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Patrick Mueirech

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Patrick S. S. Mueirech
Biographical Information
Born Year -9 Day 146
Age 29 (Y20)
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Father Neidhardt Mueirech
Mother Elen Suzanne Soryu Mariendorf-Mueirech
Spouse None
Siblings Ron Mueirech, Misato Alison Cervenka Mueirech, Adrian Henslow Fritsch Mueirech, Dorothea Bianka Akagi Mueirech
Languages Galactic Basic, Atrisian Basic
Signature N01rVSS.png
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions 2nd Legion Commanding Officer
Prior Service 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
Imperial Academy

Director of IIS
Awards 9071_mueirech.png

Patrick Senjūrō Scharnhorst "Pat" Mueirech, notably the older brother of the late Ron Mueirech, is a serving member of the Imperial Army.


oRmqZpu.png Biography


Patrick Mueirech is a long haired fellow that is of light skin pigmentation and slender in build. His height is 185cm and weighs around 79kgs He's grown a long beard as for his facial hair and to accompany his long hair. Due to Imperial regulations however, he's forced to trim his beard and hair to acceptable measures. In regards to attire, he wears whatever fits the situation and what would be quite advantageous. He will always don a combat attire both in the military and out.

The Thyferran Mueirech

Patrick's home city on Thyferra.


Born to a wealthy family in Thyferra, Patrick is classified as a Thyferran by birth. His parents are Neidhardt Mueirech and Elen Suzanne Soryu Mariendorf-Mueirech. His childhood was quite comfortable. Patrick's needs were available upon request, all in part of his father's accumulated wealth in the highly competitive Bacta market. A privileged life of a Class A Citizen. Corporate politics and strategic marketing became a part of his childhood. Neidhardt Mueirech held meetings and business discussions in the Mueirech Manor. As a child, Patrick wanted to be shadowed under by his father, so he's been allowed to attend the meetings even if for most of the time, he did not know what was talked about. Much to his father's expectations, he spent most of the time playing under the conference table with his toys or causing mischief below the other old business people's legs. In time, Patrick grew a learned person to realize that he has to prove something in the future.

A Certain Path

By the age of 11, Patrick have thought through what he wanted to be. Despite coming from a family heavily invested in business, he wanted to stray further away from that path. He took upon the interest of public service instead; Law Enforcement comes to young Patrick's mind. Service that benefits the public allows for society to flourish and to have an orderly way of life. Patrick's father has done his fair share of philanthropy to benefit Thyferra. Although it does not appeal to Patrick's tastes. He prefers to have everything done by himself all the while overseeing his efforts were delivered. One day, a lengthy yet meaningful discussion had occurred in his father's study. It concerns about Patrick's future to what will he turn out to be. For a child of eleven, Patrick's point got across and was well received by his father. Eventually Neidhardt agreed to help Patrick learn anything related to Law Enforcement.

Mueirech in Military Preparatory School

Patrick Mueirech pursuing his path
Cadets in training: Morning hike of 25 kilometers

Admission into the Thyferran Police Academy starts at age 13 for those who aspire to join the planet's security force. Upon enrollment, a person took up the rank of a Cadet. Cadets were expected to learn, exercise, and pass the curriculum given inside the classroom and out on the field. The Academy educates the cadets in the lessons of history, the accomplishments of better men, the principles of government and governance, the handling of economics, the vital scientific breakthrough for progression, and all the while putting an emphasis on serving the community by executing the law. A cadet's course took about four years of time to complete. By the age of 18, a Cadet graduates and was inducted as as member of the Thyferran Security Force (TSF).

At age 13 on Year 4 Day 33, four years after the establishment of the New Order and the fall of the Galactic Republic, Patrick Mueirech enters the compound where he will spend four years of his life in the institution to learn the ways of law enforcement. Mueirech's batch of cadets became the largest to be admitted into the Academy, thanks to COMPNOR's mass emphasis on service and contribution for the greater well being of one's society. Instead of enlisting directly in the Empire's armed forces, people like Patrick wanted to start off small, to build as he learns and to learn at a steady pace on a planet's scale.

Patrick had fairly advanced well through his years in the academy. He liked a challenge to test his wits and mettle. Out in the training field he ran through obstacle courses, situational scenarios, and combat. At a young age, his flaws included impatience, something Patrick struggled to control. Being born to a wealthy family developed a sense of impatience since Patrick's demands were met with no restrictions and always at will. By growing up, perhaps Patrick could pick up some virtues along the way.

Slugthrowers used at Range Training

Class C Academy Assembly

Early Year 5.....
Life in the academy was one that's strict in formal routine and protocol. It functioned as a military training center, where relaxation finds no place among cadets. Many view this as a brainwashing method to train subservient grunts for the whims and wishes of the Thyferran corporate bacta businesses. The Thyferran Security Force did not appeal mostly to the citizens of Class C, as introduced by the newly formed Empire. Age 16 when Mueirech witnessed a large gathering of Class C outside the Academy grounds. A Class C assembly mostly made of the native Vratix, a handful of Ithorians, and a few others. The protest had a simple purpose, it was to demilitarize and to minimize the TSF's police powers. The rally's leaders intended to conduct this demonstration at the Academy to sway the minds of the cadets and to further question the recent actions of the Security Force. "Most of the time, the Bacta corporates would call upon the TSF to suppress workplace labor unions aimed only for collective bargaining and to promote better work conditions!" screamed the rallying spokesperson to his fellow Class C people. The guards at the Academy entrance sealed the gates from the outside and the Academy needed to disperse the growing violence of the group. One of the instructors over by the field called his cadets by the ramparts of the compound armed with knockout gas grenade launchers to be hurled over to the crowd. Patrick Mueirech was one of the cadets to shoot into the crowd. Tensions escalate when a Wookie lifted up a riot guard and slammed him against the wall. Mueirech instinctively shot the gas canisters directly at the mob instead of over. The others followed the notion and successfully drove off the then-peaceful assembly. Mueirech's instructor commended him with praise for the initiative, though bitter about his action, Patrick dismissed it and only did it as it was necessary. He wasn't proud of his own actions himself.

Thyferran Security Force Academy Graduation

Year 7 Batch Graduation.

At the final year, the Cadets were finally sworn in as members of the Planet's Defense Force. A few years ago, the Academy Graduations only be held in the compound's field courtyard with friends and family attending. The attire would be ceremonial with each cadet wearing their formal dress uniforms with their earned awards and merits pinned. Those days have long waned as did the Republic did. The recent punctilio however required the Cadets to don their fully armored combat suits, armed to the brink of battle. No skin should be left exposed and individual expression was kept in tight constraint. A unilateral machine-like march with unison pacing began from the Academy grounds all the way outside passing through any city or settlement until all cadets have arrived at the TSF Headquarters. The outdoors was humid and the heat was ironing everyone's backs. The armor was heavy in durasteel and the rifles were real enough that they contained live rounds. Loaded live rounds were not necessary, it was much like a show of force and militaristic approach to welcome to New Order in the Galaxy. The graduation distinguished the finest of the cadets from the Academy during the four year course. The honour students lined up at the from of the files and they were groomed to be the future leaders of the TSF. The valedictorian of the batch received a ceremonial sword presented by the Chief-General of TSF. The dawn of the New Order encouraged a martial approach to defense training. A result to this had a slow transition of military ranks adopted to the Security Force ranks. Patrick never had the pleasure to be part of the honours or even try to achieve as the valedictorian. He finished as a regular average cadet. He was not entitled to a command position and will be inducted as a patrolman in the TSF.

