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Thokul Tovcor is a Recruit currently undergoing training at Prakith.

Thokul Tovcor
Biographical Information
Birth Year -5 Day 2
Age 26
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Imperial Service
Position Recruit


Thokul was born on Corellia. He spent his childhood in a region considered poverty stricken, but his home resided in a group of blocks in which residents were better off. His family's neighbors did not include any other children, so Thokul had no choice but to make friends with those who would appear to be a class below himself. This usually led to Thokul feeling embarrassed when things he took for granted became treasures to others his age.

The clique Thokul grew up with was one of few in the area that did their best to stay out of trouble. As they grew older, they realized the less attention drawn to themselves, the easier time they would have moving away from the area - off world or not. Thokul had never left Corellia, except for a few trips into space his father would bring him on, as something to bond over. A few years shy of being an adult, his father would start to train Thokul in piloting. Thokul was average at it, but he was hooked instantly and jumped at any chance to fly high above the ground.

One day while reading, Thokul spotted an Imperial Shuttle escorted by two Imperial Navy pilots fly low overhead, and land at a raised landing pad in the distance. The aesthetic the ships - the angles and the colors, really mesmerized Thokul. There was a sense of order and direction the ships had. At the time, Thokul had being working for a friend of his father's. Other than his family, Thokul did not have any important connections with his home world. This being the case, Thokul started preparations to join the Empire.


Thokul joined the Empire on Year 20 Day 333 and is still underground basic training.