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"Scientia, Ordo, Potestas."

The Imperial Archives is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the history of the Galactic Empire. Registered users may create or edit articles to create a comprehensive database for Imperial citizens.

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Nathaniel Durane


Nathaniel Durane was born on Alderaan to a small family. Growing up he was always fascinated with the stars, and hoped to one day fly amongst them. That dream was realised on his eighteenth birthday when his father, Auric, too old to continue as a freighter pilot, passed his ship, the YT-2000 Luscient Assayer, onto his son. With his family financially secured and comfortable, Nathaniel was able to set off on his own adventures, travelling as a freelance pilot and ship's captain for transport services.

On Year 10, Day 224, while stopped on Naboo, Nathaniel was struck by a passing speeder and suffered serious injuries. Hie condition worsened as he was transported to a hospital, eventually turning critical. At the worst of the fight the medical staff almost lost him when Nathaniel suffered a cardiac arrest, ceasing upper brain activity. He was brought back from the brink, however, and stabilised over the next several days.

He was released from the hospital on Year 10, Day 245, after having spent three weeks out of commission, and set forth for Alderaan immediately to be with his family and assuage their concerns. He arrived home a week later, just in time to celebrate his twentieth birthday before once again setting off to explore the galaxy. (more...)

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[03:19:04] <CGEN_Orikan> A friend of mine in high school nearly failed science class because he didn't want to participate in dissection.
[03:19:17] <CGEN_Orikan> He knew the material, but you might say... he just didn't make the cut.
[03:21:01] * Guinar has kicked CGEN_Orikan from #cmg-empire (Seems I returned just in time.)
<PRE_Kynnovan> A friend of mine studied economics, but he dropped out recently.
<PRE_Kynnovan> He wanted to be a banker, but you could say he lost interest.


"Greatness is not a stationary pinnacle. It is not some solid foundation one which one may plant an intrepid flag and then cease all labors for having conquered the goal. No, greatness is achieved again and again in a perpetual hunt for excellence. Each time excellence and greatness are captured, they slip once again out of grasp like an elusive fey, demanding to be caught yet again. It takes no less than an Imperial to courageously embrace the tantalizing dilemma. Listen then, and recognize that you are an important part of the whole, exerting your will into existence; your efforts are writing the pages of history. Be encouraged that in many ways, across vast regions of space, Imperials are always advancing the standard."
Grand Vizier Ventidius

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"Smuggling Operations Disrupted in Corellia"

Posted by: James Hudson on Year 17 Day 258

CORELLIA (MILITARY) - CORELLIA (MILITARY) - The Corellian Port Authorities recently received an alert from one of the traffic monitoring officials while verifying cargo and passenger manifestos against scan records. Based on disclosed information, a specific ship was requested to clarify the discrepancies immediately and instead decided to flee. A quick response of the Imperial Naval Forces allowed the capture of the crew of the ship and the confiscation of the vessel in order for ISB to carry on with their investigation. Admiral Katherion of the 3rd Imperial Fleet shared a few words on the recent disturbance and plans on how to handle this in the future: “…the Corellia Sector is one of the most heavily trafficked sectors in the galaxy. As such, we inevitably see these rises in smuggling activity from time to time. However, there is currently no reason to suspect these are anything more than isolated incidents and part of a larger rebel effort. We are currently working alongside Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Security Bureau to identify and apprehend these smugglers long before they actually get their ships off the ground. In the short term however, you can expect to see a larger naval presence throughout the sector along with increased patrol activity.”

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"From the ashes of war, seeds of peace"

Posted by: Guinar Ndengin - Faction: Galactic Empire
'Date: Year 17 Day 274 Onboard the Super Star Destroyer Imperious in system Zamael (-30, -25).

Deafening revelries on the streets of both Falleen and Coruscant today, celebrating the newly forged peace treaty between long time adversaries the Falleen Federation and the Imperial Union.

All throughout the day the atmosphere had been electric as large crowds gathered, eagerly anticipating an official statement from the Imperial Palace. When finally the holoscreens lit up, showing the Imperial Union Executive Council together with their Falleen Federation counterpart, an expectant silence fell over the restless crowds. As Emperor Ndengin announced there would be peace between four prominent nations, the pent up tension found earnest release in jubilant cheers.

The Emperor articulated his joy to see this long negotiated peace come to fruition: "It's been many long years that the Falleens and our alliance have been in a state of war. We've been fortunate enough to see that war go cold for quite some time, but it's always a time for celebration when diplomacy prevails and hostilities end as we find common ground and pave the way to peaceful coexistence - and perhaps even a close friendship down the road."

Signing the treaty, King Jado Dur`rik had similar remarks. "The anticipation has been an extended circumstance, it has not been easy by any means, yet worth the investment. The crucial factor is that all parties refused to give up, recognizing the importance of peace to our citizens and the economy."

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  • ...that the Empire alone currently controls 32 sectors, more than the total number of sectors controlled by the New Republic, Triumvirate Coalition, and the Krath Dynasty combined?
  • ...that Guinar I was crowned Emperor of the Galactic Empire on Year 12 Day 328, making him the 2nd longest reigning Emperor in Imperial history?
  • ...that the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order and Dark Lord of the Sith are both of the Kiffar race?
  • ...that the Iron Will is the official news magazine for the Galactic Empire and was in its earliest form known as the "Soldier's Journal", and then later the "Imperial Gazette"?

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