Mueirech the Not-So-Law Abiding Peacekeeper

Officer Mueirech and a fellow TSF patrolman responding to an armed robbery.

Beat Cop

Mid Year 7
Shipped immediately. Fresh out the academy, that's what Patrick was. His first official post was to be a street officer, a regular patrolman. A regular patrolman in the TSF was equipped of a small sidearm, a stun tonfa, a commlink and a vehicle. When the situation escalates to something tense, a CM-9 Frag Shotgun was kept inside the patrol mobile. The vehicle was a speeder, much like a cloud car from Bespin. Petty crimes such as chasing vandals, loitering Class Cs and at best, a burglary in a small store a few streets away from Mueirech's usual patrol route. Life as a Beat Cop was plain simple. Survival was not the case and was comparable to a commerce district security guard or much like a tram station guard. Mueirech did not loathe the job; he tried to put some excitement into his job by hanging near Class C areas by spooking them with his law enforcement presence. Statistically, Class C citizens were not the majority of the malefactors on Patrick's blocks. Class A citizens can be perpetrators too, much like how the Rebel Alliance at that time were all made up of class A people. Rising turmoil in Thyferra called Patrick away from the menial tasks of being a street officer. Frequent breaches of the peace were sprouting all over the urban regions of planet. All able bodied officers were called to respond to a large scale riots. This included Patrick and was called immediately into his district base for briefing.

Reserved Intervention Ousting Transgressors (R.I.O.T.)

Concurrent with Bacta Wars

TSF blocking the large scale riot from reaching the government quarter

Protocols were in effect for a planet-wide martial law. Similarly, a signal contingency was dispatched to all law enforcement entities. This was the R.I.O.T. contingency. Like the word itself, it was actually an acronym that describes the procedures when the time calls for it. Once the signal goes out, all officers were called to their district stations and bases of operations were drafted to protect key areas in the ensuing anarchy. Officer Patrick Mueirech was called to his station with the objective to quell an uprising. All officers were equipped the following ordnance: respirator masks for protection against airborne toxins; tactical helmets that can stop blunt force; riot shields for frontal protection while in movement; stun batons for melee and self defense; and finally riot rifles and canister launchers to disperse rioters.

TSF Grenadiers (Patrick center-right) to bombard gas canisters on the rioters

The streets of Thyferra were set ablaze. Electrical power grids have been sabotaged and cities descended into chaotic lawlessness. The TSF formed a shield perimeter to block a huge crowd that was about to march onto the government quarter to raze it to the ground. Patrick was called to the most dangerous part of the formation. He was called to the front to shoot gas canisters above the crowd to dissipate them to small groups. Once scattered, the shield formation will advance to subdue the agitators. This moment reminded of his cadet days where a protest had to be dealt with as violence broke out. Still reigning shards of glass and flaming projectiles, Pat stood his ground keeping up with the pressure. Barrage after barrage of gas canisters were hurled at the crowd. The feisty mob assaulted the shield wall at full frontal force with untrained coordination.

Bomb detonation that broke the TSF shield wall

The demonstrators were crafty. Luckily Patrick had pulled back from the front. Before the charging, a makeshift bomb was thrown at the shield wall that broke the formation. The shaken TSF units staggered to recover from the critical blow. The opposing force took advantage of this and pressed on to combat the police authorities. Brawls, tackles, and vicious hand-to-hand combat followed. The demonstrators had a biological advantage to their brutish head-on strike. Class Cs made up the majority of the rioters which possess inherent nonhuman capabilities including strength and dexterity. The TSF had to contend with this lackluster using the tools at their disposal.

Riot from a different district

"Order will be restored by force....." Patrick was caught in the melee. His tactical helmet visor cracked and torso partly scorched from the blast. He fought into the thick crowd with two batons disabling every perpetrator left and right. The adrenaline rushed through his veins trying to survive. Resistance was dwindling and the TSF has the upper hand. The governor of Thyferra called in Imperial reinforcements to suppress the remaining protesters. Unexpectedly, one of the retreating offenders stabbed Patrick to the back of his waist. Disabled and in pain, this was the first time Patrick, in all his moments, had experienced near-death. TSF officers nearby who witnessed the brutality piled on the individual and beat him up excessively. A Stormtrooper rushed to Patrick's aid and called for medical attention. The riots were over and he has survived his worst yet.

S.W.A.T. Training with Slugthrowers

Patrick wakes up in the ICU with several patches to the lower back of his limbs. It was the day after. A holonet display broadcasts the news of yesterday and how the conflict was resolved. Wounded tolls to the hundreds with deaths of at least 14 average in each district on both sides. Speciesism and xenophobia began to take root within Patrick as he felt disgusted by the aliens acted. A beautiful city terrorized by nonhumans was a sight angering and a thought a nuisance. Humans were clearly the superior beings for a civilized world.
Patrick was visited by his district commander to give him a synopsis of what was about to happen to him. Based off the after action report. Patrick's actions were documented and mentioned in the report, therefore he was cited for mentioned in the dispatches in the TSF. His district commander also recommended him to the S.W.A.T. division of TSF, away from the unexcited duties of a patrolman only if Patrick agrees to it. Mueirech's physical stamina and dexterity whilst in combat under high stress and pressure was remarkable for TSF standards. The offer was then accepted by Pat professionally with glee. Training for S.W.A.T. begins right away after Pat gets discharged from the hospital. In less than a year, Patrick's life just got interesting.


Training was rigorous and it involved a lot of protocol. The physically demanding exercises was once again the closest Patrick ever came to revisiting his Police Academy days. A militarized police force was the common norm now. Ever since the New Order took charge replacing the decrepit republic government, martial might has always been a factor in order and security. The division Patrick was about to enter will be extensively used when it comes to peacekeeping and law enforcement. Thyferra by the later months of Year 7 had issued a directive giving more police powers to the TSF.

Patrick (center) breaching in for the clear

Overtime, more and more Class Cs flocked to make their dissent known. The rural areas of Thyferra became a breeding ground for rebel sympathizers. The Rebel Alliance aimed to restore the corrupt ways of the Galactic Republic to the galaxy. The "tangible" democracy they saw to promote was only through violence and chaos alone. Patrick came to like his position more. It was not easy though all of the efforts made was worth all its hardships. Training took half a year to do. The government wanted to rapidly deploy as much of the militarized peacekeepers on Thyferra. Budget for the S.W.A.T. increased in the current year, more so than any other division within the TSF.

Frequent operations left and right. Bacta Corporations were being pressured by the government. Acting as the will of the Imperial regime, TSF was bound to carry out the orders without question. Patrick partook in the many operations he and his unit were assigned to. Raids and breaching in establishments is part of the almost daily routine. Time and time again Patrick broke into buildings to apprehend individuals. Frequently, the job offered adrenaline when it comes to the criminal elements being brought to justice. The Bacta Wars did not place Patrick in the center of it. He was merely in the background, an officer that makes up the many, a cog in a wheel. Like his peers, delegation of a policing authority and nothing more was the sole task of his. Entering to Year 8, the frequency of troublesome wrongdoers were getting worse.

