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Liane Nirunhkemani

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Liane Nirunhkemani
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Dbari
Mother Kayla Nirunhkemani
Father Jausson Nirunhkemani
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born unknown
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Prior Service {{{prior service}}}
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Liane Nirunhkemani is a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, a recent graduate from the Imperial Academy who is currently assigned to the CLASSIFIED, she was born on Dbari in year 1 , she is a friendly person and is known for her happy-go-lucky attitude. She has a very well built physique with a lithe and muscular frame achieved through daily training , she is very determined and is always striving to get stronger, reminiscent of her father's warrior spirit.


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Early Years

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Imperial Career

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