventually scrapped, with all it records being hidden or destroyed. The resulting individuals were imprinted with false memories and set loose upon the galaxy.

It is because of these false memories that verifiable intelligence is so difficult to obtain, though the search for further evidence continues. It is unknown how many other, if any, subjects remain lost.


There are currently four members of the Imperium family, all of whom faithfully serve the Galactic Empire. Imperiums are virtually indistinguishable from other humans and almost impossible to detect, as they possess no similarities in age, appearance or background. The only way an Imperium can be identified is by specific genetic anomalies present in each test subject.

Orphaea Imperium.

Orphaea Imperium

Orphaea Imperium is the first member and de facto head of the Imperium family, and was the first to discover his true history. He currently serves as Chairman of COMPNOR, Moff of Oversector Dolomar and Director of the Imperial News Bureau.

Inara Imperium.

Inara Imperium

Inara Imperium was the next Imperium to be discovered, when a Private Investigator made a possible connection between herself and Orphaea. Before defecting to the Falleen Federation, Inara held the rank of Command Sergeant in the Imperial Army.

Melkhior Imperium.

Melkhior Imperium

Melkhior Imperium is the third and youngest member of the family, despite being the most recent to join the Galactic Empire. Believing he grew up as Melkhior Ravenloft, an orphan and only child on Coruscant, he was approached on his 20th birthday by eldest brother Orphaea, who had discovered evidence to suggest they shared the same history. This suspicion was quickly confirmed, and Melkhior decided to join his siblings in service of the Empire. He is now a member of COMPNOR, having served in the 5th Imperial Fleet for five months with his brother Cyrus.

Cyrus "Minx" Imperium.

Cyrus Imperium

Cyrus "Minx" Imperium is the most recent addition to the family, and the only Imperium known to be Force sensitive. He served in the Galactic Empire for many months before Orphaea discovered that he had also been a test subject.

Artemis Imperium

Artemis Imperium

Artemis Imperium was only recently found by his sister Inara, whether by chance or design - was thanks mainly to the dedication of one of the Galactic Empires Physicians. Notmuch is known about him as yet, other than he is currently part of Magnaguard Manufacturing