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Falleen Federation

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Falleen Federation
Political centres Doldur
Leader Jado Dur`rik
Territory South East of Galactic Core
Population 1 Trillion Approx.
Official languages Falleen Language
Currency Galactic Credits

The Falleen federation is a rogue state that claims dominion over several sectors south east of the galactic core. The federation as it is known today was created five years after the Galactic Empire was established. Many outlaws, criminal Jedi and bands of undesirables fled from the Empire and sought refuge with the Fallen. The Federation once operated as the main financiers of the Galactic Alliance before leaving the group late in Year 14.


Five years after the the rise of the Galactic Empire, various clans of Falleen gathered together and created a government which they dubbed The Falleen Federation. The federation is not recognized as a legitimate government and is seen as a rogue state which has become one of the more power factions in the Galactic Alliance. With the establishment of this rogue state, many criminals, fugitive Jedi and other undesirables began to flock to the federation, seeing it as a refuge from where they could continue to carry out their anti Imperial activity.

Politics and culture

Based on the planet Falleen, the federation is controlled by a king who oversees the government. He is known to assisted by a prime minister and a group of advisers who aid the king in matters pertaining to defence, state, culture, and engineering.

While the Falleen Federation claim to be dedicated to Liberty, Justice and Equality, we can see that this is not the case. In fact the Falleen themselves are known xenophobes. While claiming to be open to any and all species we see that few non-Falleen ever rise to any position of power with in the government. Indeed the federation is known to have subjugated and then drive out entire populations of planets in their sectors so that the Falleen may build their own settlements.

The blatant hypocrisy of this rogue state does not end their. The Falleen have established a federal reserve. This reserve acts as a banking faction both within the federation and outside its borders. The excessive taxes paid by the citizens of the federation go to fund this reserve. While it funnels in revenue from outside the federation through its bank accounts. These funds are then passed on to the Galactic Alliance who use them in their various rebel activity. It can be surmised that the Falleen idea of Liberty and Equality comes at a hefty price.

The Great Plight

The Falleen Federation government and the species as a whole have promoted a fable called the Great Plight. This fable alleges the Imperial Government had committed an act of genocide against the Falleen species.

The Falleen accuse an Imperial ship of unleashing a deadly virus on the population of Falleen. This virus is said to have wiped out millions of innocent Falleen. Of course this is a baseless accusation which the Fallen species has never been able to prove actually happened. They offer no records of this event. They offer no proof of any kind which can be examined by a neutral source.

While the authenticity this alleged atrocity cannot be verified, it has not stopped the Falleen species from being ruthless in their enforcement of this myth. Plight deniers are charged with making anti-falleen comments, they have their property confiscated, are given lengthy prison sentences and once released are often banned from holding positions of importance and are shunned from society.

Falleen Officials

  • His Majesty, King Jado Dur`rik

King of Falleen

  • Chancellor Tyriss Haxim


  • Lord Commander Arc Dalton

Head of Defence

  • Fleet Admiral Arthur von Minos

  • Lord Engineer Vin Zem

Head of Engineering