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(Imperial Navy)
(Imperial Navy)
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Named 3rd Fleet Commanding Officer (Interim) in Year 21 Day 237.
Named 3rd Fleet Commanding Officer (Interim) in Year 21 Day 237.
Promoted to Rear Admiral in Year 21 Day 248.
Promoted to Rear Admiral [C-2] in Year 21 Day 248.

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Cihllian "Cihl" Rezik
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Cortina
Mother Laida Rezik (née Koss)
Father Everin Rezik
Spouse Single
Siblings None
Children None
Born Y-24, Day 352
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions 3FCO (Interim), CAPCOM
Prior Service 8GCO,8GXO
Awards 9042_rezik.png

Cihllian "Cihl" Rezik (Y-24 Day 352 - Present) currently serves as a Group Commanding Officer in the Imperial Navy, 8th Assault Group. and Writer for the Imperial Information Service. He attended the University of Coruscant under an athletic scholarship awarded by the Cardael Group prior to transferring into the Imperial Academy.

Early Life and Education

Born Y-24 Day 352 in the Daupherm States Sector on the planet Cortina to Everin Rezik and his wife Laida Koss.

Shortly before his first birthday the family relocated to Coruscant whereby a series of misfortunes involving his parent's poor business dealings resulted in their rapid descent into the planet's underworld - landing at last on the 1,984th level - deep within the Alien Protection Zone. It was in this environment that Cihllian was exposed to the many prejudices harbored against humans as a result of the Galactic Empire's pro-humanist agenda. Deep in the pits of Coruscant, where law was seldom found or relied upon, and outnumbered, he and his family were an easy target for the grievances held by many of their so called 'neighbors'. It was this feeling of persecution that planted within him the ideals that would later find common ground with and acceptance of the Empire's rhetoric against alien species.

Cihllian was significantly influenced by Kail Rainer, a human Underworld Police Officer and sometimes father figure, who'd told him that, "The Underworld, like life, is a stern taskmaster. The best means of getting through each day is to understand all you can about both and then do your best and not worry. Especially with those things you have no control over." These words he kept in mind always. It was through Kail's Imperial connections that Cihl was introduced to the Sub-Adult Group and then to the wider Galactic Empire.

His athletic performance during SAG functions, particularly in regards to track and field, drew the attention of the Cardael Group who began grooming the youth for eventual service in the Imperial Military, awarding him an athletic scholarship to the University of Coruscant with the expectation that he would later enroll in the Imperial Military and seek a commission.

University of Coruscant

Originally, Rezik enrolled in the University of Coruscant in Year -6, Majoring in Non-Sentient Zoology, with plans to apply to the Imperial Military after two years. However, in Year -4, the Empire was nearing the "end" of the First Galactic Civil War and preparing to start its second, the insurgency - which had dominated the HoloNet - had become an Alliance, and Cihllian had found a passion in his coursework he hadn't expected.

Professional Career

Imperial Navy

Cihl graduated from the Imperial Academy at Prakith, with Honors, in Year 19 Day 77 whereupon he commissioned into naval service as an Ensign [O-1].

Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade [O-2] in Year 19 Day 195.

Promoted to Lieutenant [O-3] in Year 20 Day 46.

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander [O-4] and named Group Executive Officer, 8th Assault Group in Year 20 Day 248.

Promoted to Commodore [C-1] and named Group Commanding Officer, 8th Assault Group in Year 21 Day 48.

Named 3rd Fleet Commanding Officer (Interim) in Year 21 Day 237.

Promoted to Rear Admiral [C-2] in Year 21 Day 248.


Cihllian was accepted as a Writer for the Imperial Information Service in Year 20 Day 206.

Personal Life

Cihl has heterochromia iridis with one green eye (left) and one brown eye (right).

He is the manager of Nubia United, of the Imperial Bolo-Ball League (IBL).