SWAT Troopers at the ready

By this time, the suppliers of Bacta have been put to heel. The Galactic Empire nationalized all Bacta supplying facilities and the conglomerates were either given the choice to cooperate or be arrested. Small scale businesses chose to integrate their ventures with the Imperial industry in hopes of getting something out of it instead of disobeying Imperial authority. The wealthy and much powerful enterprises chose to go against the consolidation of their assets. They claimed that the Empire was trying to monopolize the Bacta for profit. Reminded of his father, Patrick went out of his way to contact him to see how he was doing. His father Brynden was an owner of a Bacta refining plant, Patrick's loyalties will be determined by the actions of his father whether to let the Imperials seize the business or not.




***Opening ComLink Communications***

Authenticated as "P. Mueirech"...
>Synchronizing Content-------------------------------------
Entering Live Transmission. Stand-By.
Connected to "N.Mueirech"


(OPERATIONS) cont...
There were times where Stormtroopers accompanied the raids and Imperial officers themselves taking charge of missions than the TSF chain of command. Patrick and the rest of TSF answered directly to military officials. Shootouts, sting operations, and raids went on around the clock. The use of force was increasingly authorized as days pass by. There were times where key facilities such as power grids fell to the hands of terrorists. Patrick's division was tasked to retake these key facilities over at Thyferra. The operation itself was purely a military one. Under the command of an Imperial Army lieutenant, TSF acted as a support unit for the main Imperial Army detachment. The terrorists were dug in, they fortified their position in the power grids. Firefights ensued to no end that took hours.

TSF conducting a raid on a warehouse
Patrick during the invasion of Thyferra

Corridor after corridor of heavy resistance, the Security force and the Stormtroopers swept through every corner of any room. Losses were accounted for and the support role of TSF slowly diminished as this ferocity of fighting was not like any the officers encountered before. The seasoned Stormtroopers endured it all, the psychological trauma and physiological stress of warfare were not new to them. Patrick himself was shocked at the unyielding effort the terrorists. The presiding intelligence deduced that the terrorists themselves were no ordinary anarchists, they w tererained soldiers that were willing to fight to the bitter ends just to advance their cause.

Invasion of Thyferra

Concurrent with Thyferra Campaign
It was as expected. The rebels launched an attack on Thyferra in order to take the planet. The active turmoil that was happening to the planet was taken advantaged of. The Imperial fleet engaged the rebel fleet above orbit holding the lines to prevent any ground assaults. Despite their efforts, rebel soldiers broke through the planet defenses and took the fighting to ground. The onslaught was aggressive and negligent of civilian lives. Rebel soldiers carved through districts and cities killing everyone in their path. The Imperial Army held their ground valiantly against the invaders. The Thyferran Security Force mobilized all units to assist in the atrocious urban warfare and the evacuation of civilians. Patrick Mueirech saw the heaviest of fighting in the conflict. The affluent cities were besieged and bombed. Artillery fire from both sides tore the land apart. The explosions shook the ground and ash clouded the air. It was a catastrophic hell to fight in. The desperation of people grew as they turn to disorder. The streets ran rampant of crime and looting, they were not much of a help. The peacekeeping force was stretched to enforce the law in Thyferra. Most were diverted to the defense of the planet, to fight alongside the Imperial Army. The civilians suffered the worse of it all. Safety was nowhere to be found. Evacuation centers turned into targets for the rebels. The constant relocation of the masses was difficult enough to control. Buildings came crashing down as firefights in the streets occurred. Supplies were low and food and medicine became scarce. War was as terrible as it ever will be.

Patrick at line defense during Thyferra's invasion

To the bitter ends the Stormtroopers fought for. Not to the last shot, no. But to the last man. The battle hardened warriors clad in white plastoid fought rigorously to the point where some of them were willing to die to take several others with them when called for. The TSF was not as tough as the Imperial Army soldiers. They specialized in peacekeeping, law enforcement and quelling crime. Fighting wars was never expected from them. Most can hardly stomach the trauma of war and deserted. The others sat hopeless and in despair, shocked at the hell that enveloped Thyferra. Officer Mueirech of the TSF had to contend with the war. It was him, three SWAT members and one patrolman. The Galactic Empire planned to entrench themselves in the city, to establish battle lines to withstand the invading force. They expected the rebels to go easy on property damage, having them to storm in the city without shelling the place. The rebel motives were not as anticipated. Without regard for bystander casualties, they bombed the place to the ground. It became clear to Patrick that these rebels intend to raze Thyferra to the ground.


Sgt. Mueirech (rightmost) joined by his team PFC Reeda (center) and CPL Dorwen (left) fending off rebel snipers

All around, chaos struck the city. Units scattered and defenses collapsed. In Patrick's unit, only four of them stuck together. They barely knew each other and they really ought to rely on each other to survive the pandemonium. By the time, Patrick had earned rank and merit serving in the TSF. The other two Thyferrans with him were junior SWAT operatives going by the rank of Private First Class Reeda and Corporal Dorwen. The other one being a lone patrolman Meyhyew of the rank of police officer. "Sergeant Mueirech" the three of them called to Patrick. The four of them walked in the ruins of the city, still set ablaze and ash falling from the sky. High above them the sky turned to a red-flame colour. Civilians scattered and screams can be heard at a distant. The zone of battle grew around them. Hostile forces at every turn and every block. The squad had to cling to actions mimicking sewer rats evading every enemy patrolling force rummaging the rubble for any survivors to execute or take prisoner. Enemy sniper teams picked up their trail anyhow and shot at the team. The first shot took out Officer Meyhyew who caught the air of the blaster rifle shot and dashed to keep Corporal Dorwen down. His sacrifice allowed the group to keep in cover and attempted to hold their ground. Seeing as the decision was unlikely to improve their situation, they had to run and gun as they moved from cover to cover avoiding sniper fire. Shot after shot from the snipers simulated a rain of fire from above. At any rate, staying out in the open for too long will result in their deaths. In one ditch effort to escape from sniper fire, they went prone and dug the dirt with their bare hands to crawl away from their compromised position. It was then decided that a direct confrontation with the enemy was a more viable option to survive. In war, survival was one's individual responsibility. Ammunition of the squad was low and nearly depleted. Shots have to be managed and the primary objective besides surviving the invasion was to find a way out of the city and rally any survivors be it TSF, Imperials or any civilians. Cutting through an alleyway finally out of enemy sights, they were met by an ambush. The ambush seemed fatal to any unsuspecting yet they did not die to it. It was set up by two Imperial Army Stormtroopers who were now fighting for their life as well out of the mess. The Imperials were a welcome relief to the small squad of officers. The soldiers were Staff Sergeant Jamerson and Corporal Inigo. The Stormtroopers were themselves low on ammo and suggested to regroup at the TSF armoury in their barracks to resupply themselves with ammunition,medical kits and hopefully reestablish communications with other friendly units in the vicinity. The Imperial troopers scrounged for any ordnance, so with what they have, they equally distributed their weapons and ammo to further bolster the group's fighting capability should the need arise. They reevaluated their route and trekked on further into the ruined city's government quarter in hopes of fulfilling their mutual goal.

