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Commission for the Preservation of the New Order

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Commission for the Preservation of the New Order
Active c. Year -22 - Present
Headquarters Coruscant
Sub-branches Central Government
Ministry of Industry
Select Committee
Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
Minister of Interior Azhrarn Amaratha
Minister of Industry Daelis Stanov
Minister of Culture Daniel Ascarion
Insignia compnor.png
Government Galactic Empire

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, commonly referenced by its acronym COMPNOR, is an umbrella organization for various entities that are designed to enforce the will of the New Order, spread the ideas of the New Order, bolster Imperial morale, and finally, crush the Empire's opposition. Replacing the Galactic Republic's COMPOR (Commission for the Protection of the Republic), COMPNOR is a key asset of the Galactic Empire as it both increases public awareness of the ideologies of the New Order and sets forth improving Imperial-controlled territories, increasing security and improving the quality of life for citizens.


COMPOR was a Republic committee established during the Clone Wars to brainstorm ideas and reforms that could be implemented to ensure the continuation of the Galactic Republic during those troubled times. After the establishment of the Galactic Empire, the committee became largely defunct until the reign of Emperor Trey Connel. As part of his reforms to the Imperial government, Emperor Connel reformed the committee as COMPNOR.

At its outset COMPNOR housed all the arms of the Empire that fell outside the traditional military arms of the Army and Navy. These departments could also be described as the wheels that made everyday life function in the Empire. Over the years, COMPNOR's internal organisation has undergone radical changes, partly as new departments were created and disbanded in accordance with the necessities of the day and partly due to responsibilities being transferred to independent ministries, many of which were subsequently reabsorbed into COMPNOR. Some of the now defunct organs of COMPNOR were the Imperial Corrections and Penal System, the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations, COMPForce and the Imperial Department of Psychological Studies and Evaluation.

During the early second reign of Vodo Bonias, COMPNOR was reduced in importance, with most of its administrative functions being transfered to the seperate Imperial Government under Grand Moff Zerk. During this period COMPNOR consisted primarily of the Empire's paramilitary and security agencies.

In Year 10, the branches within the Ministry of Operations and Ministry of Truth were reorganised under COMPNOR, restoring it to its former importance. Upon the reunification of the New Imperial Order and the Galactic Empire, the Ministry of Industry and Regional Government were established as independent branches, rather than sub-branches of COMPNOR.


The Select Committee is the executive body of COMPNOR. It is comprised of the Chairman of COMPNOR, the Emperor's direct representative, as its head, along with the heads of each Coalition that run the individual sub-branches. High-ranking Imperials may also serve on the committee, if desired by the current Chairman. All major decisions that relate to COMPNOR and its operations go through the Select Committee. Those on the Select Committee also have seats in Imperial High Command.

Coalition for Diplomacy

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Diplomacy's role is to train officers in the art of diplomacy, and expand the Empire's influence through contact and dealings with planetary governments and large corporations.

Department of Infrastructure

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The successor of the Coalition for Improvements, the role of Infrastructure is to set a general guide as to the requirements of the Empire and how to fulfill them with regards to finances and staffing resources. Currently led by Secretary Mikal Blak, departments under Improvements include:

Department of Culture

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The Department of Culture is the ideological wing of the Empire, responsible for education and the distribution of information to the populace. Currently by Secretary Daelis Stanov, departments under Culture include:


To become a member of COMPNOR, an individual must have at least six months' experience working within the Empire, no major infractions on his service record, and be a Class A citizen. A background check is conducted by the Imperial Security Bureau to determine if they are qualified to join. The Select Committee will ultimately decide for someone is fit to join one of the sub-branches. As several branches work daily with sensitive information, this is a necessary precaution.

Preteen and teenage human children are encouraged to join their local Sub-Adult Group, a paramilitary youth organization that instills loyalty to the Empire and prepares youth for enlistment in the Imperial military.

Chairs of COMPNOR