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Imperial Art Society

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Imperial Art Society
Leader Director Kathleen Tate
Acting Director Elvira Falston
Foundation Date Y7
Type Part Time Job
Professions Art
Emblem The Brush
Motto "Ars gratia artis!"
Application Process Please contact Kathleen Tate
Forum Imperial Art Society Commissions
Affiliation COMPNOR

The Imperial Art Society, previously known as the Art Team, is a part of the Coalition for Culture within COMPNOR and is in charge of the Art Department of the Galactic Empire. The Imperial Art Society is in charge of a couple of things, regarding the GE's every day Art needs. The current Director of the Imperial Art Society is Kathleen Tate.

Imperial Art Society Duties

The Imperial Art Society is responsible for:

  • Updating and creating, as well as maintaining the Avatars of the GE's members.[1]
  • Making Artworks for the GE's members, including banners, posters, and sometimes Custom images for their ships..
  • Participating in projects outside the GE that would make our galaxy prettier.


The Imperial Art Society was founded by Brat Cost Ru (Under construction)


Current Members

Active members of the GE Imperial Art Society;

Past Members

Ghost Members

  • None

Past Ghost Members

Imperial Art Society Quotes

The Imperial Art Society has a couple of mottos.

  • -Victory through the power of Photoshop- Was taken from the Imperial News Bureau's motto. And was changed be more Art Team like.
  • -Ars gratia artis!- Is Latin. And although we are not sure of it, it means "Art for Art's sake!"
  • -The Art side of the Force is a pathway to abilities considered to be unnatural...- Was taken from the Galactic Empire's IRC main channel topic, to say that one who joins the Imperial Art Society, will come out with the powers of making Art.


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