For the most part, the world around Patrick burned. Riots were one thing. War zones were another, a whole another world for Patrick that was, and for everyone else within the force. Units scattered amidst the destructive chaos. War loomed in the suburbs and in the cities. Patrick saw skyscrapers fall into rubble, collapsing everything beneath it. Communications were almost always unclear and cutoff from any comlink chatter. The city was now a free for all. Rain poured sometimes, covering the ruins wet and the streets muddied by powdered duracrete. The flames that engulf the city still burned. Not even the rain was capable of extinguishing the strong flames. The sound of thunder accompanied by the casual rain gave an eerie feeling at night. Patrick's unorthodox group gave them no choice but to stick with each other. It was them and the world now. In any effort to establish a rally point, they continued as planned to head for the TSF barracks. Prior to that, Patrick's SWAT team was tasked to extract civilians to designated safe zones. Concurrently with Patrick's unit assigments, the main Imperial force fought the rebels in the main plaza square of the city. A wide open public square now turned into a battleground. The beauty of the place died as blood flowed through and into the soil and bodies piled into mass graves. The Imperial lines broke when Y-Wings constantly carpet bombed the field to desolation, going as far as risking the lives of their men in the process.

Sgt. Mueirech (left) and Cpl. Dorwen (right) armed and ready.

Regiments were split up and communications went down. Presently, Patrick and his team made their way to the barracks on foot. Establishments crumbled as they passed through the city streets. Walking in a war torn urban sprawl was not exactly the kind of adventure Patrick had in mind. Movement around these parts turned to door-to-door. At this point, survival was priority. Snipers nested on top of the destroyed buildings in hopes to pick off any stragglers. It does not matter now whether the snipers were with the Empire or the rebels. They only aim to survive for now. In the barracks, the TSF SWAT operatives and Stormtroopers split into pairs to search the place. The Stormtrooper Staff Sergeant elected to look for the control room while the rest explored the haunted-looking compound. Mueirech and Corporal Dorwen made their way to the medical wing while PFC Reeda and Corporal Inigo went for the armory. The place was evacuated long ago. It suffered structural damage from the shelling as evident of artillery shrapnel piercing the walls. There were no signs of people's presence in the area. It was either a ghost building or the place is under surveillance. Mueirech and his pair reached the medical wing to find untouched medical crates which were oddly suspicious. PFC Reeda and CPL Inigo found several blaster packs and a handful of anti-tank grenades. Other than that, the armory contained nothing else but tactical helmets and a stun batons. Staff Sergeant Jamerson found the communication centre and immediately worked on reestablishing communications to certain frequencies. Power to the building was conveniently intact as the generator was well placed indoors and was powered by it was own reserve battery. Short range communications were only and were well within hidden frequencies with encrypted messages. The Staff Sergeant created a rally point to bring any survivors to the TSF Barracks. Sgt. Mueirech and co. had returned with medical supplies and ammunition for the team. Now that coms were at least active and their objective done, it was all in the matter of securing a transport out of the city.


"At least we'd die fighting to keep this beacon alive."
"A beacon.. a beacon in the smoldering jewel."
— CPL Dorwen and SGT Mueirech exchanging dialogue preparing for their last stand.

Communications have been established. Different emergency frequencies cluttered the console terminals all evacuating noncombat personnel. Any other military channels were all silent except for a reroute signal to pull all troopers out of the planet. The barracks did not have a working vehicle and the nearest spaceport was about 13 kilometers in the inner city. Rebel star fighters roam the skies. Gunships with spotlights maintain a search for any survivors to take prisoner or to exterminate. The squad's best bet was to secure a ground transport then head out for the city outskirts to find a way out Thyferra. Food and water were close to depletion as the days pass. Rationing their provisions was something the officers were not trained on. The two Stormtroopers had no problems not eating for days as they so insisted. Their firepower was never an issue, the barracks had sufficient heavy weapons and ammunition to possibly hold out until their ride arrives. With that thought in mind, everyone reluctantly agreed to create an encrypted rally point for any surviving military personnel to regroup at the barracks. Everyone got to work fortifying the place with anything they have. Chances were the rebels will discover the said signal. Hostile confrontation was highly probable since they will investigate the source of the transmission.


TSF Barracks garrisoned by both early Imperial soldiers and TSF personnel alike (circa Year 4)

Thyferran Security Force Patrolmen defending the barracks from rebels

0 minutes after the signal's broadcast:
All points of entry have been reinforced. The squad made themselves sparse in order to cover all vantage points. Those that were friendly, they were given the opportunity to hail the guard tower to gain entry into the courtyard gate. Stormtrooper Inigo will be charged with the gate controls with PFC Reeda. SGT Mueirech and CPL Dorwen will defend the rear complex while Stormtrooper SSGT Jamerson will man the E-Web Heavy Blaster turret overlooking the courtyard.

10 minutes after the signal's broadcast:
Two TSF guards showed up to seek refuge. They were brought in and were immediately given weapons and ammo to help defend the barracks.

15 minutes after the signal's broadcast:
They were met by a squad of rebel soldiers who may have traced the signal. Unbeknownst to the rebels, the barracks were currently occupied so they tried to force their way only to be torn to shreds by blaster fire thanks to Jamerson manning the turret. The sound of blaster fire remains in ambiance throughout the city. Therefore not giving away their position. The rebels were likely to send another band of soldiers to investigate their patrol's disappearance.

20 minutes after the signal's broadcast: INTERMISSION
Barracks defenders had their first meal ration

30 minutes after the signal's broadcast:

A large group of twelve TSF officers hailed the gate. Driven by joy, Inigo opened the entrance to allow then to enter. They now number up to nineteen survivors. Suddenly, a shot from the buildings across the barracks hit two of the twelve entering officers. Only ten made it in and immediately rushed to cover. Armed with blaster pistols and carbines, they rushed to attend to the defense of the place. The rebels caught on to their last Imperial bastion and started to retaliate at the rebels. Red blaster bolts flew over the walls and hit the gate. The gate will not hold out for too long as the barrage of blasters keep up. Reeda and Inigo set up sniper positions to counter the rebel force. They counted their shots as each pierced into a rebel's body. Jamerson set up his turret to suppress the attacking force. The suppression gunned down almost a platoon's worth of soldiers.
Last Bastion's Defense
Urban Warfare: SGT Mueirech's squad returning fire

35 minutes after the signal's broadcast:
Rebel forces were increasingly present. Reinforcements from nearby patrols have converged outside the walls. Reeda and Inigo and a few volunteers were fending off the rebels outside the walls. Gunships hover above barracks to provide air to surface fire. The outer defenses of the barracks were about to break if the rebels keep the pressure up. The ever increasing small arms fire will force the defenders to retreat within the compound. The group scored a number of kills on the rebel side as they got surrounded. The wounded toll on the TSF was up to four injured yet still capable of fighting, including Mueirech himself who guards the rear of the base.

