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"Scientia, Ordo, Potestas."

The Imperial Archives is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the history of the Galactic Empire. Registered users may create or edit articles to create a comprehensive database for Imperial citizens.

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Amelia Kolczynski


Amelia was born on Kiffex to Gregor and Anna Kolczynski into the clan of Nah`utal. She had a relatively normal childhood, but as the only child, she could have been described as slightly spoiled by her parents. She was taught the basics of Kiffar society and she played with others well, but there was always a fierce independent streak underlying her behavior.

This tendency to do whatever she wanted caught up with her at the age of eight when she had been playing in the woods alone, a few klicks from her home. A small group of mercenaries were camped out and the young girl had stumbled upon them. They took it on themselves to kidnap her, figuring they could try to ransom her back to her family. This plan fell through when their commander recalled them, but the group decided to take her with them, figuring she’d have some value as a servant. Unbeknownst to her, her parents had recently found out that they were expecting a second child, another girl. This small happiness was the only bright light amongst their grief. The family reached out to their fellow clanmates for any information on their daughter, but there was nothing to be found. (more...)

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[05:59:33] <&Seele[AWAY]> Zhaff, I want you to stop and consider this for a moment.
[05:59:56] <&Seele[AWAY]> Sigmund and I are arguing the same thing against you here. Just how far from the pack have you roamed?


"Greatness is not a stationary pinnacle. It is not some solid foundation one which one may plant an intrepid flag and then cease all labors for having conquered the goal. No, greatness is achieved again and again in a perpetual hunt for excellence. Each time excellence and greatness are captured, they slip once again out of grasp like an elusive fey, demanding to be caught yet again. It takes no less than an Imperial to courageously embrace the tantalizing dilemma. Listen then, and recognize that you are an important part of the whole, exerting your will into existence; your efforts are writing the pages of history. Be encouraged that in many ways, across vast regions of space, Imperials are always advancing the standard."
Grand Vizier Ventidius

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"IMC expands along the Southern Core"

Posted by: Jai Meridan on Year 17 Day 192

KUAT (INDUSTRY) - Minister of Industry Meridan announced today that the second phase of the expansion of the Imperial Mining Corporation (IMC)’s South Eastern Core mine complexes is expected to be completed in a few weeks, which will boost the production capacity of the Southern Core Hub by over 250,000 units per month (upm). Galaxywide market leader in raw material extraction, IMC has said it has been expanding operations in the Corellian sector in order to rebalance operations among the southern core systems which were before now centralised in the Tapani sector.

A major mine expansion had already taken place under the leadership of previous Chief Executive Officer now Minister of Industry Jai Meridan, with the project now passed to the capable hands of the corporation's new CEO Aurren Takla. When asked for official comment a spokesperson provided the following statement: “We can not provide much more specific information on ongoing operations to ensure everything runs smoothly...

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"Veritas Alicubi Est"

Posted by: Seele - Faction: Galactic Empire
'Date: Year 17 Day 97 Onboard the Trading II Vulpter Trading in system Vulpter (5, 57).

KATHOL (INB) - Denizens of the galaxy were surprised today at the shock announcement from the Rift Alliance (RA) that they had secured the fabled Katana Fleet. Source of much discussion was the news that the RA had succeeded in secretly launching 100 Dreadnaught-class cruisers after retrofitting to remove the fatal flaw that sent the doomed fleet into legend. Celebrations at the achievement were reported across the Rift Alliance, however, newly leaked reports have indicated the announcement by the Rift Alliance is nothing more than a hoax.

It is an ill-kept secret that the Rift Alliance has been struggling to attract recruits to its failing military for some time now. According to top secret scandocs believed to have been leaked from the Krath Dynasty’s Ruling Council, a desperate need has come to light for the Rift Alliance to garner galactic attention in a bid to attract recruits. With overall numbers of personnel throughout the entirety of the Rift Alliance either being stagnant or slowly dropping over the past few years, a scheme was hatched amongst the RA’s leadership known as 'Operation Haunting'. This operation was conceived as a propaganda campaign to draw notoriety and mystique to the Rift Alliance in a bid to boost its overall manpower in the hope that citizens would flock to serve aboard the famous ships of the missing Katana Fleet.

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  • ...that the Empire alone currently controls 32 sectors, more than the total number of sectors controlled by the New Republic, Triumvirate Coalition, and the Krath Dynasty combined?
  • ...that Guinar I was crowned Emperor of the Galactic Empire on Year 12 Day 328, making him the 2nd longest reigning Emperor in Imperial history?
  • ...that the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order and Dark Lord of the Sith are both of the Kiffar race?
  • ...that the Iron Will is the official news magazine for the Galactic Empire and was in its earliest form known as the "Soldier's Journal", and then later the "Imperial Gazette"?

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