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Ministry of Culture

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Ministry of Culture
Vizier Elaine von Veritrax
Active Year 10 - Present
Headquarters Coruscant
Departments Imperial Academy
Imperial Centre of Recruitment
Imperial Information Service
Imperial Art Society
Imperial Gaming Commission
Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee
Government Galactic Empire

The Ministry of Culture oversees many aspects of Imperial governance not directly related to politics, the military, or industry. The Coalition for Culture administers artistic and written propaganda, Imperial recruitment and basic training, sporting events, and Holonet development with foresight and efficiency.

Imperial Art Society

The Imperial Art Society has a longstanding history within the Empire. Dating back to the founding of the Imperial Order, the Art Society has restored and/or preserved millions of pieces of art. The Imperial Art Society also creates propaganda flyers and pieces for the media per the Imperial Throne. All Imperial ship, vehicle, and armor designs are created and implemented by the Society.

The Imperial Art Society is also tasked with creating passports for every Imperial citizen. This Daunting task is often their most requested and busiest division. With the hundreds of millions of Imperial citizens within Imperial Territory and abroad, every citizen must be identified and their passport updated. New promotions, transfer of divisions, or even physical changes can occur and each time requires a new passport.

The Director of the Imperial Art Society is entrusted with confidence from the Imperial Throne on the say of Imperial artwork and the preservation of. The Director answers to the Vizier of the Coalition of Culture and together they work to enact the Emperor's guidance on the preservation of Imperial artistic history.

Curators are tasked with the actual preservation and creation of old and new art forms. They manage the Imperial museums, restoration facilities, and passport centers. These individuals are the ones that carry out the day to day tasks that make the Empire culturally rich and diverse.

Imperial Gaming Commission

The Department of gaming, represented by the Imperial Gaming Commission (IGC), is a subdivision of COMPNOR tasked with the regulation of gambling, gaming, and sports within the Empire. The IGC's role is to ensure all events are run fairly and that winnings are correctly distributed. Funding for games and prizes are provided by the Galactic Empire and from donations from private individuals.

The department was founded midway through Year 9 as a result of the Gambling and Gaming (GAG) Act of Year 9 in order to combat Imperials from becoming victims of theft or fraud, and helping combat illegal gambling activities related to corruption and criminal organizations trying to make a profit inside Imperial space. The law requires organizers of lotteries, raffles, and tournaments to apply for a license to run events and to be supervised by Imperial Gaming Commission members.

The IGC staff consists of a Director and Deputy Director who are tasked with the planning and implementation of the various contests sponsored by the commission. Some contests are free to enter, while some have entry fees. Details of the entry requirements for each contest are posted in the IGC section of the COMMCENT.

Contests hosted by the IGC include:

  • Lotteries
  • Raffles
  • Sports Leagues
  • Game Tournaments

Imperial Centre of Recruitment

The Imperial Centre of Recruitment (ICR) is made up of the Director, Deputy Director, Recruitment Officers and Recruitment Support Officers. ICR handles all official, external recruitment efforts for the Galactic Empire. An ICR Recruitment Officers message on Darkness is usually many Imperial's first point of contact with the Galactic Empire. Whether it is a Recruitment Officer or a Recruitment Support Officer on IRC chat, all are qualified to both answer your questions and help you take the necessary steps to join the Galactic Empire.

Imperial Academy

The Imperial Academy is currently made up of the Dean of Imperial Basic Training (IBT), Assistant Dean of IBT, and Training Officers. The Academy is the first port of call for all recruits into the Empire, and also offers many courses aimed to develop Imperial Citizens as they progress through their lifetime of Imperial Service. Initial recruits start the Imperial Academy in the School of Imperial Basic Training where they undergo an intensive course designed to educate them in a cross section of Imperial Life, outlining the standards expected of Imperial Citizens and Officers, and also provides instruction on protocol and law. After graduation there is branch specific training also handled by the Academy, and upon completion recruits will be promoted and posted to their first assignments. Throughout their career, Citizens may be sent back to the Academy to take further courses in preparation for command positions or for further schooling in specific roles.

Imperial Information Service

Remote Broadcasting Station

The Imperial Information Service (IIS) is the main source of news and information for Imperial Citizens. It shares with the other departments of the Coalition a responsibility to monitor the media and to further foster and develop the superior culture of the New Order.

The service is headed by a Director, whose responsibilities include coordinating with the heads of all planetary-based news organizations, such as the Byss Broadcasting Corporation and the Coruscant News Network, as well as making information available to Imperials through all media, regardless of their location in the galaxy.

The Imperial Information Service consolidates the Imperial News Bureau, the Imperial Archives, the Imperial Bureau of Stellar Charts and Surveys and the two major routine publications of Iron Will and Imperial Geographic into one overarching organization. Its origin can be traced back to the Imperial News Service (INS), founded shortly after the birth of the Galactic Empire, making the IIS one of the oldest ideological components of the Galactic Empire.

In order to ensure that the IIS is working at maximum efficiency, the duties of the department are divided amongst several projects, each with its own staff and project manager. There are always several projects running at any given moment, allowing members of the information service to dedicate themselves to a project that is in line with their preferences and skill sets. Regular duties of the department include maintaining the imperial archives, performing geographical surveys, updating historical and geographical records, providing the galaxy with high quality news services and organizing cultural events for all Imperials to participate in.

Many of the information service's projects attract great interest and attention. In order to stimulate the participation of citizens in the cultural expansion of the New Order and actively ingrain imperial Ideology into the lives of the galactic citizenry, the IIS offers the culturally and politically ambitious a chance to participate in project initiatives. These allow an ordinary citizen to become involved with projects without having to pass the rigorous requirements to become a full member of the Coalition of Culture. Each public project is headed by a member of the department who is responsible for leading the participants in the right direction and ensuring the tasks set out by the director are completed in a satisfactory manner. The Director oversees all projects and dictates their purposes and staffing.

Without the efforts of the Imperial Information Service, Citizens could be subject to dangerous misinformation and deception by those who seek to harm the Empire. Consequently, the service plays an important role for the Empire, offering the galactic Citizenry the chance to further educate themselves in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the coalition. It safeguards the cultural integrity of the Empire and seeks to preserve the truth for current and future generations.