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Bjrosen Wulf

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Bjrosen Wulf
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Alice Sogaard
Father Friedrich Wulf (Deceased)
Spouse N/A
Siblings Kayte Wulf
Children None
Born Year -3 Day 105 (Age 18)signaturecopy_zps4dc71c52.png
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Government staff member
Prior Service None
Awards 8611_wulf.png

Bjrosen Wulf (Born Year -3 Day 105) a Coruscanti male serving in the Regional Government as a Prefect.



Bjrosen Wulf was born on Coruscant like many Imperial Citizens and was the second child of Alice and Friedrich Wulf, his father was a Pilot in the 5th Imperial Fleet and his mother was an accountant at a local firm. Due to his parents occupations and busy lives Bjrosen spent most of his early childhood in the care of his father's comrade Aleksander Velke, a Hapan technician who was forced into an early retirement after an unfortunate accident resulting in the loss of his left leg, upon which he became a wealthy lawyer. His early childhood friend was Velke's son, Dar who was only a few months younger than Bjrosen, their strikingly similar resemblance and closeness people often believed the two were indeed brothers.

A young Bjrosen, sometime during his stay with the Velke Family.

The young boys grew up aspiring to be soldiers in the Imperial Army, fighting side by side to defeat the rebel scum who had plagued their galaxy.

When Bjrosen was thirteen years old news reached his family that Friedrich was killed in action aboard IMS Blitzkrieg when a turbolaser blast tore apart the hangar bay where his father's TIE Interceptor was poised for launch. His death occurred while serving under Admiral Calor Assam the commanding officer of the 5thIF who would also unfortunately die only months later.


The shocking news had a rather odd effect on Bjrosen, he didn't seem to react with sorrow and sadness as a typical child might,instead he merely accepted the loss of the man who named him. Many came to the conclusion that this was because in the young mans eyes Aleksander was his father,not Friedrich. The same however could not be said for his mother Alice Wulf who became a rather emotional wreck upon becoming a widow. Bjrosen and his remaining family drifted further apart as he spent more time focussing on his studies and spending time with his "second family" and less time on helping his mother cope with her stress and depression, Kayte(Bjrosen's older sister) eventually kicked him out in a fit of rage and the now fifteen year old boy was quickly accepted into his "adopted father" Aleksanders home.

During his three years with the Velke family Bjrosen worked at the families law firm as a bookkeeper and administrator because of this he developed very good managerial skills and became incredibly competent at operating computer systems. Bjrosen's growing passion for politics and seemingly natural skills at administrative tasks combined with raw leadership capabilities the life of a career politician seemed like the best option for Bjrosen.

Three months before his first day at the academy Bjrosen travelled to Corellia in order to observe and meet members of the wealthy political sectors in Corellia for two months before spending one month enjoying the planet before he began his gruelling journey at the Imperial Academy on Coruscant.

Imperial Service

Professor de Montfort.

Time of Service: Year 15 Day 106 - present

Imperial Academy

Bjrosen Wulf began his time at the Imperial Academy on Year 111 of Year 15 only a few days after turning eighteen, starting at the same time as his longtime friend Dar,in which he was assigned to Everard de Montfort, a well known Governor of the Dromund System. His first day at the academy saw Bjrosen meeting his future Professor, Adjutant Everard de Montfort, a handsome middle-aged sports fan with a somewhat classic taste in furnishing that was awfully similar to his father's. The man seemed to have a typical aristocratic look about him which seemed to contrast with his rather plebeian passion for boloball.

The first few days at the Academy were rather dull for the young recruit as the first few lectures and exams were rather easy and boring, however after being invited to join a group of fellow Government hopefuls at a small local pub the anxiety seemed to wash away and a more relaxed Bjrosen was released upon the world. While at the pub Bjrosen met and befriended fellow Recruit Connor Laski, a recruit with plans to serve as an officer in the Imperial Army currently being tutored by Commander Luke Winslow.

Bjrosen's main objective once he joined up at the Imperial Academy was to graduate win Honours. He believed that anything less would be a complete failure and luckily enough his tutor was always able to reply to any issues that Bjrosen had in quick haste.

On the 118th day of the 15th Year Bjrosen received a transmission from the Academy with the results of his time at the academy.

Final Score: 98.88%


Height: 1.84 meters
Weight: 169 lbs
Body Type: Slim
Eyes: Grey/Blue
Hair: Brown, Short (Often Messy)
Skin: Caucasian
Markings/Tattoos: None
Health: Slight Nerve Damage (Left Ankle)


Service Record



  • MT-1.png - T-1 Recruit Year 15 Day 111 - Year 15 Day 118
  • RGO-1.png - O-1 Junior Superintendent Year 15 Day 118 - Present

Memorable Quotes

Timeline of Positions