1 hour after the signal's broadcast:
The siege continues as blaster packs deplete from use. Bodies of rebel soldiers pile up as they try their best to break through the lines. Bombing runs on the area appeared to be danger close and nonviable for the rebels since they wanted to capture the base of operations. About an hour into the siege, rebel armoured tanks arrived to provide cover for the attacking force. At the moment's notice of seeing the heavy vehicles, the gate and tower defenders evacuated the ramparts heading inside the compound. The tanks fired at the gates to make a breech into the barracks. The destruction of the gate and the towers killed the Stormtrooper Inigo, PFC Reeda and three TSF patrolmen. The outer defenses were lost and the rebel soldiers stormed through the broken entrance to quell any remaining resistance. Down to fourteen people, they pulled everyone from the outside into the interior of the barracks. Stormtrooper Jamerson abandoned his turret post and made his way to a terminal to initiate a lockdown protocol sealing all points of entry from any outside invader. Now trapped and surrounded, their only hope of survival rests solely on those that will answer their distress signal. Patrick who was in deep thought throughout the lockdown procedures conveyed with all survivors to discuss an important matter. SGT Mueirech began explaining how the rebels might use their tanks to destroy the communications array on top of the base to stop the signal from emitting. Their arsenal now consists of mines, scarcely used blaster packs and a couple of rocket launchers. With initiative, Stormtrooper SSGT Jamerson solemnly proposed a plan that will eliminate the tanks. The rocket launchers they have were enough to destroy two tanks out of the several that were outside. In a bid of all or nothing, Mueirech volunteered to rush outside with the rockets to eliminate the tanks. CPL Dorwen followed Mueirech's lead and volunteered to go outside to carry out the near-impossible task. Stormtrooper Jamerson, lamenting his fellow Stormtrooper, Inigo, wished that he wanted to go out taking as many rebels down with him. "In service to the Empire! In service to the Emperor!" he let out a war cry. The rest cheered and agreed to participate in the risky undertaking at the soonest possible time. Jamerson and a handful of TSF will rush out to provide covering fire for SWAT members Mueirech and Dorwen as they head out last with the rocket launchers.

Dorwen (left) and Mueirech (right) exiting out the rear entrance with rocket launchers

2 hours after the signal's broadcast:
Jamerson and a handful of TSF will rush out to provide covering fire for SWAT members Mueirech and Dorwen as they head out last with the rocket launchers. The time of the day was 01923 and the activity outside was quite low. The squad lined up by the rear entrance of the base to exit from there. Upon exiting, they had the element of surprise on their side until a constant patrol spotted them and fired at them. Jamerson took a hit on the shoulder and kept fighting. They had to fight through the amassing number of rebel soldiers to get their sights on the tanks. Two TSF patrolmen died as they failed to reach cover in time. Blaster fire was getting intense that no cover was sufficient if they stayed longer outside. The bleeding Stormtrooper yelled for Mueirech and Dorwen to move up and aim at the tanks before they could man its cannons. Without any delay, Dorwen fired the first shot and destroyed a tank. Second was Mueirech who fired the rocket launcher prematurely with no lock-on the tank. The missiles hit one of the tanks' rear body only disabling its movement yet not its weapon system. Mueirech and Dorwen retreated back inside to settle with their half-successful task of ridding the rebel tanks. Mueirech held the door for as long as he could until Jamerson and an unnamed TSF officer head back inside. The TSF officers was shot in the back but made it in. Jamerson got shot in the leg paralyzing him. Seeing the unlikeliness of staying alive, Jamerson shouted at Mueirech to close the blast doors. The Stormtrooper's last ditch effort of life was spent gunning down rebels left and right. He had taken the explosive mines from the barrack's ordnance and primed it to be makeshift grenades. He threw the explosives at the enemy position eliminating several at will while incapacitating the great many. The Stormtrooper finally was riddled with blaster shots from all sides until he drew his last breath collapsing to the dirt. Mueirech looked in grief at the demise of his compatriot.

Mueirech barely escaping for his life

5 hours after the signal's broadcast: SIGNAL DESTROYED
Trapped inside. Low on everything: weapons; ammo; food; and morale. Not long, a rumbling blast from the roof of the structure resonated from within. The comms terminal showed that the signal had stopped transmitting. After all that their efforts, the rebels managed to be successful at tearing down the array. It was all hopeless on their end. The mounted stout defense keeping the rebels at bay with limited supplies killed the many lot of the rebel forces.

The Rescue Party that saved Patrick's squad

Once they survive this, the team was yet to tell the tale of their valiant defense. Everyone turned to despair including Patrick. They either die from starvation and exhaustion in the facility or they go out taking as many enemies with them. All the fighting everyone has been doing since the invasion started made them dislike cowardice. The occurrence of death became so common that it did not bother even the youngest of soldiers. The only escape in the hell they were in lies in death alone.

7 hours after the signal's broadcast: RESCUED
Three hours have passed and all the food were. There were no provisions left and supplies were gone. Patrick and the remnants of their force decided it was time to head out, to face the enemy that surrounds them. It was better to die in battle as recalled from their military teachings. Before heading out to meet death, outside fighting erupted. Explosions were heard and blaster fire hit the walls. The sound of men dying filled the opposite side of the door. Good ten minutes of screaming and inaudible dialogues of men in pain and dying went on. Immediately after, a brief sound of silence gathered itself outside. Mueirech and the rest gave each other puzzled looks as to what was happening outside of the base. In precaution, they readied themselves in position to exit, to investigate the mystery of chaotic rupture that harmed possibly the rebels. Gripping their weapons' tight at hand, they rushed into the outside ready for battle. Their suspicions came to an end, what lay before them was a relief they had been asking for. The dust and ashen clouds cleared out in the aftermath of the battle. Patrick removed his helm to confirm what he had seen and so it was true; a rescue party met the stranded group. The despair that struck them dispelled upon meeting their saviors who had answered their call for aid. Dead rebel bodies and several ruined tanks, the rescue force took the besiegers by surprise and annihilated them all. The reinforcements rushed to care for any wounded and the impoverished while Patrick met with their commander to report what had transpired. The commander informed Patrick of their plan to mount a guerrilla warfare against the occupying rebel force while waiting for Imperials to retake Thyferra. The invasion of Thyferra was done. Now begins its rebel occupation with any remnant Imperial-aligned forces fighting underground to free the planet.

Outskirt Guerilla: Code Iserlohn

Mid Year 8
Code "Iserlohn", the name of Patrick Mueirech's insurrectionist movement that operates in the outskirts of major Thyferran city centers. The cell Patrick was a part of was one of the many cells that made up the newly formed Thyferran Liberation Front (TLF) altogether. The insurrectionist faction made their goal known to free Thyferra from the atrocities of the rebel forces by waging irregular practices of warfare without compromise with the invasive rebels. It was months after the initial invasion of Thyferra, the rebels' grip on the planet itself was not full as there was no established provisional government to administrate Thyferra. The local populace also remained uncooperative to the occupation of the rebel dissidence making them more likely to support the liberation of their home world. These factors were taken advantaged of by the partisan groups in their efforts to liberate Thyferra. The liberation force consisted of any outlying Imperial soldiers, TSF personnel, and any who oppose the oppression of the rebel occupiers. The unanimity of those who persist combating the rebels were aught to be supporters of the Galactic Empire and the ideals of their New Order. Despite operating in insurgence, they strove to uphold a standard principle that one to take up arms is a fervent believer of the New Order and to disqualify the membership of any bandit, terrorist and criminal elements deemed illegal under Imperial law.

