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Classes of Citizenship

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Due to rapid expansion and the necessity for order and organization, the Galactic Empire established three classes of citizenship. Each citizenship class is based on genetic makeup and, more specifically, the nearness of a species to that of the human species, with each class holding different status, privilege, and rights within Imperial law. Classes are further differentiated by varied service opportunities for those citizens wishing to serve within the Galactic Empire.

Class A Citizenship

Class A citizens are granted full and unrestricted rights as Imperial citizens, with no limits on service, position, or rank. Having followed almost identical evolutionary paths to the Human species, with no distinct genetic variations due to local planetary influences or spontaneous mutation, Class A citizens possess a common biological heritage and significant cultural similarities with those of other 'human' species. Class A citizenship confers unrestricted rights to service in the Empire; these citizens are allowed to serve in all branches of the Empire including the military, the industrial sector and other civilian careers, and the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order.

Class A species are: Alderaanian, Corellian, Coruscanti, Hapan, Human, Kiffar, Kuati, Naboo, and Thyferran.

Class B Citizenship

Class B citizens are granted full rights as citizens, but are limited in service options within the Empire. Sharing a genetically common evolutionary pattern to humans, these 'near-humans' are determined to be only slightly inferior to humans. These species may have evolved from a common ancestor to that of humans, however, the evolutionary route differs decisively from that of the human species, branching off into other evolutionary directions as a result of differing environmental factors. These citizens are restricted to careers in the Ministry of Industry and Regional Government. Class B citizens who wish to serve in the Empire's military may receive a waiver from the Imperial Throne, however their service will be closely monitored and advancement more difficult; merit and time in grade requirements are increased for any Class B citizen serving in the military.

Class B species are: Anzati, Cerean, Chiss, Imzig, Klatooinian, Muun, Pau’an, Qiraash, Sakiyan, Zabrak and Zeltron.

Class C Citizenship

Class C citizens are granted basic and limited rights, and are subject to forced labor by those with proper Slaver Permits. Considered to be rather rudimentary species of the galaxy, these species are still considered sentient, but are incompatible with human physiognomy and physiology. Having a vastly different evolutionary path to the Human species, the closest compatible common ancestor is barely considered within the laurasiatheria range. Class C citizens, with the option of occupational choice, are subject to extreme limitations due to physical differences and abilities. Most often, the 'non-human' species are found working in the industrial sector, but under extreme circumstances are allowed to serve in other branches of the Galactic Empire. In the event a Class C citizen is allowed to serve outside of the Ministry of Industry, their progress will be closely monitored and any advancement carefully thought out.

Class C species are those species which are not covered under Classes A or B.

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