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Imperial Navy Academy

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Imperial Navy Academy, or INA, was the archaic foundations that today's Imperial Academy is built on. Grand Admiral Veynom promoted the young Zachary Savk to Flight Sergeant and assigned him as the Director of the INA. Savk handled new recruit testing and evaluation with a small test he called the ARIT, short for the Academy Recruit Indoctrination Test.

The ARIT was a simple test designed to weed out undesirable applicants and to provide a basic understanding of some of the tasks that pilots would be expected to perform. The original form of the ARIT, designed by Grand Admiral Veynom in circa Year 0, was only scored on 10 marks. In mid-Year 1, a more elaborate version of the ARIT was introduced as the final examination in the Imperial Navy Academy. This version of the ARIT also made use of a 10-point scoring system. Graduation candidates who earned a score of 7 or higher were awarded the [ARIT] ribbon. At the end of Year 2, the Imperial Academy Basic Graduate (IABG) examinations of the Imperial Academy replaced the ARIT and the INA.