Captain Mueirech's Dossier
Captain Patrick Mueirech in a tunnel offensive underneath Thyferra's metropolis
Patrick in the Sewers

Operations never fell short for the movement. Acts of sabotage, intelligence gathering, rescuing Imperials from rebel custody, rebel munition raids and a plethora more activities to do to weaken the rebel's hold of Thyferra. Patrick had been promoted to the rank of a captain as testament of his leadership while surviving in the urban sprawls of Thyferra's cities. His gear consisted of a full combat load fit out, donned a gas mask with red tinted lens all painted similar black coloration to blend in with the darkness. Strengthened by conviction and experience, there were missions Patrick insisted he dealt with alone not because of pride, but to lessen the needless casualties. Patrick by this time had grown a suicidal sense of altruism. Bound by his newfound principles, Patrick also learned how to channel a calm and collected attitude in the face of deadly risk. The absence of emotion allows one's dictated actions remain focused to completing the objective, at any cost. The hardships of time have taught Patrick to adopt these values. Values that he will bear for the rest of his life.

Alone. Patrick operated alone underneath the sewer systems of Thyferran cities. The underbelly system had been abandoned for some time, leaving it uncharted. Patrick's task was to map the entire underground labyrinth in order to secure a logistics tunnel way for resistance group. Part of the underground operations was to infiltrate the research facilities deep beneath the earth. For days and nights, Mueirech stayed in the dark, striking from below. Communication to the surface will be limited and therefore Patrick has been given liberty to do as he please as long as he fulfills the objectives required of him. Wadding through sewer waters, setting up checkpoints and markers to memorize the maze's entirety. It took Captain Mueirech a week to map out the the cesspool workarounds without any resistance other than the pests that lurk in the dark crevices. After submitting the reconnaissance to his chain of command, Patrick went ahead to infiltrate the research facilities to extract any equipment of significant value. The imperative to retrieve these material assets was dire that they sent Mueirech three more members of specially trained commandos to aid in the mission. The facilities they were about to enter could possibly have armed resistance salvaging what they could acquire. Circumstances require the commandos to record and document all research in the facilities, these include but were not limited to weapons and technology research. Medical research were also substantial to their cause against the rebel occupying force. To their surprise, bodies of scientists and lab technicians lay dead everywhere. The limited space combined with the pitch black setting was no help at all. The haunting feeling kept everyone on their toes, alert at anything that lashed out in the dark. The team split to search every room, every lab, every shelf for anything of importance. One of the commando units retrieved a sealed code cylinder from a dead corpse in the main laboratory. The code cylinder belonged to an Imperial chief scientist. The presence of the dead bodies still remained a mystery.

Captain Mueirech and his team of commandos

After regrouping, a concussion grenade detonated in the room, prompt by their presence no doubt. A contingent of rebels ambushed the Patrick's squad causing the death of one squadmate. A ferocious assault commenced in the wide room, pinning the team down to one corner. Their only option is to fight through the trap they sprung. Mueirech grabbed his dead squadmate's using the corpse as a shield to take out the assailants. Morbidly unexpected, Mueirech managed to kill four rebel soldiers giving the team breathing room to exit out the facility. Discarding the corpse as cover, Patrick ordered his team to tie the looted power cells from their enemy to their concussion grenades. The makeshift stun bomb proved effective at clearing rooms when utilized. To exit into the next room, Patrick gestured to have their improvised explosives thrown inside. The chances of eliminating hostile threats is maximized due to the power cells exploding and the disorienting effects of a concussion. They soon followed through inside killing the remaining threat. Unfortunately, the shootout severely wounded one on their side. Concurrently, a rebel soldier managed to trigger the detonation sequence only to be killed by Patrick. The facility was rigged to explode to destroy the whole place from the inside. Mueirech's team dashed to exit the facility before the explosion caught up to them. Corridors exploded and beams fell into place. The supports of the facility crumbled as they weaken. They zigzagged their way through the falling debris as the bombs go off. The place began to initiate a seal protocol, closing all its blast doors in the event of an emergency. When they arrived at their exit point, the final blast door to the exit started close in on them. Mueirech raced to keep the door open as long as he could for the rest of his team to catch up. Yet again, Mueirech suffered from a near-death experience, the blast caught up to his team incinerating both of them in the process. Mueirech was blown away out back to the sewer systems. He had witnessed two soldiers from his unit die, a throwback to when that Stormtrooper died protecting Patrick couple months back. A solemn gripped shrouded Patrick's aura, it would have been him to die in their place had they switched roles. He proceeded to stabilize communications with the surface once more, requesting for extraction in a serious unemphatic tone.

"Mueirech here. Requesting extraction at point 7-2"
"Captain! we heard an explosion down there. What happ-"
"My extraction point. Understood?"
— Patrick Mueirech requesting pickup, cutting off his pilot mid-conversation.
The Sole Survivor to make it to Extraction Point 7-2

Mueirech in recon

(GREEN FORESTS....Surveillance)
Back on the surface of Thyferra away from the complexities of the underground, Patrick's operation was a commendable success for their cause. With the extracted code cylinder, they decided to plan for an offensive to gain grounds, prompting the defeat of the brutal military occupation of Thyferra. All insurgent cells were rallied to storm into a garrisoned rebel command centre. Prior to the assault, Patrick was called up once more to lead a platoon of soldiers with adequate scouting experience to perform reconnaissance on the surrounding environment. The sweep was done in the light of day camouflaged to blend in with the dense forest shrubbery. The recon team's detailed objective whilst surveying the grounds were as follows: to figure out guard patterns if there are any; disarm any laid traps; map out potential entry points in the establishment; and discretely dispatch any guards in their way. The disappearance of their sentries will add to their already confounding structure. Their occupation of Thyferra was severe enough that they could not keep up with its upkeep. The guerrilla campaign struck psychologically, made the enemy lose more than they gained for attacking Thyferra.

Attack teams emerging from the forests

The day came to an end. Night descended to favorable odds. The intel provided by Patrick's team set up the brief of their offensive. The scheduled attack on the rebel command center took place as planned. The operation comprised of phases from start to finish leading to a triumphant victory. The first initial phase setting up the plan of action was the reconnaissance conducted by Captain Mueirech, the second was the rough infiltration into the fortified complex. With limited equipment, their means of penetrating through the walls rest on the planned mass wave attack they intend to launch. Armed with small arms and light weapons, their actions call for swiftness and utmost precision to seize control of the establishment. Retreat was abolished as a military maneuver, rendering falling back an unacceptable action. Patrick was offered to sit the attack out, however passing the opportunity to get back at the rebels was something he would not back down after all the trouble he was put in. Enthusiastic for action, Patrick volunteered to be part of it.

Fireteam "Srinagar" under attack
Fireteam "Eifrig" pressing their advance


Fireteam "Iserlohn" locked in close quarters combat
Dispatching stragglers

Enough losses on their end. Enough to get the team into the complex. Enough to force the enemy into scrambling all over. Enough for them to fight in close quarters. (Not) Enough for the rebels to deal with them up close. Enough to settle this face to face. Enough time was allotted into planning. Enough equipment used to breach into the building. Enough to keep the backbone forces in considerable strength. Enough courage was mustered to see this day through. Enough hope to keep on going despite unfavorable odds. Enough sacrifices that were made to set things in motion. Enough perseverance attaining peace and freedom.

