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Imperial Information Service

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Imperial Information Services
Leader Director Lasidious von Feldure
Foundation Date Y8 - Reformation Y12 D231
Type Part Time Job
Professions Media
Emblem The Quill Pen
Motto "Winning Hearts and Minds through the Power of the Pen!"
Application Process Email inb@swc-empire.com
Forum Imperial News Bureau (Holonet)
Affiliation COMPNOR

Coalition for Progress

Imperial Information Services (IIS) is the mass media of the Galactic Empire. Imperial Information Services is a department within the Coalition for Progress, a sub-branch of COMPNOR. The Imperial Information Services is led by a Director, who coordinates with the heads of all planetary-based news organizations, such as the Bothan News Bureau and the Coruscant News Network, and is responsible for making important news available through all mediums to Imperials, regardless of their location and status within the galaxy. The 2IC of Imperial Information Services is actually ran by two Deputy Directors one over their own sub-department, Imperial Archives and Imperial FM Radio.


Imperial Information Services was formed from the decrepit Imperial News Bureau on Y12 D231 by order of the Grand Vizier, the old leader of INB was removed and LT Feldure was placed as it's new head.

The Imperial News Bureau was originally founded as the Imperial News Service (INS) following the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Empire. Experimental newsletters (such as the Soldier's Journal) and Holonet broadcasts were instant successes and the INS experienced dynamic growth right from its conception. Shortly afterward, the INS expanded into daily newspapers and broadcasts available first in Imperial-sympathetic territory then galaxy-wide.

After the formation of the Ministry of Truth, the INS was placed under its jurisdiction. With Hiyo Rogo, and then Jathrin Thoyan, as the Editor-in-Chief, the Imperial News Service was reorganized to have individual directors of the Imperial Gazette (the Empire's newsmagazine), the Imperial Holovision, and Imperial Radio (directed by Stefan Skyreaper). The positions of Correspondent, Senior Writer and Junior Writer - indicating the experience and responsibilities of INB's journalists - were established during this time. The Minister of Truth decided to change the news organization's name to the Imperial News Bureau and its magazine, the Imperial Gazette, to the Iron Will.

After the dissolution of the Ministry of Truth, INB became a department of the Coalition for Progress.