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Fletcher Welks

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Tobias Fletcher-Welks
Biographical Information
Born Year -4
Age 25 (Y21)
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown (Outer Rim)
Father Hervis Fyffe (Deceased)
Mother Hannah Welks (Deceased)
Spouse Sana Glover (Divorced, Y20)
Siblings Gaspard Fyffe (Disowned by Tobias)

Hazel Fletcher-Welks (Y15)
Hervis Fletcher-Welks (Y16)
Victoria Fletcher Welks (Y18)

Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
  • 1st Brigade Commanding Officer (Current)
  • 1st Brigade Executive Officer
  • 1st Brigade officer
  • 4th Brigade Officer
Qualifications Armour-S-B.png
Awards 9115_welks.png

Tobias Fletcher-Welks, also known as Fletcher Welks, is an human officer who served in the Imperial Army in the later stages of the Second Galactic Civil War and the Consolidation period that followed. He is an outspoken opponent to democracy and the New Republic, with aspirations of restoring Imperial rule over the galaxy. His strict adherence to protocol and the chain of command earned him the nickname "The droid" among the stormtroopers assigned to him.

In Mid Y21, at the head of the 1st Legions 1st Brigade and support of the Imperial Navy, Welks expelled pro-Republic forces from the planet of Spira IV and restored Imperial rule over the planet. During his month long operation he imposed order in the city of Breeze through strong crackdowns on dissident groups, particularly those in support of the New Republic. Post war he would continue his service by taking part in the securing the empires core territories and extending its control over the newly conquered territories.

Early Life

Tobias Fletcher-Welks was born on an unknown feudal planet located in the Outer Rim in the Year -4, to a family of servants to the local nobility. He became a devout follower of the monarchical system and idolized the nobility, much to the dismay of his mother and brother.

When a revolution established a republic, Welks would be among those disgusted by the reign of terror enacted by the revolutionaries. A mix of political violence and the poverty forced upon his family would cause Welks to flee to the empire as an émigré once he had come of age.

Life In The Empire

In Year 14, Welks would begin a career in the Coruscant private security industry. Taking a number of jobs that varied from security guard to bodyguard, to what could be described as mercenary work. The next year he would marry Sana Glover, with whom he had three children: Hazel, Hervis, and Victoria.

By late Y19 Welks would take an interest in the Imperial Army, believing that life as a stormtrooper would allow him to better provide for his family. This would create a rift between him and Sana which would cause their divorce in Y20. Two weeks after their divorce, Welks would attempt to enlist in the Imperial army as a stormtrooper and be singled out for the academy.

Academy Training

"Stop crying or I'll nail it to your head, since it's made of wood." -Welks to private Idiian

In Y20 D182 Welks began is studies at the academy, passing his exams and narrowly missing the requirements for graduation with honors. Reaffirming his choice in the army and beginning basic training.

Among the first tasks given to Welks was the transportation of POWs to an undisclosed location, a task he completed without complaint and would only comment "There was more sentient cargo than I expected." when asked for details. In the following weeks his training squad would give him the nickname 'The Droid' for his almost emotionless demeanor.

4th Brigade

In Y20 D187, Welks was assigned to the 4th Brigade under Cornelius Tuspin, where he would several months on a barge conducting an extended patrol. It was during this time that he would begin to open up to those around him, becoming more lenient with his stormtroopers and forming bonds with the NCOs. There was an unreported incident where Welks was stabbed by a shellshocked stormtrooper, Welks attempted to wake to trooper so they could take their place on watch and was mistaken for a bandit.

1st Brigade

To be continued