Mueirech going in for the kill
Central Control breached
Incinerating the communications

The exterior battle roughed up the fireteams. The rebels put up a greater fight than anticipated by the Imperial Thyferrans. Captain Mueirech made it inside the command center second only to the entry team. Close Quarters Combat means instant death to the uninitiated. Entrenched between hallways and corridors, each defense grew desperate fighting them back. The low spirit of the rebels prompted them to fight poorly and disjointed against a collective army of freedom fighters high in pride liberating their homeworld from the unwelcome oppressors that are the now they call themselves the "New Republic". The fighting inside lasted with haste, the rebels have capitulated to the remnants of the TSF/Imperial Army.

Late Year 8
Cities on Thyferra have been freed. The guerrilla campaign by pro-Imperial forces was a success, ending the rebel regime on the ground. Time living in the shadows evading rebels came to an end for Patrick Mueirech and his partisan band of freedom fighters. Other sectors on the planet joined in the stirred chaos to further topple the rebel occupation. Resistance grew, anti-rebel sentiments were made known by the populace. All rebels on the ground were put in custody and locked in prison to await the justice of the Empire. Once again, the Imperials regained control of the surface of the planet. The rebels still possessed a sizable fleet in orbit to blockade the planet. Later that day, the fleet was obliterated by a huge armada of unknown origin. Reports indicated their ships had the insignia of old, a crest of a spikes surrounding sun. It was then realized that the newly reformed Black Sun government emerged from hyperspace with the intent to engage the rebel fleet blockading the Thyferra. Confusion beset Patrick and the rest of his platoon at what just happened. If worst came to worst, Thyferra faced yet another threat of conquest at the hands of a criminal elements.


Rebuild of Thyferra

Circa Year 9

City skyscrapers being repaired

A channel wide transmission descended from the Black Sun fleet up in orbit to the Imperial loyalist forces on the ground. A puzzled Mueirech lowered his stance for a brief moment to listen in for what the Black Sun wanted to say to all Imperials. Operations Command of Imperial Partisan movement reviewed the Black Sun's message. Their transmission made it clear that they did not seek to conquer Thyferra in their restoration. It was confirmed that the Black Sun opted to help Thyferra's reconstruction and recovery from rebel occupation. Lifeboats from the Black Sun fleet assisted in the relocation of all civilian inhabitants. All TSF Officers and Imperial forces functioned as the policing force. All government personnel were recalled to actively serve in an established provisional commonwealth to coordinate with Black Sun. Serving as a temporary protectorate, Thyferra was given free autonomous reign on how to proceed governance. The Black Sun harbored pro-Imperial sentiments that they wish to display in hopes of aligning itself with the Galactic Empire as an ally.

Patrick regained his status back as a peacekeeper, his days of being a partisan are over in the long war to free the planet. The first edicts of the provisional government of Thyferra was to reestablish order to prevent an outbreak of unrest while undergoing reconstruction. The Black Sun donated better equipment to the Thyferran Security Force for use, these included: battle armour; blaster rifles; vehicles; gunships; and several cruisers to withstand against attacks in space. The ordnance enhanced the TSF's capability to enforce the law, the number of personnel increased as well after the recent drawn-out guerrilla warfare. Black Sun Marines lent their training programs and exercised with TSF operatives developing military tactics, disciplines and to hone their transition from peacekeepers to soldiers if the situation requires a martial approach for resolution. Patrick's brief military career stemmed from guerrilla tactics used in the occupation war. During the trying times of the planet, Patrick informally held the rank of a captain leading a remnant band of pro-Imperial forces. Joint training exercises between the Black Sun's armed forces and the Security Force gave Patrick insight into the military doctrines utilized by a well disciplined and efficient fighting force. Staff officer schools were also established at this time to properly train aspiring military officers on leadership, strategy and possessing the aura of esprit de corps.

Return to formal duty

You May (Not) Retire

All the work in Thyferra was finished. Time to retire. Thyferra subsequently handed back to Galactic Empire.

Mueirech the Imperial


Mueirech: Death & Rebirth

Pat's brother died. Patrick decides to emerge back into Galactic community

You Are (Not) Alone

Ron left a touching legacy. Patrick was not alone. He joins the Galactic Empire.

Operation SWIFTSURE: Postwar Hosnian


Leanings to COMPNOR

Admitted in the Galactic Empire, Patrick's facilitation into the ranks was owed to Chief Elaine von Veritrax and Academy Commandant Arya Solus. Both members of COMPNOR, Patrick sought interest to join the Political arena.

Voix, Vérité et Vigilance

Patrick got Imperial Information Service Director position.

Secretary Mueirech in full COMPNOR dress uniform

Raithal II Incident

Brigadier General Mueirech leads an Operation to rescue civilian staff members in a government HQ

Sentinel to the Gates of the Empire

Patrick Mueirech promoted to the rank of General, assuming command of the 2nd Imperial Army Legion

Reditus Amber detachment


Derelict Clone Facility

placeholder (RP with Paul Luz, Jjir Mahritanni)

"Where were you when the Galactic Civil War ended?"


Victory Affair


Last Stand on Korriz I


Tales from the GalaxyFest: Off-Duty Drug Bust ft. Jedi cuisine

placeholder (RP with Thragg Craghorn, Lahasa Fy)

An unexpected visit in the Ch'otcahi Station

placeholder (RP with Siobhan Lothbrok, Thrall Lothbrok)

Nassau Exfiltration


Scenes from a Corellian Cafe


Tempur Weapons Demonstration


Plight of the Dauntless


Operation Black Altar

placeholder (Corrino-Moto matrimony)

Mammoth-ntous Tragedy

placeholder (RP with Dante Erinith, Lord Draxes)

oRmqZpu.png Service Record

Imperial Ranks

Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Year 19 Day 248 - Year 19 Day 281
[C-1] MC-1.png Brigadier General Year 19 Day 281 - Year 20 Day 170
[C-2] MC-2.png Major General Year 20 Day 170 - Year 20 Day 219
[C-4] MC-4.png General Year 20 Day 219 - Year 21 Day 203
[C-5] MC-5.png Command General Year 21 Day 203 - CURRENT
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade
[C-4] PGC-4.png Secretary Year 20 Day 20 - Year 21 Day 304

