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Region Outer Rim Territories, Tingel Arm
Sector Corporate Sector
System Bonadan System
Galactic coordinates (342, 342)
System coordinates (14, 6)
Suns 1 (Bonad)
Moons 2
Primary Terrain Industrial Centers, Eroded Wastes
Planet Type temperate/breathable
Planet Size 13 x 13
Points of Interest Bonadanian Spaceports
Native Species Many, predominately descendants of Core World colonists
Official Language Imperial Basic
Approximate Population 12 Billion
Major Cities Bonadan Spaceport Southeast II
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Bonadan is the critical port of entry to the Corporate Sector, and is the primary world in the Bonadan system, boasting 10 gigantic spaceports. It is a strip-mined planet located at the end of the Hydian Way. The Bonadan Heavy Industries Corporation, also known as BHI, is headquartered here. BHI is a firm well known in the Corporate Sector and throughout the galaxy for the superior armor and munitions it manufactures. Natives of Bonadan call themselves Bonadanians, as they are also known by the galactic community. This densely populated planet is home to billions of citizens and species from around the Galaxy.


Bonadan's yellow, parched surface is heavily eroded, and its topsoil has been destroyed due to constant industry, mining, and construction. The remaining surface is covered with factories, refineries, docks, and shipbuilding facilities servicing ten spaceports, the largest being Bonadan Spaceport Southeast II, the capital and seat of the planetary government.

A massive weather control station is located in the mountains to the north of the main cities, which is used to generate 'sweeper storms' that clean the polluted air, allowing the planet to remain inhabitable. Foreign weapons are banned on Bonadan, and being caught by one of the omnipresent weapon detectors is grounds for immediate arrest. Newcomers are thoroughly scanned before landing by the planet's Security Police, known indigenously as 'Espos'.

From space, Bonadan appears as a yellow sphere covered with rust-red stripes. It looks barren and parched, for whatever plant life that has not been killed died due to careless mining operations, abundant pollutants, and simple neglect. The Bonadanian tortapo, a hardy, six-legged, reptilian creature covered by a protective bone shell, is one of the last surviving fauna native to the planet.

The originally verdant, beautiful landscape of Bonadan was rendered scorched and barren hundreds of years ago by excessive strip-mining, pollution, and environmental neglect. Many of the native species of flora and fauna, while beautiful, produced spores and venoms lethal to non-Bonadanian species, which led the original colonists to conduct a determined effort to drive them into extinction and open the planet for further development.


Gateway to the Corporate Sector

Bonadan was first settled by colonists (mainly humans and Duros) from worlds across the Core and the Inner Rim several thousand years ago, when the Galactic Republic spearheaded the Corporate Sector initiative. It was one of the founding worlds of the Corporate Sector Authority, or CSA, a loose coalition of corporate interests that were originally given free reign by the Republic to administrate the uninhabited region.

Shortly after the colony was founded, the Bonadanians became well known in the galactic community for designing armor suits made of heavier composite materials, affording greater personal protection in a broad spectrum of combat scenarios at the cost of maneuverability. Eventually, Bonadan Heavy Industries would establish a monopoly over the manufacture of Bonadanian alloy heavy suits, which would enter service in various military forces throughout the Galaxy.

Bonadan and the Clone Wars

By the time the Clone Wars erupted, many the systems of the Sector had sworn allegiance to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, save for a handful that remained loyal to the Galactic Republic. Bonadan was the foremost of the loyalist holdouts.

The Confederacy attempted to wrest control of the system from the Bonadanian planetary government several times, but they were continually pushed back. Throughout the War, the Bonadan system was considered a strategic position in the Corporate Sector that the Republic could not afford to lose.

The planet was heavily defended by its own indigenous Security Police and what remained of the CSA Picket Fleet's pro-Republic elements, which were augmented by Republic reinforcements towards the end of the conflict, as soon as they could be spared from other fronts throughout the Outer Rim. During the Fourth and final Battle of Bonadan, the CIS dispatched a sizable armada to conquer the system and clear the way for a planetary invasion, but this offensive was repulsed by a joint Bonadanian-Republic fleet under the command of Acting Captain Koltana Evard of the CSA Picket Fleet, Commanding Officer of the Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Steadfast, who assumed overall command of the loyalist fleet after Confederate forces had managed to destroy the Republic command ship with all hands lost.

Koltana Evard

Evard's heroic stand against virtually impossible odds made her the toast of her homeworld, not to mention a military hero. The defeat Evard had exacted upon the CIS over Bonadan was decisive and costly enough that the Separatists never again attempted to invade it. After the fall of the Confederacy and the end of the War, the systems of the Corporate Sector were eventually nationalized by the newly-formed Galactic Empire on Day 72 of Year 7. Evard, whose loyalty rested in the disbanded CSA, decided to retire from active military life, rather than accept a position offered to her to serve in the Imperial Navy.

In recognition for her heroism and loyalty during the Clone Wars, the Bonadanian planetary government gave the honorably discharged Captain an honorary promotion to the rank of Commodore, which she holds in retirement. In her retirement, Commodore Evard has become something of a planetary celebrity, somewhat to her amusement, having earned the sobriquet: the Savior of Bonadan.

Bonadan and the New Order

Bonadanian Espos

With the rise of the Galactic Empire and the nationalization of the Corporate Sector into the New Order, the Corporate Sector Authority had ceased to exist. The planetary government of Bonadan was allowed to remain somewhat semi-autonomous in recognition of the planet's loyalty during the Clone Wars, but the presence of the New Order across the planet is undeniable. Civilian morale and loyalty is at an all-time high, since the Empire has made overtures to guarantee a measure of Bonadanian autonomy, offering the citizens of the planet greater breathing room than they enjoyed during the CSA era, while also requesting more reasonable tithes that the previous government. Also, Bonadan's planetary garrison is not a component of the Imperial Army, it is in fact the same planetary defence and law-enforcement force that existed in the CSA era: the Espo Security Police. The continued existence of the Bonadanian Security Police was one of the requests the Empire honored during the Nationalization.

Bonadan's industries and capacities as a major center of interstellar commerce make it a critical center of Imperial control in the Corporate Sector. With the change of government above the planetary level, Bonadan's government has begun to shift its agenda towards the ambitious (and expensive) effort of repairing the extensive damage to Bonadan's natural environment via terraforming techniques and artificial climate manipulation. This project will undoubtedly take decades to complete, perhaps even centuries, but once the plans have come to fruition, descendants of the present-day Bonadanians will have yet another reason to be proud of their homeworld.