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| name = Xama-nie Taki
| name = Xama-nie Taki
| image = https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/667417401859768331/736391773500473384/2lt.png
| image = http://art.swc-empire.com/avatar/9204_taki.jpg
| homeworld = Alderaan
| homeworld = Alderaan
| race = Alderaanian
| race = Alderaanian

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Xama-nie Taki
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Baroness Aliana Taki (Deceased)
Father Baron Norac Taki (Deceased)
Spouse N/A
Siblings Unborn brother (Deceased)
Children N/A
Born Year -11, Day 200
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Legionary
Prior Service N/A
Awards 9204_taki.png

Xama-nie Taki (born Year -11 Day 200) is an Alderaanian soldier currently serving in the Imperial Army of the Galactic Empire. She is in active service.

Early Life

Xama-nie Taki was born on Year -11 Day 200 in the city of Cevata in the Juran Mountains as the oldest of two children. Her father, Baron Norac Taki, was the city's ruler and something of a local legend; some of his many pre-retirement occupations included spice smuggler, mercenary captain, and stage performer. Her mother, Baroness Aliana Taki, was the heiress to a mining conglomerate run by her family in the Mid Rim. Xama-nie herself, being the daughter of minor but wealthy nobility, was afforded opportunities many others of her age could only dream of. She was educated by private tutors and excelled in her studies. Furthermore, she received extensive combat instruction from her father as well as some of the finer arts of war. However, rather than attempting to emulate the humility of her father, Xamna-nie grew arrogant and disdainful of those she considered to be of lesser social standing; this translated to almost everyone. Talks and scolding only worsened her behavior, and by age sixteen tales of her scathing words driving household staff and locals to tears were commonplace. Thanks to her father's influence, many of these transgressions were overlooked, and in the case they weren't Xama-nie went unpunished.

At the age of eighteen, Xama-nie's scathing words caused a minor diplomatic incident with another prominent family in the region when she rejected an arranged marriage proposal with a contemptuous and scornful reply letter. She was firmly reprimanded by her enraged father, who arranged a banquet in which Xama-nie would offer a formal apology and then accept the marriage proposal at the dinner's climax. However, her life changed forever. On the way to the banquet, the engines on the family's traveling airspeeder failed. The speeder smashed into the side of a mountain at high speeds, with the wreck tumbling nearly eighty metres into the valley below. Xama-nie's entire family was killed, including her unborn brother. Xama-nie herself survived the crash, with responding authorities claiming her survival as nothing less than a miracle. She spent over a year in recovery and physical therapy before returning to normal life. The woman who was carried from the airspeeder was not the same as the one who entered it.

At age twenty, Xama-nie formerly ascended to the position of Baroness Taki. Gone was her arrogance, replaced instead by the disposition of a woman who had been humbled by losing almost everything. She dedicated the first few years of her reign as Baroness to mending ties she had broken, and after four years of effort she had regained most of the trust that her adolescence. Unlike her father, however, the young Baroness did not find her task enjoyable. Though she was educated for it, the task of managing a realm was one best suited to someone with the disposition for it. On her twenty fifth birthday, she announced her abdication of the title Baroness, to be replaced by a proven and trusted cousin. Within three days, she liquidated her personal assets and left her homeworld. She drifted for half a year until finding stable work in an organization dedicated to assisting the families of deceased and disabled Imperial veterans. She found the work rewarding, and after five and a half years she could no longer resist her call to arms. Immediately after leaving the organization, she headed straight for a recruiting office. On Year 21 Day 229, she transitioned into the Imperial Academy.