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Alexander Rhodes

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Alexander Rhodes
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Homeworld Bothawui
Mother Jaina Rhodes (Thought Deceased)
Father Unknown
Spouse N/A
Siblings Kyla Rhodes (Deceased)

Ben Rhodes (Deceased)

Jayne Rhodes

Children N/A
Born Year -5 Day 364
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Imperial Citizen,

Manager @ LAT,

Area Manager,

Industry Worker.

Prior Service Farm-hand.
Awards [IABG-H]

Workman Alexander Rhodes worked within the Ministry of Industry


Alexander grew up on a farm on Bothawui with his mother, Jaina and three siblings Kyla, Ben and Jayne. Jayne being his closest sibling and the one he was most protective over, as she was the youngest. The farm was of local legend as its produce was organic, meaning there had been no automated machines helping to harvest the food. Rich counts and barons would often buy their food from the farm and had done for millennia. Therefore the Rhodes family may not have been rich but they were fairly well off and owned a hangar full of ships, although only one worked which was a Y-TIE that was last used by his father who walked out on his family.

However farming this way had its downfalls, as Alexander’s mother Jaina was a proud women she refused to pay anyone outside of the family to work on the farm meaning Alexander, Ben, Kyla and Jayne spent most of their childhood tending to the farm or learning at the local high school. However their time at school meant they made many friends, many of whom were Bothans. One of his best friends he’d known as long as he could remember was a Bothan called Koth Makfor. Since the age of 10, Alexander had been noticing strange habits with his mother and the fact that late at night she snuck out the farm every Friday. This had been occurring for about 5 years, so one night he thought he’d follow her. After packing a bag with a night’s food supply, a torch and a few other essentials one night he followed her. Staying 50metres behind at all times, he braved the night’s cold and eventually tracked her down to a mysterious hut in what looked like the middle of nowhere.

Just before he got too close to the hut, he noticed a wide array of security cameras and other high-tech security equipment. Shocked he quickly backed off so he wouldn’t be spotted. Alexander knew he was out of his depth and couldn't think of a plan, at all. There was only one thing he could do and that was to call Koth, after waiting about 10 minutes, Koth had tracked his location and reached him by speeder.

After signalling Koth to park the speeder out of sight, Alexander met up with him and explained what was going on. Koth looked un-phased, to Alexander’s bemusement. Koth then proceeded to explain to Alexander that the hut was part of a project his father was involved in. Put simply, under the hut was a complex system of tunnels that lead to a complex base where Bothans and Humans alike planned to destroy the Rhodes farm, to ensure their business thrived over the Rhodes farm. Koth also let slip that they planned to assassinate Jaina Rhodes by luring her here frequently under the false idea that the base was about helping the farm increase production. Koth then told Alexander that he was not told this but found it out after looking through Koth’s father’s files. Alexander wondered why Koth had kept this to himself, and grew extremely angry with his friend. Koth again went onto explain that not only Mrs Rhodes was meant to die but all her children too, meaning Alexander. They both looked at each other and ran to the speeder without sharing a word.

In less than 5 minutes, they had arrived back at the farm. Now in flames they could hear screaming, Alexander knew it was Jayne and ran into the burning wreck as Koth searched for survivors. Luckily, Jayne was in no immediate danger and Alexander easily saved her and brought her to the speeder where he calmed her down. Koth came back and looked at Alexander once again, instantly Alex knew what he meant and sobbed as Koth drove to the nearest Starport, knowing his father would kill them if he knew about their existence.

Alexander told Koth that they’d see each other sometime in the future, and thanked him for his help. His mother was on his mind constantly but he felt it was too late. So with his little sister they stowed away on a hauler head for Tatooine. Jayne was still crying, but Alexander knew he had to be strong, strong for Jayne and strong for himself.

The events that took place on Tatooine are unknown. Alexander would next be seen within a Imperial Recruitment Centre.


Height: 6'5

Weight: 220 lbs

Build: Muscular, stocky build

Skin Color: Black (Brown)

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black


Alexander stands above average height for a Human, totalling up to 6’5” (195cm) this with a weight of 220 lbs which made Alexander noticeably large – with most of his mass being made up of muscle. Dark features dominated his dark complexion with black eyes and black hair which was shaved to a neat length. The rest of Alexander’s features follow up to be of normal proportion and position, with his ears being slightly smaller to the rest of his head.

Imperial Service

On Year 12 Day 362 Recruit Alexander Rhodes joined the Imperial Academy which he later graduated with honours on Day 364. Alexander served within the Ministry of Industry as an Industry Worker. He also worked with within the Legionnaire's Arms Tavern in his own time.

Rank Chart

Grade Insignia Rank Date Issued Issued By
[E-1] ME-1.gif Recruit Year 12 Day 362 Through Enlistment
[E-3] MIE-3.gif Workman Year 12 Day 164 Unknown