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Agiri Huntsmaster

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Agiri Huntsmaster
Biographical Information
Race Human (Thyferran)
Gender Female
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Christine
Father Kalif
Spouse none
Siblings Bran, Adel
Children none
Born Year -9 Day 260 (22 standard years old)
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Prior Service COMPNOR:
  • Imperial Academy Student
Awards IABG-H.jpg [IABG-H]

Agiri Huntsmaster (Year -9 Day 260 - present) is presently a Workman serving the Galactic Empire as part of the Ministry of Industry in the Nationalized Faction Myorzo Weapons Systems.

Agiri's primary focus as she enters Imperial service is to devote herself to the research of new capabilities for the GE military, be that improved healing and medical tools, better weapons, or improved logistics. She takes a special interest in unique weapon systems, and devotes a substantial portion of her time to independent study of metallurgy.

Agiri grew up on Thyferra, spending her early years in the family business of alazhi growing for the bacta producer Xucphra. Her untrained skill at repairing and developing new machinery was quickly noticed, and Agiri was sent to the corporate academy in Zalxuc City. There, she trained with some of the finest minds of the Inner Rim, developing her skills as a R&D scientist. Yet to decide on a career path, she left Thyferra as a recruit in the employment of Myorzo Weapon Systems.

Like many Thyferrans, Agiri is tall and slender. Her complexion is fairly pale, with more influence from her ivory-skinned mother than her darker father. She wears her light auburn hair to frame her face, tying it back as necessary. Her first approach to any new situation is the rational one (as it seems to her), and she can be a confident leader when called upon.

Imperial Career

Imperial Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[E-1] MIE-1.gif Recruit Year 13 Day 271 - Year 13 Day 273 August 27th, 2012 - August 29th, 2012
[E-3] MIE-3.gif Workman Year 13 Day 273 - present August 29th, 2012 - present


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honors [IABG-H] Year 13 Day 273 SCLK Vidar Sicarius


[Myorzo Weapon Systems]
Year 13 Day 278 (September 3, 2012)

Imperial Personnel Profile

General Information

Surname: Afriit (Legally adopted 'Huntsmaster' Year 13 Day 134)
Given Name(s): Agiri
Race: Thyferran (Class A Citizen)
Gender: Female
Rank: Workman
Branch: Ministry of Industry
Service Number: MIND-CF1-691-234
Education: Imperial Academy Honor Graduate
Age: 22
Homeworld: Thyferra
Family: Kalif Afriit (father), Christine Nielson Afriit (mother), Bran Afriit (brother), Adel Afriit (brother; deceased)

Physical Description

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Build: Slender
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red

Psychological Profile

Personality Type: Scientific Rationalist

  • Subject lives in the world of ideas and strategic planning, with a need for applying those ideas.
  • Subject values intelligence, knowledge, and competence, and has high standards in these regards of both self and others.
  • Subject is independent, original, analytical, and determined, with an exceptional ability to turn theories into plans of action.
  • Subject appears to be a natural leader, but tends to defer to existing leaders if trust is established.
  • Subject tends towards excessive Holonet use when bored or stressed, and may exhibit other sensate behaviors under adverse conditions.
  • Subject is often seen as aloof or uncaring by peers, which is likely perceived rather than actually representative of subject.
  • Subject tends to form quick judgments, which are usually correct and usually undiplomatic.

Personal History


Agiri Huntsmaster was born Agiri Afriit in Year -9, to Thyferran parents of little reknown. Like her parents and brothers, she worked in the alazhi farms of the Xucphra Corporation. What remains of her family still works there- her father a cook in the company canteen and her mother a field supervisor. Her parents chose to enroll her in the company school, working longer hours to pay the tuition. She went through a number of nicknames during her childhood, some of which she liked and others she despised: The Harvester (from her first supervisor), The Imp (from the children in the company school), The Stone (from the crueler of those children) and finally The Huntsmaster (won in a hunting competition limited to archaic bows). The latter name was the one she took as her own when she decided to accept an offer to study and find employment off-planet.


Agiri in the field, drawn by her brother.

Agiri was quickly identified as a superior talent in the sciences. While still a teenager, she began studying on her own the social patterns of Vratixan blood eagles (a native Thyferran predator), and contributed several original observations, including a link between heavy feeding and magnetic disturbances. She was no less a phenom in the alazhi farms, where she made several improvements to the nutritive substrate on which the bacteria were grown, leading to a nearly 1.5% increase in production. This particular accomplishment led the Xucphra Corporation to offer her a course of study in the corporate college. While at XIST, she developed a bacta dispersion blaster to be employed as a quick method to dose large groups with small amounts of bacta. While the implementation occasionally left something to be desired, and in one or two tests created rather large messes, the idea itself was novel enough to attract the attention of a corporate recruiter for Myorzo Weapon Systems. Agiri initially refused the offer of employment, content to tinker at XIST and make spare change hauling processed bacta to orbit.

Agiri poses with her traditional weapon after winning a bowhunting competition

She changed her mind after the ritual hunt in which local teens are given prehistoric weapons and sent out to bring back one and only one prize, each child striving to down the most prestigious game possible. Agiri drew on her knowledge of the Vratixian eagles and returned with the claw of an eagle patriarch. Shortly after the pageantry of her victory, her parents pulled her aside and told her that her beloved younger brother Adel has been struck by a stray arrow while stalking his own prey and was not expected to live. He had been too far out in the grasslands, and his wounds had necrotized before bacta could be administered. Enraged, Agiri secretly dosed the guilty youth with a slow-acting poison of her own design. She left Thyferra soon after, knowing that she would be in the employ of MWS long before the child died and that suspicion would likely never come her way.


  • Xucphra Institute of Science and Technology, Thyferra
  • Imperial Academy, Coruscant


Agiri's goal is to take command of a GE research and development laboratory, furthering the progress of the Empire through scientific research and intelligent resource allocation. She has a particular affinity for weapons, especially odd variants that find limited but highly effective tactical usage, and wants to be remembered as the creator of something particularly revolutionary.


Agiri has an insatiable curiousity and attention to detail. She revels in the gain of knowledge, and delights in sharing that knowledge with others. Though typically quiet and reserved, she forms friendships easily and can be counted on to take charge with a clear and level head if the situation requires it. Despite her interest in weapons, her time working in the bacta trade has trained her to regard all life as valuable, and violence to be a final resort.


Agiri has an extreme intolerance for incompetence and anything that she percieves as stupidity. As a result, she is somewhat prejudiced against aliens, especially those with lower mental faculties (though she can and will overcome her initial objections if the individual in question demonstrates competency). Excessive bureaucracy and extreme dedication to social protocol also chafe at her. She is careful to show proper respect in public, but those who continually demand their maximum due are subconciously punished with Agiri's minimum effort. Her reasoned approach to most situations leads some to regard her as passionless and dull.

Personal Effects

Agiri's Vratix Blood Eagle claw pendant

During Agiri's hastened departure from Thyferra, she had her trophy from The Hunt fashioned as a necklace. She wears it always, both in memory of her brother and as a reminder to herself of what she can accomplish when she trusts herself.