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| positions = Naval Officer
| positions = Naval Officer
| prior service = None
| prior service = None
| awards = IABG-H
| awards = IABG-H MID LOC
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*[[Honours_and_Awards_-_Empire#Imperial Academy Basic Graduate|Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours]] [IABG-H] http://www.swc-empire.com/images/awards/IABG-H.jpg - Awarded Year 21, Day 95
*[[Honours_and_Awards_-_Empire#Imperial Academy Basic Graduate|Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours]] [IABG-H] http://www.swc-empire.com/images/awards/IABG-H.jpg - Awarded Year 21, Day 95
*[[Honours_and_Awards_-_Empire#Mentioned in Dispatches|Mentioned in Dispatches]] [MID] https://www.swc-empire.com//images/awards/MID.jpg - Awarded Y21, Day 129  
*[[Honours_and_Awards_-_Empire#Mentioned in Dispatches|Mentioned in Dispatches]] [MID] https://www.swc-empire.com//images/awards/MID.jpg - Awarded Y21, Day 129  
*[[Honours_and_Awards_-_Empire#Letter of Commendation|Letter of Commendation]] [LOC] https://www.swc-empire.com//images/awards/LOC.jpg - Awarded Y21, Day 248
[[Category: Individuals]]
[[Category: Individuals]]

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Seb Jacobi
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Becca Soloris
Father Vikk Tresk
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -5, Day 32
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Naval Officer
Prior Service None

Seb Jacobi is a serving officer within the Imperial Navy. Before joining the Galactic Empire Jacobi worked for his father's freight business as a pilot and occasional sales broker.


Background and Childhood

Born on Day 32 of Year -5 to parents Vikk Jacobi and Becca Soloris, Seb Jacobi is a human male of Corellian descent. His parents were a self-made freighter magnate and a freelance musician respectively. Shortly after his birth his mother Becca separated from Vikk, supposedly to better pursue her dreams of becoming a galactic superstar. In the years since, the lack of any planet-headlining concerts being announced or galaxy-wide hit records emerging would suggest this endavour met with failure.

Vikk took the separation especially hard and struggled as a single father. In order to cope with the situation he found himself in he threw himself into his work, further expanding his freight business at the cost of spending any significant amount of time with his son. Usually left to his own devices within the care of his fathers friends and employees, Seb grew up a somewhat isolated child surrounded by the rough and ready crews of various tramp-freighters. In spite of these circumstances he regularly attended a fairly well regarded school on Corellia, earning a formal education and making at least a few friends of his own age.

Eventually, Seb came of age and graduated from school with a solid albeit fairly basic grounding in formal education. From there the natural progression was into working for Jacobi Freight, whether he liked it or not.

Have Freight Will Travel

From the very moment he was born it was clear that Vikk fully intended only one thing for his son - for him to inherit the family business. To this end once he left formal education and passed the various pilot licensing checks required to fly a number of galactic trade routes Seb was given a freighter of his own in order to learn the ropes. Having spent the majority of his free-time as a child aboard various freighters he took to the job quickly and in no time at all he became a skilled and profitable asset to Jacobi shipping.

As time wore on the business began to lose its lustre for Seb however. Running the same routes week after week, month after month and year after year eventually burned him out. At the end of each lengthy haul he couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't more to the galaxy - something else he could be doing that perhaps might stimulate him a bit more than shipping containers of durasteel and dehydrated food-stuffs.

Through the years he worked the hyper-lanes a single constant held a special place in his imagination. The Imperial ships that kept the lanes secure from pirates and brigands would always fascinate him - the sleek awe of Imperial Star Destroyers and the efficient packs of TIE-Fighters that roamed space on the hunt for criminals. Eventually Seb made the decision to complete one last haul, after which he'd head straight to the nearest Imperial recruitment station. To say his father was less than pleased with this plan is an understatement. Regardless, Seb handed in his enlistment papers on Year 21, Day 85.

Imperial Service

Within a very short time of enlisting Seb found himself at the Imperial Academy, a recruit among hundreds of others ready to be shaped into Imperial officers.

Service Record

Ranks Held

  • Recruit [T-1] (Year 21, Day 85)
  • Ensign [O-1] (Year 21, Day 99)
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade [O-2] (Year 21, Day 192)

Awards and Commendations