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Imperial Resource Extractions

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Imperial Resource Extractions
Leader Director Ben Tzadikim
Foundation Date Year 11 Day ?
Type Mining
Professions Mining Production Nationalized Faction
Members Classified
Emblem IRE_logo_1x5_colour_small.png
Motto "IRE: making everyone else look like lazy bums since year 10."
Application Process Join IRE
Forum IRE Forum
Affiliation Galactic Empire


Imperial Resource Extraction is the product of the merger of two of the Empire's previous mining factions, Cloud City and Bothan Blasting Corporation. Cloud city was once a minor and obscure provider of Tibanna gas in the backwater of the galaxy, until the Galactic Empire took ownership over it. Blessed with exceptional leadership, institutional encouragement towards personal and financial growth, and one of the highest introductory pay rates in the industry, it is no wonder that Cloud City attracted the best and brightest of all species and creeds from across the galaxy.[1]

Serving Bothan Space since the era of the Galactic Republic, Bothawui Mining provided new techniques to gather raw materials from the ground that allowed the Bothan Sector to grow beyond it's wildest dreams. Bothawui Mining declined during the rise of the Galactic Empire, which made importing materials vastly cheaper, due to the improved trade routes and easier extraction methods. When the GE went into turmoil, the New Imperial Order began to grow in Bothan Space. As NIO rose to power in the sector, a new faction was created. That faction was called KinerCorp. KinerCorp bought the fallen company and renamed it "Bothan Blasting Corporation".[2]

Imperial Resource Extraction never sleeps. The mines must run, the freighters must move, the material must flow to sustain the insatiable demand for raw materials in the galaxy. There is high demand for pilots, operators, prospectors and any others with a willingness to get their hands dirty to join us in this endeavor. With planets ripe for the prospecting, fleets of haulers at our disposal and untold wealth to back us, Imperial Resource Extraction is more ready than ever to meet head-on the challenges of the future.[1]

Leaders of IRE

8045_tzadikim.jpg Director Ben Tzadikim, Director of Extraction [3]

roger_mcallister.jpg Chief Engineer Roger Mcallister, Second in Command [3]

Past Leaders

7891_morussian.jpg norrec_morussian.jpg Brigadier General Norrec Morussian, Imperial Army Logistics Officer and former Director of RADIA

7892_morettius.jpg Darius Morettius, Director of RADE and Vizier of Improvements


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