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Eidola Pirates

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Eidola Pirates
Leader Squall Chitose
Foundation Date Year 5 Day 81
Type Pirate, Criminal organisation, Crime syndicate
Professions None
Members Galactic scum
Emblem EidolaLogo-1.jpg
Motto "We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty"
Application Process Selective Recruitment
Forum none
Affiliation none

Of the numerous criminal organizations in the galaxy, none is more infamous as the Eidola Pirates. The largest criminal pirate organization in the galaxy. Known for its oppressive lawless "government" and lack of any morality of any kind.


Eidola began as a small tight-knit group of thieves under the leadership of Keir Santage. Early members included Bruce Spear, Derek Shado and Lloyd Font. The group of freelancers eventually moved into Outrider Trading after Keir was given its leadership, and the faction was transformed into a den of thieves who became widely known as the first, and best, of the Galaxy's now-burgeoning criminal underworld.

Keir later sold Outrider Trading, and purchased Biotech Medical instead, and the group moved to the new faction, picking up new recruits like Utono Brutza along the way. Later they sold Biotech, and created a new faction from scratch: Eidola.

Eidola has risen to become the most infamous of all other criminal enterprises in the galaxy. They have risen to this position of power due to their lack of any morality, their ruthlessness, and oppression of those sentienls unfortunate enough to be within Eidola's sphere of influence.

Now a self titled government-faction, Eidola (now called the "Eidola Pirates") still remaining true to their criminal roots.

Death of Teniel Djo

I don't expect we shall return. In fact, we mean not to.

Hacked onto the GNS by: Teniel Djo - Faction: Eidola

Date: Year 12 Day 207 Location Unknown

"Your world, your dealings, your very life is about to change very suddenly. Veterans of the Eidola Pirates are lined up beside me, and we are diving into the Maw. By the time you read this, Teniel Djo, Eli Greenberg, Utono Brutza, Baron Lodger Hawk, Joe Monso, Soge Kihei, Twenty Vigar, Xedillian Vordesh and many others will all be dead. We are worth 17.13 Billion credits, control vast swaths of territory, and have harems and piles of Ryll worth more than most core planets. Our mass suicide is not from despair, but the culmination of our victory.

For nearly a decade we have blazed new trails, and together our pirate crew has pioneered and perfected one of the few true arts that require creativity, roleplaying and a little fun in this galaxy; crime. Whether it was the hijacking of Rebel Alliance fighters, the mass defections of Imperial soldiery or the original theft of the entire Corporate Sector Authority holdings; we pillaged our way through dozens of governments and their nationalised holdings, while largely supporting the struggling freelancers and small, independent business ventures.

Over that decade, we have seen the ebb and flow of the galaxy; we saw the Empire's birth pangs, its strong Golden Age, disastrous plummeting, and recent upswing - we saw the Rebel Alliance with its disorganised beginning and its transformation as as the cult of greed called the New Republic lost even the pretext of democracy and freedom. We have seen the Night Thieves, the Raptor Pirates, Black Sun, the Black Dragons and Crimson Fleet...and we have surpassed them all in turn. We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.

We have seen the corruption and personal greed that have plagued those who hold the fate of the galaxy in their hands; through their Faustian dealings with the gods and demons, people like Dreighton, Niels, Isoldor, Ellias, Redbat, Clifford King, Zabdoo, Flich, Seele and Ranma. We have watched as they have manipulated events in the galaxy with unnatural powers, as they have called down the wrath of gods to revive their friends legitimately killed, to sweep people off the face of the universe, to seize and destroy what no mortal could destroy, and to replace what no mortal could replace. But for a decade those with power have sought to destroy us, but we are still here.

Eidola has wrestled with gods and men, and we have prevailed against both."

Current Activity

Eidola is a pirate organization and operates as an anarchist cell, They do however have a leadership. The faction is lead by Squall Chitose. Beyond this there is little to no form of leadership in the organization and individual pirates operate according to their own will. This involves any and all forms of criminal perversion. Murder, theft, the smuggling and sale of illegal narcotics, etc. Thankfully due to Imperial Military supremacy and the prosperity of the New Order, these brigands have not any any opportunity to bring their brand of chaos to most of the galaxy. They mainly operate in backwater systems of the galaxy outside of Imperial control.

Known Members

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