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Arthur Leode
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Rebecca Leode
Father William Leode
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Born Year 2, Day 001
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Junior Superintendant
Prior Service
Awards 7931_ephranor.png

Junior Superintendent Arthur Leode (Born Year 3, Day 001) is a member of the Galactic Empire and serves as apart of its Regional Government. He is known for his staunch pro-Imperial alignment and persistent efforts in helping the Empire expand its New Order to reach every sector of the galaxy.

Ante-Imperial Life

Arthur Leode was born to two Imperial citizens, William Leode and Rebecca Leode on Coruscant. His parents had a modicum of wealth and managed to enter the upper strata of Coruscant through their loyal service and dedication to the Empire. His father, William Leode, served a few tours of duty as apart of the Imperial Army while his mother, Rebecca Leode, was a petty secretary under Coruscant's planetary government. Both his parents supported a rigorous education since birth, which encompassed all facets of knowledge required to be the best and most upstanding Imperial officer. Ranging from galactic politics (albeit with a heavily pro-Imperial bias), economic policies, starfighting and infantry combat, Arthur Leode endured a spartan-like existence in his parent's ultimate hopes and dreams of making the 'perfect' Imperial officer.

Ever since a young age, Arthur Leode knew little outside the scope of his training, and even bypassed standard mandatory education by through specialized testing. It is clear that the measure of knowledge and intelligence those tests were assessing were far beneath the scope of his parent's extreme education, and so, Arthur continued his home-schooling. That did not mean Arthur did not have a social life, however, as his parents would often bring him to the elitist gatherings of fellow Imperial petty officials. Here, however, Arthur met some unsavory youth that brought him to his first swoop race, and that began a new phase of his life.

Swoop racing had the thrill and adrenaline rush that provided Arthur an outlet for stress induced by his parents' upbringing. While his mother heavily disapproved after discovering her son's addiction, his father had a silent, but smug pride about Arthur's obsession with swoops. After bringing a sizable amount of winnings from swoop races he bet on and a little from what he won himself in novice swoop races, his mother's disapproval disappeared slightly as she began adorning herself in the most expensive luxury brands and dazzling adornments of diamonds.

Upon becoming an adult at the age of 18, his parents reluctantly had to stop their intense training and send him off to the Imperial Academy, as their ultimate dream of Arthur becoming the best Imperial officer was only possible if he started his career as soon as he could. And so, Arthur bittersweetly departed, happy to stop his hellish training and sad to see his parents go. Before he left, however, he gave his father his prized and hand-crafted swoop and his mother the rest of his savings, which accumulated to a few hundred thousand credits, so that they could live in luxury and as Arthur had little need for material wealth in Imperial service.

His mother was ecstatic but mildly furious that Arthur was withholding so many credits from her, while his father looked happily at the new and exotic swoop he had been given. After slipping his father a key to a warehouse storage unit--which held a wide-array of weapons, swoop parts, swoops, a modest amount of physical credits, and most importantly, a large collection of the galaxy's finest alcohols--, Arthur boarded the Sentinel-class Landing Craft bound for Prakith and began his studies.

Imperial Academy

Arthur graduated from the Imperial Academy on Year 21 Day 1, starting his life as an Imperial after a year in the Imperial Academy and on his birthday. At the age of 19, Arthur graduated with honors and began serving as a Junior Superintendent.