oRmqZpu.png Qualifications


Basic Armour Badge

Y20 D194

Advanced Infantry Badge

Y21 D73

oRmqZpu.png Awards

Imperial Ribbon Rack

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honours Graduate (IABG-H) Year 19 Day 248 Academy Commandant Arya Solus
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal (ISM-1) Year 19 Day 248 Chief Elaine von Veritrax
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation (LOC) Year 19 Day 254 LGEN Nathaniel Durane
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 (LOCx2) Year 19 Day 254 LGEN Nathaniel Durane
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) Year 19 Day 254 LGEN Nathaniel Durane
POW.jpg Prisoner of War (POW) Year 19 Day 266 LGEN Nathaniel Durane
ILA.jpg Imperial Literacy Award (ILA) Year 20 Day 18 Minister Elaine von Veritrax
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal (IAM) Year 20 Day 20 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal (CMM) Year 20 Day 20 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting (IMM) Year 20 Day 55 Deputy Director Tec Vaan
ACH.jpg Achievement Medal (ACH) Year 20 Day 88 Minister Elaine von Veritrax
BCM.jpg Brigade Command Medal (BCM) Year 20 Day 194 Lord General Arya Solus
IAMx2.jpg Imperial Activity Medal x2 (IAMx2) Year 20 Day 202 Lord General Arya Solus
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal (ISM-2) Year 20 Day 268 Agent Faraday Euler
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x3 (LOCx3) Year 20 Day 301 Lord General Arya Solus
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award Year 21 Day 36 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation x4 (LOCx4) Year 21 Day 45 Grand Moff Nikolaus Ephranor
CMP.jpg COMPNOR Medal of Progress Year 21 Day 46 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
IAMx3.jpg Imperial Activity Medal x3 (IAMx3) Year 21 Day 149 Lord General Arya Solus
ILAx2.jpg Imperial Literacy Award x2 (ILA) Year 21 Day 166 Minister Elaine von Veritrax
IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month (IOM) Year 21 Day 175 Executor Graeda L`Annan
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal (ISM-3) Year 21 Day 216 Special Agent Elarain Belleraux
IRM.jpg Imperial Recruitment Medal (IRM) Year 21 Day 221 Executive Director Lirri Elysar
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation x5 (LOCx5) Year 21 Day 232 Grand Moff Nikolaus Ephranor
CSA-1.jpg COMPNOR Service Award (CSA-1) Year 21 Day 245 Executor Graeda L`Annan
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal (IVM) Year 21 Day 246 Emperor Seele
DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service (DDS) Year 21 Day 272 Minister Elaine von Veritrax
MOS.jpg Medal of Support (MOS) Year 21 Day 284 Emperor Seele
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation x6 (LOCx6) Year 21 Day 342 Minister Elaine von Veritrax

oRmqZpu.png Offices Held

Current Positions

2nd Legion Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Tine Delirium
Patrick Mueirech
Year 20 219 - CURRENT
Succeeded By:

Previous Positions

3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Vidar Sicarius
Patrick Mueirech
Year 19 Day 281 - Year 20 Day 219
Succeeded By:
Filipe Barro
3rd Brigade Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Ron Mueirech
Patrick Mueirech
Year 19 Day 248 - Year 19 Day 281
Succeeded By:
Drake Tovar
Director of Imperial Information Service
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Patrick Mueirech
Year 20 Day 20 - Year 21 Day 303
Succeeded By:
Chief Editor of Imperial Archives
Preceded By:
Owen von Ismay
Patrick Mueirech
Year 20 Day 202 - Year 21 Day 303
Succeeded By:
Imperial Information Service Writer
Preceded By:
Patrick Mueirech
Year 19 Day 248 - Year 20 Day 20
Succeeded By:
ISMC Senior Moderator
Preceded By:
Patrick Mueirech
Year 20 Day 349 - Year 21 Day 277
Succeeded By:
ICR Senior Recruitment Officer
Preceded By:
Patrick Mueirech
Year 20 Day D353 - Year 21 Day 277
Succeeded By:

oRmqZpu.png Personal Life


Patrick's Parents: Elen Suzanne Soryu Mariendorf-Mueirech and Neidhardt Mueirech
Patrick's Siblings: Misato Alison Cervenka Mueirech; Adrian Henslow Fritsch Mueirech; and Dorothea Bianka Akagi Mueirech


Elarain Belleraux

Thea Corine

Elaine von Veritrax

Patrick's mother figure in the Empire.

Recreational Activities

Imperial Boloball

Galactic Shockball

Struggles and Hardships

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Rear Admiral accepted Patrick's offer for a drink, she wasn't expecting his company especially since after the conundrum from earlier. Her attention turned to the arrival of Elarain and a... an unfamiliar weird-looking specimen she had in tow. By the looks of it, it was an Ensign, in service to His Majesty's Imperial Navy. Patrick raised an eyebrow, slightly irked by how the ISB Agent was able to pick up trash so easy. Or perhaps the said person was just a student of hers in the Academy. He sighed instead, drinking up his glass of rum as the Rear Admiral quickly scurried away from Patrick. The emptied glass of rum was quickly replenished, almost to the brim where one knock would've spilled all the liquid. Patrick swilled, halving his glass full. He watched Thea head for the source of an apparent auction, unknown to Patrick what was being auctioned off, he only heard it was for the children. He would've followed Thea, as she did openly suggest, though he was compelled to at least return back to the group consisting of the Lord General, the Minister of Culture and Thaelos.

He fought through the sea of guests, who were all flocking to the balcony to have a grand view of the Imperial Parade. The struggle dealing with these many bodies ended when he finally rejoined his group. "Greetings again, fine people. I found myself a glass for the Corellian rum. It seems like that a parade is underway soon, shall we turn to the grand spectacle the Empire is best at showcasing?" Patrick shifted to the horizon, pointing to where the discernible path of the Imperial parade. The parade opened with soaring fighters, flying high and above overhead. The airspace was cleared of civilians and unauthorized vessels, making way only for the Victory Parade. Patrick smiled in awe, seeing X-Wings and fighters that were in league with the Rebellion he dedicated fighting against. He never would thought of seeing X-Wings, Y-Wings and A-Wings flying in the skies of the Imperial Center. That thought... would then condemn him to relive past wounds, tormenting wounds that remain unhealed.

Patrick's fascination for the parade faded. His thoughts deepened, his vision obscured by blankness. The blaring thrusters did not help his case, only worsening the situation. Patrick tilted his head down, staring blankly at the ground hearing the familiar roars of rebel ships flying overhead. Flashbacks came flooding Patrick's thoughts, overcoming his mind with the screams, the dying and fire. Tumultuous perils that came back haunting him, forcing himself to shiver inward, unable to stomach the tension. The claustrophobia, the limited space aided his discomfort, the amount of bodies present near him reminded him the tightness he had to endure, the cramped environment that made it difficult for him to breath. The marching walkers, the stomps of machinery were audibly present in the parade. The ground-shaking feeling the walkers produced increased Patrick's breathing, rapidly inhaling and exhaling, his body hastily entering a state of distress as the all familiar reverberations continued. Patrick's heart beat briskly drummed his chest, pounding his upper torso, he finally reached the apex of agitation. The cheers quickly became screams, he was suddenly teleported back to the battlefield, reliving the horrors of war in a place far away from conflict. The vibrant atmosphere of the event drowned, converted to an unsettling nightmare that haunted Patrick occasionally. Beads of sweat rushed down his forehead, despite the cold night breeze constantly blowing the balcony.

"I.. I..-" Patrick stuttered. "I must retire for some solitude for a brief moment" he continued, excusing himself from the Minister, Lord General and the Academy Commandant. He dropped his glass and the bottle of rum on a full tray of refreshments carried by a server droid. Patrick entered the bar, looked around for a turbolift in the room and went for it. Alone in the elevator, he hugged the wall, tapping on a random floor number. The lift carried his weight to the floor, opening its doors to a dark empty corridor in the Government Administrative Building. He walked out and felt silence, the much needed silence to cope with his disorder. A bench was present in the corridor, he sat down and leaned forward, elbows on his knees, hands over his face. For the first time in a long time, he was terrified.''


OOC: Pat Mueirech suffers from PTSD during the Imperial Victory Celebration.


Miscellaneous (OOC)

Misspelled Versions of Surname

  • Muereich
  • Myurech
  • Muerich
  • Muerech
  • Muirech
  • Muieriech
  • Muerich
  • Mueurirech
  • Meurech
  • Meurich
  • Meuirech
  • Meiurich
  • Muerirech
  • Mueriech
  • Mirlurk
  • Mirick
  • Mireach

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